Luggage Storage

Location Within Terminal:

Terminals 1 Arrivals - First floor
(near Alitalia and Olympic Airlines)

Hours of Operation: 7AM-11PM

Approximate Cost (depending on size): $4 - $16 per day

Telephone: (718) 751-2947

Terminals 4 Arrivals - First floor

Hours of Operation: 24 Hours

Approximate Cost (depending on size): $4 - $16 per day

Telephone: (718) 751-4020

Terminals 8 - (American Airlines)

Hours of Operation: 6AM-10PM

Approximate Cost (depending on size): $8 - $18 per day

Telephone: (718) 995-9292

Early (earlier that 6:00am) pick-up of luggage is possible.

Price list (as of May 1st,2010) for baggage storage only at the facilities at Terminal 1 and Terminal 4.
The prices are per bag, per 24 hours:

Up to 20" - $4

21" - 24" - $6

25" - 26" - $8

27" - 32" - $11

Other(non standard bags, skis etc) - $16



hi,my name is Caixia Huang,My daughter's name is Jingyi Ma.
My old flight schedule is from Boston to NewYork on Feb 22nd 7:43am(Jetblue), and then
from New York to BeiJing on Feb 22nd 11:50am(air China),and then from BeiJing to ChangSha on Feb
23rd 5:40pm(AirChina),ChangSha is my destination.I had checked in my four baggages.
the baggage numbers is:0279150760,0279150761,0279150762,0279150763.

but the flight from Bostion to NewYork was delayed ,so i couldn't catch my flight from NewYork to
Beijing.So BOSTON JetBlue staff rescheduled my flight for me:From Boston to Lox(Feb 22nd 05:20pm Jetblue),from
Lox to BeiJing(Feb 23rd 12:40am Airchina),from Beijing to Changsha(Feb 24th 12:05pm Airchina),but my baggages were not reschdule. my e- ticket is 1 2792126694623 3 1,my daughter's e-ticket is 1 279 2126694621.

I couldn't find my check-in baggages(4 baggages) when i had arrived ChangSha,China.and Today,the China Baggage Service tell me that they have found three baggages of those four baggages which are still at your airport(The number is:JFKCA22808,JFKCA22803,JFKCA22804). the lost baggage is a big white one(there is a red rope wrapped on the baggage's handle and a card had been wrote down my phone number:USA 001 9784838807 china 0086 13873184380). could you give me your email ,so i can send the picture of the baggage and my plane ticket to you? i need your help to find my baggage ,please.

and my USA phone number doesn't work now,my china phone number is 0086 13873184380.

please give me the reply email to as soon as possible. thanks a lot.

I need to transfer from JFK terminal one to other place, may I drop a piece of luggage at terminal one for a friend to pick it up later? I will not be able to meet him, can he reach the luggage area without airticket? Is there a real key or code for luggage storage? What does he need to take the luggage?

Can I deposit the luggage at the storage and ask my friend to pick it up?

I am leaving JFK going to Toronto on March 24, but would like to store skis for a few days. Can they be stored at terminal 7 where we fly out? for two skis bags what is the fee?

I'll be staying in NYC in-between trips and wish to store bags for up to 8 days - is that possible?

I will be arriving at Terminal 1 and have to pick up the luggage at 5am in the morning. Is there 24/7 service or how is it possible to pick up the luggage?

I have the following situatiom. I want to leave bike in travel case at cloak room in JFK. I will have a flight from Miami to Moscow with stop in JFK and want to take my bike during this stop. I know that i arrive in terminal 4 and depart from terminal 1. What terminal should I use to put my bike to redi=uce time of taking it back during stop? 1 or 4? And I am also wondering how much time does it require to take baggage from cloak room?

Is this place still there and what gate is it located by?

If I take American Airline to Miami from 29 May to 4 June and then take another flight from JFK to Hong Kong.
How much will it cost if I store luggage in airport? How much will it be if I bring two luggage and one hand carry to Miami?Thank you.

I am flying in from San Francisco Delta Airlines I believe arriving T2 and departing many hours later from T4 to fly internationally. I have a long stopover and want to leave a small bag somewhere safe at JFK for the day. Is there a service available within either of these terminals which I can access having arrived to T2 on domestic flight and needing to leave from a separate terminal later in the day? If so can you tell me where they are located?

Hello, I will travel to JFK this Thursday by American airlines, is Luggage Storage in Terminal 8 still available? I checked the internet, someone said that storage has been canceled due to safety reasons. Is that true? Thanks.

i need to store my luggage from the 27th Dec to 5th jan
going on a cruise , arrive back on the 5th jan then take a flight to dubai

Hi. How is the lenght. e.g.20'', measured? Longest+shortest side, only longest side or all 3 sides together? B.r.

It is possible to use the Luggage Storage as address to receive a package by dhl?
I will arrive for a transit and i need to pick a packge up.

Is there any luggage storage in Departure hall? Terminal 1

We will arrive NYC ,JFK airport on 25th sep on 10:30 am and we will leave on 11:00 pm we want to store our luggages in the airport if possible in terminal 1

i am flying into nyc and will be going directly to bahama consulate office to apply for visa. Can i store my luggage at the jfk airport before leaving for the consulate as i dont want to carry the luggage around. I will return to collect it in the evening but will not have my passport as i have to submit to the bahama consulate.Will i be allowed to enter the storage area to pick up my bags without the passport?
I will be having 5 bags what will be the cost?

Is it possible to store a bike (in a box) in the airport for a week?

Wondering if bicycle boxes are available for purchase at JFK? or if storage for a bike box is available?

What 's mean up to 20"?is it 20 pounds?

In America, " is a short hand for INCHES and ' is a short hand for FEET. So 20" means means 20 inches.

I will be in NY for a couple of days before a trip overseas. If I find I have a bag I do not want to take can I just walk up or do I need a reservaton? Also are the prices listed correct? I will be using terminal 4.
Thank you, Osama

I am flying into JFK and making a 3 day transit stop in NYC. Will be boarding the connecting flight from La Guardia airport to San Diego by AA. Can I leave the baggage at JFK airport and pickup frok Laguardia 3 days later?

I need to store 3 bags for 31 days is there any special price?



I am planning to take Jet Blue flight to terminal 4 on the 15 th July and want to fly off from Terminal 8 in Qatar Airways on the 16th at 11.00 pm. I want leave two bags in the left luggage. What is the best way to do this?

Hi. 3 days ago i left a luggage on the storage room of terminal 1, next to the fedex office. As i was in a hurry, i propably dropped a small usb storage device which had also the key of the luggage there. All i need are the files from it, not the device itself. Can i have the email of the director of the sorage room, and also the email of the lost and found department ? Thank you!

I'd like to know if the luggage storage at Terminal 8 still active. Is it airport operated or under AA management?


Hello, is it possible to store a ski at the airport for about 4 days ?

Hi I will be flying to San Juan on the 14th of March on Delta Airlines and then returning on American Airlines on the 23rd March. We arrive back at 2.40pm and then need to catch the Qantas flight to New York at 6.30pm. We hope to store a bag over this period and was wondering do we need to pre-book this and also which terminal are we best to use as the airlines all seem to use a different terminal and I'm not sure how long it takes between each one.

Thanks Deb

I am arriving on 11/29 at JFK 2pm and will travel from LGA on 12/1 at 2pm , is any way to transfer the baggages from JFK to LGA ?

Please advise aprox how much time it takes to drop the luggage in terminal 4 and then make it to terminal 5 to take a domestic flight. Thank you!

My flight is at 11 PM from T4. As I am traveling from DE and i have 6 pieces of luggage and a 2 yrs old, can i drop the luggage in the morning so that i don't have carry them when i am coming to airport in the evening with wife & kid ? I will have boarding pass at the time of luggage drop off.

Please confirm i had a flight 3 p.M at JFK on 10 th Nov to New delhi (air India) flight.
I am coming from Salt lake city to JFK at 6 a.M 10 hours lap time is there .
can i deposit the lugage in the JFK .please confirm as urgent need....any Id is required.
provide the infermation and contact No.s


We are arriving on Delta at Terminal 3 at 4 pm on Nov 6th.

We will pick up our luggage and then bring it to terminal 4 for storage as we will be departing from terminal 4 the next day.
Will this be difficult to do and will it take much time? We will have one person in a wheelchair accompanying our group.

We will be taking the Air Train from the terminal to Jamaica after storing the luggage.

I arrive at terminalC(WHERE IS it?) and IWant to leave baggage for 5 days?Where I leave it?Do you tell me the price ? Thak you

I am traveling from Australia to NY 20 December with qantas and require storage for two surfboards in board bags for 7 days. Can someone please advise whether I need to pre arrange storage at JFK or whether I can just show up to the storage areas on the day and check it all in? thanks for your assistance.

Hi, I am flying to JFK from San Francisco on the 5, i am on AA flight that will reach JFK at 15:45, i have a connection flight to Amman on RJ at 22:30, do i have time to store my luggage go to the city and come back on time to catch my RJ flight?

Dear all,

I'm looking for a place than can keep my luggage for 9 days before I catch the plain in your airport and I want to know if my baggage could stay day all this time or you can only keep it daily.

Could you please also inforrm id the fares are the same for 9 days than for 1 day?

Thanks for the answer

Best regards


I shall be landing in Terminal 4 at JFK and depart from Terminal 8. I have 3 hours between the flights. I have small kids and 9 luggages with me. Can I deposit / check in luggages just after immigration in Terminal 4 ?


From 25th October 2012 evening until October 29th 2012, I’m going travel outside NY. On 29th October I will leave NYC with a flight to Italy. Therefore, I would need to storage my luggage for these 4 days and I was wondering whether I could leave my baggage at your deposit. Please let me know, as soon as possible, if you can offer this service and, if so, the cost you will charge (I will leave 4 medium bags for 4 days). Kind regards.

Baggage storage is available at Terminals 1, 4 and 8. Prices at Terminals 1 and 4 range from $4 - $16. Prices at Terminal 8 range from $8 - $18.

I cant meet the person with the keysfor my holiday apartment in NY and need a solution to get the key.I thought maybe the luggage boxes are the solution:
- Is it possible for someone without a ticket to access the luggage storage area (to leaves he keys for me)
- is it a real key or a number code you use to lock the storage?
- is it necessary to refill the fees for the boxes every 24h or can I store there something for 4 days in a row?
- is there maybe another service at JFK such as a securitu Dropbox for expensive things/documents to use? More like a safe/bank storage?

Thanks in advance for answering!


You can place the key in an envelope and store it at Terminal 8 but it will be stored and charged as a small item $8 per 24 hours. You need to provide the name and contact number of the person picking it up. The person picking it up will have to present photo i.d. Item must be picked up within the days you pre-pay for storage or they will be liable for the balance upon pick up in order for item to be released.

I am arriving to JFK Airport on 22nd Sept, 4pm from florida . I will be flying to kuwit on 23th Sept, 21 pm. Can I store my luggage from 22nd to 23th Sept? I will be having return ticket print, passport. Do I need to have any other documents, so to use this facility?

You can store baggage at Terminals 1, 4 or 8. You will need 2 forms of I.D. and a boarding pass or itinerary.

still wating for yr advice

My flight is on the 24th august and my check in is about 5pm, I am staying at the comfort inn tomorrow (22nd august) and check out on the 23rd august (thursday) I am going back towards time square direction and wondered if its possible to leave a bag with yous for 1 day? and pick it up before my flight to heathrow on the 24th?



I am arriving to JFK Airport on 22nd Sept, 4pm from Des Moines. I will be flying to India on 25th Sept, 21 pm. Can I store my luggage from 22nd to 25th Sept? I will be having return ticket print, passport. Do I need to have any other documents, so to use this facility?


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