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Traffic is experiencing gate hold and taxi delays lasting 15 minutes or less.
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Arrival traffic is experiencing airborne delays of 15 minutes or less
Update time: Thu Jun 20 18:08:43 2013 GMT
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My daughter will be travelling ex New York (JFK)from Terminal 6 to Washington DC by Jetblue departing 9:00AM.

I will be travelling ex New York (JFK) from Terminal 8 to Edmonton by American Airlines departing 10:10AM.

1) How many minutes, hours and how far is Terminal 6
and Terminal 8?
2) Which website can I get a visual location of all JFK
3) Is there a air/sky train to link all the Terminals
or which one is linked?
4) How many hours should we check in at the counters?
2hours or 3 hours to be in JFK airport?
Thank you

Anonymous (not verified)

I will be flying from LAX in to JFK and arrive at 4:20pm in Terminal 4. I then have an international flight to catch on a different airline from Terminal 8 at 6:30pm.
Is this enough time to get my luggage and re-check in for an international flight?

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi we have over 5 hours to spend at JFK .Is that time enough to leave the airport and go see the statue of liberty take a pic and go back to the aiport or arn't we allowed to leave the airport?

Anonymous (not verified)

No probably not. JFK is about an hour from Manhattan (that's without traffic)

Anonymous (not verified)

I have the same question...I have an 8 hour layover

Anonymous (not verified)

With an 8-hour layover, you *could* get into manhattan for a quick visit. I'm assuming that both flights involved are domestic so there are no customs involved. Here's what you're looking at:

You need to be back at the airport an hour before your flight to clear security. We have 7 hours left.

The best way to get to the city is to take the Airtrain to Jamaica station, where you will get the Long Island Railroad to Penn Station. This trip costs $25 (peak times, round trip). Travel time is 35-45 minutes in each direction. Adding in time to find the Airtrain, etc., this is two hours round trip. We have five hours left.

Penn Station is at W. 34th Street between 7th Ave and 8th Ave. This gives you easy access to:
- Macy's (34th St & 7th Ave)
- The Empire State Building (34th St & 5th Ave)...but I wouldn't advise actually trying to go up into the ESB. The lines are brutally long.
- Times Square (around 42nd St and 7th Ave)
- Rockefeller Center (around 50th St between 5th and 6th Aves)
- The southern part of Central Park (starts at 59th Street)
- Shopping on 5th Ave.

Can you see the Statue of Liberty? Sure, but if you do, that's about all you'll be able to see (although you could see a bit of the financial district while you're in Battery Park).

Alternatively, get reservations at one of the great restaurants in the gramercy/union square area. Gramercy Tavern, Craft, Union Square Cafe, Blue Water Grill and Gotham Bar and Grill are just a few of the restaurants you could target. They're 10-15 minutes from Penn Station via cab or 10 minutes away via subway (take the N/Q/R/W trains from the station at 34th Street & Broadway).

So if you want to see NYC and you have 8 hours at the airport, you can definitely do so. Just plan carefully and be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to get back for your flight.

Iryna S. (not verified)

My parents who don't speak any English will be flying from Kyiv, Ukraine, to Atlanta, GA through JFK. All of their flight connections are with Delta. Is there a translation/escort service available at JFK to help them go through customs and find their next flight? They speak Russian and Ukrainian.

Thank you!

Farhod (not verified)

Privet Irina! Moya mama priletala v proshlom godu i toje cherez Deltu. Ya zvonil k nim i oni mne skazali shto u nih yest' russkogovoryashiye agents i oni pomogut. Tak oni i sdelali, vstretili moyu mamu i peresadili v drugoy samolyot do Nashville, TN gde ya i jivu. Servis byl velikolepnyy kak potom mama skazala. Ona takje obratno uletela cherez Delta i bez vsyakih problem!

Iryna S. (not verified)

Spasibo bolshoje! U vas sluchajno ne budet telefona Delty? I can't find it on their website...

Tai (not verified)

I will travel from Bangkok - Maryland(near BWI). My flight will land around 7:30 am. Is the any coach or bus that I can take from JFK airport?
Thank you

Anonymous (not verified)

I am very concerned and outraged that JFK has decided to adopt the new full body scanning system as a security measure. These scanners use low-energy electromagnetic waves to produce a computerized image of a traveler's entire body. The images are very graphic and are an invasion of passengers' privacy. For now, choosing to be scanned or "patted down" is a choice but I am sure this will quickly become mandatory. I ask that JFK review the use of these invasive machines and that passengers refuse to be scanned by them.

Rob (not verified)

Dear "concerned and outraged".

What are you so concerned about? What exactly is so "private" that you need to hide it. Do you think that the screeners really care what you look like under your clothes? You and your privacy advocates need to grow up and face the fact that we live in a world where people are trying to bring harm to others. And no, this is not a "profiling" thing. The danger could come from anywhere and anyone. Stop worrying yourself with everyone's rights. What about my right to a safe flight? If something terrible were to happen, I promise that you will be the first one to say the Government isnt doing enough.

Anonymous (not verified)

Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.

Benjamin Franklin

FreedomRings (not verified)

At least get the quote right:

Benjamin Franklin:'They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety.'

The debate revolves around the term "essential" (interesting to see that's precisely the term you chose to omit). If you are trying to argue that you have an "essential" right to board planes without adequate screening for weapons, have phone conversations with known foreign terrorists, or stockpile bombmaking materials, then sorry, normal Americans will disagree with you in huge majorities.

Anonymous (not verified)

What is the best way to get from Terminal 8 (American) to Terminal 3 (Delta)?

Anonymous (not verified)


AlexCalifornia (not verified)


I will be having a 10 hour layover at JKF coming from heathrow, laying over in JFK, then in Miami before my final estination of Panama. At JFK will I be able to get my bag and re-check it? I'd like to be able to clean up a bit and change clothes!

thank you

Ilario (not verified)

I arrive from France at 13h45 to JFK terminal 3. Then I want to go to Miami. Am I safe to buy a flight from terminal 8 at 15h55?
To get the laguage, to change terminal and to check in are 2 hours enought? otherwise next flight is at 18h50. Tnx

Anonymous (not verified)

Should not be a problem if you are traveling with the same airline, since in the worst case scenario they will get you a seat in a different flight.

Otherwise 3 hours should be just the limit, since you should expect delays in the passport checkpoint and leave time for terminal change.

Anonymous (not verified)

I am going to US to stay 3 weeks in a training, and after some days my wife will be travelling to stay 10 days with me. The problem is that she doesn't speak English. Her documents are OK, but do you know if there is a translator assistance (may be spanish) in the aiport in case she needs to answer something in custom office ?

Anonymous (not verified)

Spanish is not a problem at JFK

karin (not verified)

hi! im going to travel for the first time on my own. i will arrive to JFK and my final destination is Carolina. i have been told that i dont need to do a check in, and i just need to take my bags strait to the place they take the bags to the plain. i'm a littel bit confused... how will i know where to go with my bags? am i suppose to go to the terminal my flight is?
please help

Anonymous (not verified)

If you are entering the US, you should go to customs, implying the need to get all your bags.

After you are cleared in customs, there is a special check bags point which is very efficient and avoids the need to go to the 3rd floor and check in bags.

Anonymous (not verified)

I will be arriving to JFK on an Air China flight and have 2 hours to make my connection in Terminal 3. Will this give me enough time to go through customs and make my flight? Thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)

It should be, you can usually clear customs from China in roughly 30 minutes from leaving the plane.

kathy parker (not verified)

on 2/24/08 my husband and i flew into jfk on our way to orlando, florida. while waiting for our connecting flight i purchased a book and a hat at a Press Relay in the area near to our terminal. the charge was $31.36..when i got home from vacation i was checking my bank statement and there were two withdrawals dated 3/11/08 and 3/14/08 for the same amount. i need to dispute this matter as only one purchase was made there. since i cannot remember the terminal number can you help me get in touch with this novelty shop (press relay)? any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated....

Anonymous (not verified)

Hello, I saw in the Papal visit itinerary that he is leaving JFK in the evening of April 20th. Will there be special arrangements that we have to take into consideration that might affect our travel to JFK airport at around the same time?

Anonymous (not verified)

hi! Ive got a flight connection where he gap is just 1.30 h...how can i be sure to make it? also because it is with the same airline...should i call the airline at the airport and tell them i ve got that connection?

Anonymous (not verified)

I have relatives arriving from oversees at 3:00pm in Terminal 4 and need to get to Terminal 7 to catch a connecting flight. They are not US Citizens, would they need to claim their bags and go through customs and then recheck them at terminal 7? if so, how much time should they allow for?

Anonymous (not verified)

my daughter phoned me and said thousends have flights have ceen canselled, does this mean fron jfk ???

Anonymous (not verified)

Only if the flights were cancelled at JFK!?

Anonymous (not verified)

My mom is flying from portland to jfk via Jetblue, she'll be arriving @ terminal 6. She doesn't speak english at all. After she gets off the plane, is there a way to get her some help until i find her, especially with the luggages.

Elena Braccioli (not verified)

I am an Italian citizen flyng in NY JKF the 25th of April and my name is Elena Braccioli

my ticket was done using Braccioli/Elena Braccioli
and Deltaairline doesn't want to correct the name on the ticket (they say only in the system it is notify)
my surname is my name!!!

can be a problem? there is something else I can do to fix this problem? this ticket was very expensive...

Anonymous (not verified)

So your ticket shows your ticket shows like this last name/first last? If so then you should have non problems.

Anita (not verified)

Are there any shops at T7? If so please can you advise? Thanks Shereen

Anonymous (not verified)

is there a dhl in jfk?

Lee Higginbotham (not verified)

My flight today was from BNA (Nashville, TN) to JFK with a connecting flight to Venice. I purchased the 24 hour plan with Boingo. When I got to my gate, there was no access point other than a secure point that I obviously could not connect to. So, basically, I wasted my money for the 30 minutes I was able to use it in Nashville.

Please fix this for future travelers.


Anonymous (not verified)

how can i shedule my flight from nigeria murtala mohammed international airport

Anonymous (not verified)

Good Afternoon

I have four big luggage and I want to leave it in the locker for two days.

Please, I want to know if in the JFK have a locker for luggage and how much cost.

In the locker have insurance

Thank you

abi (not verified)

Hi! I just want to know how to get to Queensbury NY from jfk airport by bus

M. Erickson (not verified)

The best airport I've ever been to.

Anonymous (not verified)

nobody cares what you do

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, I will be arriving on a Comair (Delta Connection) flight from Montreal at 7:40am and departing on a Delta flight to Heathrow at 8:55 am. I have 2 questions.
1) I've gotten mixed information as to whether I will be arriving/departing from terminal 2 or 3. How long does it take to connect between the two terminals?
2) Is an hour and 15 min enough time between connecting flights if they are at different terminals?

Michael Barry (not verified)

What are the best ways of transferring from JFK airport
to Newark airport? How long does it take to transfer?
What does it cost?
Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

After we pick up our luggage (also don't know where that will be, but flying in on Sun Country Airlines) where do we catch the Supershuttle??

RAJESH SHARMA (not verified)

I am planning to visit bos via jfk.Can u please tell me if i can pick up tickets for plane to bos,from arrival terminal of delhi jfk flt....thanks/

heji shin (not verified)

I lost my black cotton handbag. Content: golden aviator glasses (clear glasses), books on greek mythology and roland barthes in german, old i pod, wallet in scottish pattern, german passport: He-Ji Shin.
If you find any of the items, please contact mail@heji-shin.com

AHMAD GAMAL (not verified)


John Hardiman (not verified)

I'm wondering if someone could look into the possibility of placing some cell phone charger machines
at the airport.
I've used these type of machines in airport all over the world, most recently they've become common in the UK and Ireland, they are so useful and easy to use and
they also gave me an emergency boost when it was important to have my phone in use.
The UK guys are www.recharge.ie
I'm sure the service would be appreciated by almost every frequent flyer.
Regards all.

Anonymous (not verified)

Did an airplanes tires caught fire today at landiong in JFK, want to know if its true??? Somebody told me it happened, but just a little fire on the tires, Firefighters solved that quickly.............
Does anybody know about this?!!!