Terminal 4


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 4

Airlines Phone Numbers IATA Code
Air Europa (844) 415-3955 UX
Air India (212) 751-6200 AI
Air Jamaica (800) 523-5585 JM
Arik Air (877) 900-2745 W3
Asiana (800) 227-4262 OZ
Avianca (800) 284-2622 AV
Caribbean (800) 538-2942 BW
China Airlines (800) 227-5118 CI
China Southern (888) 338-8988 CZ
Copa Airlines (800) 359-2672 CM
Delta (International, LAX, SFO, SEA) (800) 241-4141 DL
Egyptair (212) 315-0900 ;  MS
El Al (800) 223-6700 ; (212) 768-9200 LY
Emirates (800) 777-3999 EK
Etihad (888) 8ETIHAD EY
Jet Airways (India) (877) 835-9538 9W
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (800) 374-7747 KL
Kuwait Airways (800) 458-9248 ; (212) 659-4200 KU
Miami Air (charter)+ (305) 871-3300 GL
North American (800) 371-6297 NA
Pakistan International Airlines (212) 760-8455 PK
Singapore Airlines (800) 742-3333 SQ
SkyGreece (855) 781-8585 GW
South African Airways (800) 722-9675 SA
Sun Country (800) FLY-N-SUN SY
SWISS (877) 359-7947 LX
Thomas Cook Airlines   HG
Transaero Airlines (877) 747-1191 UN
Uzbekistan (212) 245-1005 HY
Virgin America (877) 359-8474 VX
Virgin Atlantic (800) 862-8621 VS
Volaris (866) 988-3527 Y4
WestJet (888) WESTJET ; (888-937-8538) res. ; (866) 666-6224 baggage WS
XL Airways (877) 496-9889 SE
Jet Blue
- International Arrivals, 10:30 Pm - 5:00 AM
(800) 538-2583 B6


JFK Airport Terminal4

Terminal 4 Facts and Figures

The $1.4 billion T4 opened in May 2001. It is the cornerstone of a $10.3 billion revitalization program currently underway at JFK.
T4 is a model for air terminal technology for the 21st century.
T4 has signed agreements with approximately 50 airlines representing 40 countries, serving U.S. and overseas destinations around the world.
T4 occupies 165 acres, one of the largest properties of any terminal at JFK and is one of the largest air terminals in North America.
T4 was designed with the infrastructure to process between 10 million - 12 million passengers annually.
T4 operates the only facility at JFK's with 24 hour Customs and Border Protection, 365 days per year.
T4 houses the only internal station for AirTrain, JFK's light rail system connecting all JFK terminals, Long Term parking, Car rental and hotel locations, The NYC subway at Howard Beach and the LIRR at Jamaica Station.
T4 is home to 4 religious chapels- Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Multi-faith, each with a dedicated Chaplain.

Terminal 4 (ONLY) live feed of the arrivals/departures flights:



On March 25th, 2014 we came home from Barcelona through JFK and had a nightmarish experience going through Customs. After passing through Customs, and dropping baggage for "Connecting Flights" we were directed through a labyrinthian set of hallways up and down with no ventilation or bathrooms and ended up in another full Security Checkpoint that was woefully understaffed and had several hundred people queued up, all of which had connecting flights. We had to abandon our already screened waters and go through a two-hour line again within that secured area, causing hundreds to miss their connecting flights. Please tell me the justification of having that 2nd Security checkpoint within an already secured area?? And if possible eliminate it for future passengers!

What is the phone number for KLM's Baggage Service at JFK?

We fly into terminal 4 on Thursday with kuwait airlines. Getting in at 18:30 NY time.

We want to leave four suitcase at the terminal overnight. We go on JetBlue at 10:35 from terminal 5 the next day.

Can we leave our luggage and if so are they close terminals to collect a and go from there on the day?

Cheers in advance.

I am U.S. citizen, but my husband is not. I understand non-us citizens take longer to get through customs. We arrive from London at 12pm and our flight home to Phx leaves at 430. Would this be enough time?

Forgive me if this is a duplicate question. I might have submitted this earlier by erroneously hitting the backspace key- screen went blank- don't know if it was submitted???
Anyway, my wife's arriving terminal 4 on monday. She reads/speaks limited english so I need a bulletproof way to get her to terminal 5 so she can't get lost.
a) What track number is the 'all terminals' airtrain in terminal 4?
b) I've read that elevators can get her to the airtrain tracks. Are there differing levels for different tracks or just one level for all tracks?
P.S. I think but not 100% certain that the track is track 2?
Thanks in advance....

Hi can you please let me know what restaurants are available in the terminal, before or after checking in. I have a group of 17 that will be looking to sit down and eat dinner on Friday night, as we have time to kill. Not fast food. Much appreciate your input.

Ph. # for TACA listed on this site is no longer in service. Correct ph. # is 1-800-400-8222.

I plan to arrive with Uzbekistan airways HY101 on at 12:00, and then I should take American Airlines 4442 (3:25 pm) or Delta 4129 (2:30 pm) flight to Montreal (YUL).
How do I get from Terminal 4 to termianl 3?
Do I have to go trough passport controll que, or I have some transit gates to Montreal flights?
Thanks in advance!

I am flying in 2 weeks via Caribbean Airlines. My flight is very early (6am) and as with international travel, I am scheduled to arrive at the airport approx. 3 hours prior. Someone mentioned that the ticket counters might not be open that early! Is this true? I thought due to the high volume of air traffic @ this terminal, that it would be open 24 hours. I can't seem to find the ticket counter hours anywhere else online. Could someone advise me with a better answer? Thank you in advance!

Can a Delta international, economic traveler in route to Istanbul have access to a paid lounge service with shower?
If so, what is the name of the lounge?

Hello, I land at JFK on Qatar Aiways (Terminal 4, I think) on Dec 17 and fly out on Dec 20, to Vancouver, Canada via Toronto on Air Canada. Three Questions:

1) What terminal does Air Canada use (can't find it in the terminal lists)
2) If I leave my big suitcases in the terminal 4 luggage storage for those few days will I be able to easily pick them up before flying on to Canada (on Air Canada)?
3) When I return from Canada on Jan 3 on United Airlines (Terminal 7)at 7:16pm will I have enough time to make my 10:20pm Qatar Airways flight to Doha if United Airways won't check my bags through to Doha from Vancouver? (Hoping they will but I bought the two tickets separately so not sure how that works)

Thanks much!

My mother is an elderly lady will be arriving from T4 at 12:30pm with Asiana Airline on 10/27/12 and she has a connection flight with American Airline to Miami, Fl. departing at 3:20pm. She cannot walks far nor can she speaks and reads English well. How far of a walk from T4 to American Airline counter? She needs to get her Boarding pass for her connecting flight to Miami. Will she has enough time? I'm afraid she might get lost if she takes the airtrain. What other help may I request for her at the airport? I've tried with both airlines and both are not accepting the responsibility. I need this information so I could help her gets through her first time at JFK. She needs to get home (Miami) for her chemal therapy treatment. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

I'm arriving at T8 on an air berlin international flight at 7:25pm and have a flight on suncountry at T4 to catch at 9 pm..... Can I clear immigration, get my bags and check into my next flight in time? What are your suggestions? Are there any fast lines or ways to get thru quicker when your flights are so close and immigration needs clearing and I need to go to another terminal and checkin for another flight in that short amount of time?

You should have enough time to clear all that.

I'm picking up a friend arriving on Aer Lingus FL #0111 this Wednesday at 3pm. Where is the best place for me to meet him when he arrives in Terminal 4 so we don't miss each other?

Terminal 4 arrivals hall.

I'm arriving JFK by Etihad Airways at 16:30pm on 28/9/2012 and have a connected flight to MCO on Jetblue at 17:55.

1)Is that an enough time in between to catch the connected flight? and how long does it need?
2)which terminals are the Etihad & jetblue & the Delta?

1.Yes you have enough time.
2. Ethihad is terminal 4 Jetblue is terminal 5 and Delta is 2,3,4.

Hi, we are traveling (2 parents, 7 children) from Venice (VCE) tomorrow DL 87 connecting to DL 6252 to Kansas City (MCI)

We have a 1:50 min layover
Will we have enough time to make the connecting flight since we have to clear customs and I believe change terminals from terminal 4 to terminal 3?

I appreciate any help!
Ken H


Hi, my parents are traveling from India to JFK through Kuwait airways ( terminal 4) . They will reach NY at 6.20 pm. But they have a connection from NY to Jacksonville at 8.59pm via jet blue. Is there an express line for immigration wherein they can
get through immigration quickly and catch the flight to Jax from terminal 5 . Do you they will have enough time.
Thanks in advance.

No there is no express line for immigration. Yes I think they have enough time.

i am arriving at T4 on Asiana from Seoul on Dec 17 at 9.40am and would like to catch the United flight to Washington at 12.15pm from T9. Would I have enough time to claim bags, etc. and then get from T4 to T9? Thanks

Yes you have enough time.

My mother arrives on 8/06 7:40 am on flight LA532. I will be picking her up with my small children and I need help figuring out the best way to coordinate. I am considering asking her to wait outside the terminal so I don't have to take the sleeping babies out of the car, if I do this, where should I tell her to wait for me? are there marked zones or landmarks? If not, Where is the closest temporary parking area and what is the walking distance? I will be pushing a stroller, and returning with luggage. where are there public phones (not sure about her cell service) in the terminal and how much exact change would she need? thank you

my daughter is handicapped and needs to use the bathroom shortly after arriving at JFK, terminal 4, next friday. Can you tell me if there's toilet before submitting to the officers of the Customs?

There is on shortly before Customs.

hey I'll be flying on 5th sep via qatar airways from Doha which will land by 15:00 at JFK and then i got to take JetBlue at 18:15 to sfo .Since terminal 4 deals with qatar airways I need to know if I have enough time to check in terminal 6 of jet blue with all my luggage and after security check.

Yes you do and Qatar airways is terminal 8 now.

am landing with my wife on 18h July by flight EK 201 at 2:15 pm. I need to fly to Chicago then. Was planning to take the 3:55 pm flight of JetBlue from JFK to ORD. I need to know is it enough time to catch the flight? I will have to clear customs, immigration, collect bag & then recheckin for the domestic flight. I will be flying business class on the dxb - JFK leg but from what I understand, JFK doesn't have a fast track for immigration for business class passengers. Please advice as I need to make the reservation ASAP

You might want to take a later flight just to be on a safe side.

whats the quickest way to grand central from T4 at night

Hi, I will fly on delta airlines MCO-JFK arrive at 7.55pm then connecting to Etihad airlines JFK-Abu Dhabi on 10.40pm flight. Is that enough time? (Since it will different airlines, so I need to collect my baggage and check in for international departure) Thank you.

You have loads of time for this connection.

Where exactly is pet park at terminal 4? How far away is from polish airlines LOT ? Thank you.

Use short term parking lot next to T4. LOT Polish Airlines is on the 3rd floor of T4 on your right hand side.

In 4 July I will arrive from Brazil at 05:45pm(TAM - JJ8082)and in the same day I will go to Paris at 11:20pm(Air France - AF 9). I think TAM is in the Terminal 4 and Air France is in the Terminal 1, I'm right? If I'm, How do I go to T4 to T1? How long it takes? Tks.

You are absolutely right about the Terminals. From T4 to T1 take any train on track 2. It takes about 2 minutes.

My fiance and I both arrive at terminal 4 but on different airlines. I arrive 15 mins before him and I want to surprise him. Is it possible to meet him before immigration and customs or do I have to wait until we go through immigration and customs to surprise him? If it helps, I arrive on JetBlue and he arrives on Etihad Airways. Thanks

You have to wait until he clears immigration and Customs.

I have a Caribbean Airlines flight at 5:50 AM on a Saturday. I know you should arrive 3 hours prior to an International flight- but are the counters open at 3 AM?

They will open then.

Hi I am travelling in November this year and looking to book my airport lounge I have just read that (The Lounge) (T4)will be permanently closed on 30th June, 2012. Is this correct? if so is it worth booking into KAL Business Class Lounge (Terminal 1)? and how long and how easy is it to get to Terminal 4 from there? thanks.

Somebody said there are very long queues while cheicking in for international flights as all checked-in luggage is scanned and needs to be identified before it will be put on the plane. Can someone please verify this? I plan to reach JFK T4 at 8.15 am for a 11.15 am flight - will that be sufficient time?

And can I lock my checked-in luggage or will security ask me to open it up? Can I lock it after they've checked it?


They will unlock it themselves. You have plenty of time.

Hi i am facing a problem of minimum connecting time for the below routing.Do the passenger has to done security check-in again.

SYR/JFK Arrival is terminal 5

JFK/SLC Arrival is terminal 3

Thanks & Brgds

Hi we have a passenger flying SYR/JFK/SLC.

SYR/JFK Arrival is terminal 5

JFK/SLC Arrival is terminal 3

Its showing minimum connecting time error.

Hi we have one passenger 17th June SYR/JFK/SLC, as per below routing its showing minimum connecting time error.

9W 226 13JUN BRU-JFK 1005 1215

B6 024 13JUN JFK-SYR 1659 1827

B61133 17JUN SYR-JFK 0600 0711

Minimum Connecting Time

DL 2174 17JUN JFK-SLC 1255 1604

Hi, I'll be coming from Delhi and reaching terminal at 11:40 am on 08th June'12. My connection flight to miami starts from terminal 8 at 13:10 pm . There is 1:30 hrs connection time. Can I go from T4 to T8 by walk after immigration check? Would I be able to make it on time?

You should be good to go. You will need to use air train on track 2 from T4 to T8.


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