Terminal 7


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 7 (gates 1-12)

Airlines IATA Code Phone Numbers
ANA - All Nippon NH (800) 235-9262
British Airways BA (800) 247-9297 
Cathay Pacific CX (800) 233-2742 
Iberia IB (800) 772-4642 
Icelandair FI (800) 223-5500 
Qantas QF (800) 227-4500 
United Airlines UA (800) 241-6522 
US Airways US (800) 363-2597 

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FT (not verified)

How far is Terminal 7 to Terminal 8 and how do I go from Terminal 7 to Terminal 8?

FT (not verified)

We will arrive JFK Terminal 7 by Cathay Pacific at 13:05pm. Do you think we be able to catch a flight on AA at Terminal 8 departing for DCA airport at 15:42pm?

Mohit (not verified)

My wife came by BA 183 to jfk terminal 7 1.30 hours before.

I am not able to contact her. Her Phone is switched off.

She has still not came out of the airport.

How can i contact her. Can i contact her through airport assistance etc. Please help
I am very much worried.

Sukie (not verified)

My spouse and I are flying Cathay from HKG to JFK on July 15th. My spouse is immigrating to the US for the first time. I'm a US Citizen. Does anyone know if Terminal 7 has a separate CBP line for new immigrants? I was hoping she and I could go through the US Citizens line together (she will be a new Green Card Holder), and then they would take her to secondary from there.

Anyone have experience with this?


LauraSouthall (not verified)

I have left my kindle on flight ba175 from heathrow on 20th December. We landed around 2pm and I left my kindle in the seat pocket in seat 50b. It is in a red spotty cath kidston case. The kindle is grey.

LG Davitian (not verified)

Hi We arrive from BTV to JFK/ Jet Blue T5 at Noon and are slated to leave from Terminal 7 on Iceland Air at Noon. Is this really enough time to board an international flight?

Mason (not verified)

Hi, im arriving on a domestic flight to T7 and will need to hop on British Airways to London on also T7. If i have only carry on baggage, will i need to go through customs to go to the british airway counter to catch my flight? Or is their a transit way direct to the BA counter to get to my plane? Thanks

Anna123 (not verified)

I want to surprise my boyfriend who will arrive Sunday night from Phoenix.
Terminal 7.
I don't want lo lose him because I don't know if he will take
the train or a taxi.
Where should I stay waiting for him?

KM (not verified)

I don't think you ever received an answer to this question and the date of your bf's arrival has come and gone. You will probably never see this, but in case you do, where did you end up waiting? I am picking up my daughter tonight who is traveling alone from China and I want to be there as she comes through customs. I am going to park in the short term lot and if I'm not mistaken I can just walk across to the terminal.

Johnson (not verified)

Please I have a transfer (2h) from Terminal 7 (From London with British Airway) to Terminal 8 (To Montreal Canada with American Airline).

Do I need US visa ? My destination is Montreal Canada.

Thank you

tinaf (not verified)

Hi I am taking the airtrain from Jamacia to JFK. I am flying US Airways and want to make sure I get off at the right air train stop. I do not know what gate my flight is out of, but think it is out of Terminal 7 is that correct? How many stops does the airtrain make once at JFK? Will there be announcements so I am sure which stop I should get off at? Thank you.

LiaD (not verified)

Hi, I am arriving from UK on BA t7 at 2:00 p.m. and taking a bluejet t5 flight to Chicago at 3:55. Do I have enough time? I guess BA is usually on time? How do I get from t7 to t5 and how long does it take? TIA

Beco (not verified)

I am meeting someone at JFK and both our flights arrive at Terminal 7. If I meet them at their baggage claim carousel, will I easily be able to find them or is the bag claim area too big for that to be a suitable meeting place? Can you suggest anywhere better?

Tomoko (not verified)

Dear sir or madam,

I have a question: there are group of people arriving at Terminal 7 via NH-010. They will bring suit cases and items used for shows. One item is about 14' and may require a truck (something larger than a straight van).

Could you kindly advise what is the limit of the truck heiht allowed in JFK airport/ Terminal 7?

Your help is much appreciated.


SLR (not verified)

Does US Airways have 2 separate terminals for departures? Meaning, is there one for international and one for domestic flights?

asasasasasasasa (not verified)

US Airways only operates domestic flights at JFK, so all departures and arrivals are at Terminal 7 only.

Sara_r (not verified)

I will arrive by British airway to terminal 7 and my next connecting flight is to Orlando from terminal 8. As I am not US citizen, do I need to pass through the custom in JFK or is it possible just go through the airports and get your other connecting flight
Thank you,

AnonJFK (not verified)

When you arrive at JFK you will go through immigration, collect your bags, and go through customs.

If you are on a thru-ticket then you can probably use the bag drop located directly outside of customs.

You will then proceed to the airtrain to get from terminal 7 to terminal 8. If your bags were not accepted then you must take them with you and check in with American at terminal 8.

Confused123 (not verified)

Hello. I'm flying on an AA flight operated by IB leaving from T7. The itinerary says to check-in with operating carrier, but AA says to check-in with them. Which is it? Help!


Check in with AA.

Travelling with kids (not verified)

Hi - I'm flying JetBlue into terminal 5 connecting to a Qantas flight to Sydney from terminal 7. As I have to collect my luggage and recheck it, will a Skycap be able to help me get the luggage between the two terminals? Just wondered if they would go that far. Thanks.

Maple (not verified)

Please provide the information on how to go from T7 (CX830) to T8 (AA1416) at the JFK airport. Are they within walking distance?

Many thanks.


Take an air train track 2 to T8.

Shafiq (not verified)

Please provide the information on how to go from T3 to T8 at the JFK airport. Are they within walking distance?

Many thanks.


No you will have to take an air train on track 2 on the 3rd floor of T7 to get to T8.

Carlos Loureiro (not verified)

I will arrive at terminal 7 next wed 14th a little past 11:00 am. Is it easy to get a taxi to Manhattan? how do I choose the flat share? Do I have to go wait outside the terminal?

Nora (not verified)

You can just go to taxi stand outside. However sometimes there is a line or your taxi might smell. You can reserve a nicer car for almost the same price and it will be reserved for you just call VIP Connection at 718-392-6100

Julie MH (not verified)

I have a connection at JFK and only have 50 mins inbetween landing and take off...as both are KLM flights will this be enough time?


If your first flight is domestic you should have enough time for your connection.

balu hun (not verified)

I will fly from Charlotte to JFK term.7 than from term 8 to London.
I will get my boarding pass @Charlott, and if I know right my baggage is going directly from Charlotte to London?!?
I have 1 hour from terminal 7 to 8 to catch up my flight, Im just wondering if that is enough???
thanks, Baluu

meeting pro (not verified)

its impossible to get from USAIR TO Term 8 in an hour.
The flight will be late, you have to leave T7, catch the air train. Go though security in T8 and get to your gate. I would guess that is not even a legal connection. Pray your flight is early!!

arnab (not verified)


I am arriving by Air Canada at 22:05 hrs on oct 5, 2012 - my connecting qatar airways flight departs from terminal 8 - at 23:40 hrs - how can i go from terminal 7 to terminal 8 within the scheduled time? anyone please guide me.


Kiehls (not verified)

My flight will take off at terminal 1, but I would like to shop Kiehl's for my friend which she said it is located at terminal 7. Can I go to KIehl's after passport control and security check? Where KIehl's is exactly located? What would be the best way?

Worried (not verified)

I am told that if I am travelling from Vancouver to JFK, I would have cleared US immigration and customs and will not need to do so at JFK.
Is that correct ?
I wish to know if I arrive at 7 am on Cathay at thermal 7 whether I can catch a 9 am flight to Boston on jet blue
I have asked many people and no one can tell me
Many thanks


If the flight originates in Vancouver and you board there you will clear US customs/immigration there, no need to clear at JFK. On arrival at T7 take AirTrain on track 2 from T7 to T5 for Jet Blue. Two hours should be plenty of time.

Sally Snowflake (not verified)

Do Air Canada flights fly in and out of Terminal 7? Is there a Maple Leaf Lounge or equivalent in this terminal?


I arrive into JFK Terminal 7 on BA173 from London Heathrow at 13:55 on Mon Oct 8 and have a Delta flight to Memphis at 16:06 from Terminal 3. This gives me just over 2 hours to clear customs, collect luggage and check-in for my flight. Considering check-in for Delta will close 45 minutes before departure, I have basically an hour and 15 minutes to clear customs, collect bags and get to terminal 3. Is this enough time? Thanks.

hamrrrrr (not verified)

No way man, you need at least 2 hours to clear customs etc.

Nhung (not verified)

I'm flying from Vietnam with Delta, and will be arriving at JFK at about 3pm. I have another flight with US Airways to Lynchburg, VA at 6pm. Will it be enough time for me to get to terminal 7 from terminal 3. This is urgent. Please help me!!!

Taniya (not verified)

Hey there, my boss departed JFK (for Tokyo then onto BKK) on 18 August 2012 via NH009 at 1930hrs (delayed from 1230hrs) upon arrival in BKK she discovered that the Departure Record was not collected. What do I need to do to get this departure record to you as proof that she really did depart JFK on the day. Your soonest advise will be very much appreciated. Thank you

tamlynn (not verified)

I arrived on international flight SA203 on Sun 19th. I had to clear customs and collect my bags and recheck them for my connecting flight. Both bags arrived at JFK and I checked them at the United counter for connections. One of my bags did not make it onto UA5711.
The baggage tracer continues to say no information to track. Does someone actively look for reported lost luggage? I was told it was scanned onto my flight but did not make it on the plane and would follow on the next flight. It has now been two days. If nothing is showing up in the tracer than my bag is totally missing?
What now?

Thank you,

Moushira (not verified)

I need to know how to reach T4 from T7


By an air train on track 2.


I will be arriving in Terminal 7 at 1710 with Qantas from Australia, and will be catching a domestic flight from Terminal 5 to Orlando at 2000. 1) Is this 2 hours plus time frame enough to do immigration and custom clearing, baggage claim, security check, terminal transfer, checking in, another security check? 2) Is there any minimum check in time for domestic flights? 3) And, how do I travel from terminal 7 to terminal 5? Thank you.


Sekurgaard Johnson (not verified)

Probably not. I work for airport security, and can assure you that by the time you get through immigration (could be an hour in the visitors line), and get your bags it will be 1800-1830. Then, once you get on the airtrain and get to T5 it will be about 1900. Once you check in and get through security, it will be 1930, and the flight will be well into boarding. That is if all goes well. Good luck.

AFlex (not verified)

Our flight on Ibeara is arriving at 7:05 PM at T7. I'm trying to see if we can make it to NY Penn Station for an 8:50 PM departure on Amtrak. Looks like we would need to clear customs (we are US citizens) at T7 and take the AirTrain to Jamaica station and then onto the LIRR to NY Penn. If we can make it to Jamaica station by 8:00 PM I'm thinking we can make the 8:50 Amtrak train as the ride is 22 min max. The question is how long customs typically takes. Would it make much difference if we had carry on vs checked luggage? Many thanks in advance for your advice!

Alaina B. (not verified)

My flight to heathrow is on iberia airlines operated by American airlines out of JFK Do I check in at Iberia or American?

Marika Ruckle (not verified)

Please, can somebody working at JFK, teminal 7 check if my sons gray Samsonite suitcase with the name RUCKLE printed with stickers on one side of the suitcase still is at JFK. His bag is lost and all his New York memories too. Bag reciept number: BA 014489. Missing Baggage Wallet File Reference ARN BA 61842. I hope somebody with a big heart could do us this favor!? Thank you in advance // Mom Marika Ruckle

Stephen (not verified)

I csn't find any information for flights to London Heathrow on the JFK website. I can't find London in the destination lists.

What am I doing wrong?

traveller 82 (not verified)

hi .i'll arrive @jfk terminal 7 from london with my kids and connecting to terminal 8 and my connecting time is 2 hours ,is it enough ?