Terminal 5


Terminal 5(formerly TWA Terminal)

Terminal 5 is sculpted as a symbol of flight, designed by Eero Saarinen in 1962.

Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 5 (gates 19-30)

Airlines Phone Numbers IATA Code
Aer Lingus (800) 474-7424 EI
Hawaiian Airlines (800) 367-5320 HA


- All Departures

- International Arrivals (5:00 AM - 10:30 PM)

(800) 538-2583 B6



We are arriving in Terminal 2 and have to get to terminal 5 for a flight. What do we do when we get off the plane?

We are arriving Delta T2 at 7:20 am on a mind week flight in April and will need to transfer with carrying luggage to T5 fir a JetBlue flight T5 to Barbados that leaves 8:20 am - I will check in online prior to flight- how long will transfer take and is an additional security check required? Thanks!

Hello I Will be arriving with jet blue from Jacksonville at 20:21 on sunday in T5 and have à connecting AF flight in T1 to Paris at 21:50, is there enough Time for the transfer between the 2 flights (no bags checked in)? Thanks for the reply.

I cannot reach my passenger whom arrived to JFK Airport today. No cellphone working... His name is Mehmet SEFLEK. His flight is on 11/20/2013, From JFK Airport New York to Orlando, JetBlue Flight number 183.

Did he make it to check-in at Jet Blue for his flight to Orlando (MCO) ?

Thank you ..please urgently reply..
Gulin ISIK

Hello I arrive today at 4:30 to T4 and need to connect to JetBlue terminal 5 will I have enough time to pass immigration And connect to my terminal before 7 pm?? Please thank you

Hello I'm traveling from the UK with two small children. I arrive I'm T4 and connect T5 with jet blue. What is the time between terminals. I don't want to miss my flight.

Arriving to JEtBlue terminal and need wheelchair transport to Terminal 8. How is it done?

I will be arriving at JFK by domestic Jetblue flight at 8.30 am on Sept 1. I have a connecting flight with Emirates at 11.20 am the same day. Do I have enough time to make it to my connecting flight , considering I have to collect my Baggage from Jetblue at Terminal 5 and Re- check in for Emirates at Terminal 4?

Please help. Thanks!

I'm granted with Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and my question is if its possible to make a trip to Puerto Rico and come back with no problem? thank you

I am arriving from BTV at 0729, then departing on HA at 0900. Will I have enough time to make the connection if I have checked bags?

I am arriving from Dublin at terminal 5 with AerLingus, and must connect to Mexico City on terminal 1. I have 4 hours connection time. Must clear migration and customs, collect luggage and check in again at terminal 1 with Aeromexico.
Do I have enough time to do all that? Any tips to speed my clearance+connection time?

Hi. I am arriving at Terminal 5 (JetBlue) at 4:00 pm and have a Turkish Airlines flight from Terminal 1 leaving at 6:45 pm with no checked luggage. What is the best way to go from 5 to 1? Do I have to go through security? Thank you

Might be arriving on the Jet blue flight from Den arriving 629am and catching a flight at 730am Virgin Atlantic flight in Terminal 4. Is 1 hour enough time? Do you have to leave and go through security again? Thanks

I depart LAX/Jet Blue arriving at JFK T5 at 3:21 pm departing JFK Jet Blue T5 @ 3:59pm. Will the 38 minutes between flights give me enough time?

Hi there,

I am arriving on eastern china airlines terminal 5 at 2:36 and have a domestic flight at 4:00 with jet blue in terminal 1.

Will this be enough time?


I'm arriving to terminal 5 from a domestic jet blue flight at 8.30 am on 1st April and i have my next flight at 11.20 with Emirates.
Can you please tell me the easiest way to get to terminal 4 and do i have enough time to catch the flight.

Yes plenty of time to catch your connecting flight. From T5 take any train on track 2 to T4.

I have flight from jax march 1 at 6am--and arrive at JFK terminal 5 at 8am --and have to wait 7.5 hrs my flight to Beijing --and is there any minute suite from air china at airport terminal 5? And how far from terminal 1 going to terminal 5?


I am flying by Jetblue from Jamaica, i suspect it is Terminal 5 as it is not written on my reservation. My friend is coing into terminal 1 three hours earlier than me. How does he get from terminal 1 to terminal 5?

I arrive in terminal 5 @ 19:15 from syracuse and my flight is from terminal 4 to dublin @ 20:40
Wil i have enough time
Please help


i will arrive at jfk by alaska airline from sfo air port and have to go to terminal 4.please tell me which terminal i will arrive and how go to terminal 4.thanks

Pl let me know how can I get from terminal 5 to terminal 8.cac i get Any assistant over there .i will be traveling with the child and a first time traveller.thamks

Take any train on track 2 from T5 to T8.

Hi. My international flight from Chile arrives at terminal 8, and I must take the next flight at terminal 5 (jet blue). How long does it take from 1 terminal to another?

Hi. I am arriving at t5 around 13:15, then i got a flight at T4 with Avianca at 2:00 a.m next day. Now, can i make the check inn 11 hours before the departure and go meet nyc?

Hi, my three children are going on a flight to fl. Where is the closest I can park the car so I can bring them into the terminal??

my jetblue flight arrives to terminal 5 but my wife and kids flight arrives to terminal 4. can i get from terminal 5 to terminal 4 luggage to meet them and help with the luggage? how?


Absolutely yes.

Good morning,
my daughter will have to take a flight from Terminal 5, Jet Blue to St Marteen, she's an unaccompanied minor, to whom I'll have to go for the assistance?

Check in with airlines to see if they can help you out in this case it is Jet Blue.

Hello. Dear sir. We are flying with jet blue to Buffalo. the fly will depart at 8:00am . We will not have bags to check
How many minutes before we should arrive at the terminal?

Around 2 hours before your flight.

My teenage son is flying in to JFK on JetBlue. My sister will meet him in the airport. When he gets off the plane which way should he go to meet up with my sister? Thanks!

Terminal 5 arrivals hall.

My parents will arrive at JFk Terminal 4, and then after customs and immigration they want to get flight of JEtblue. Plz tell me the exact passage they will be walking. I want to make it easier for them. (Like, walk for 100m and then left turn or right turn.... ) or let me know if the details are anywhr online

They will just exit Customs and walk into arrivals hall of T4.

Hi There,

I have a Jet Blue flight arriving from Buffalo at Terminal 5 at 7:07 AM and a Virgin America flight to Los Angeles departing Terminal 4 at 9:15 AM.

Will I be able to make this connection if I have checked luggage?

Thank you.


My family will arrive at terminal 8 with Royal Jordanian flight on 29 Jun at 1615 hrs, next flight is from Terminal 5 with JetBlue at 2000hrs.
Please advice if this time between the flight is ok for immigration and custom and what is the best way to reach from Terminal 8 to terminal 5.

Yes it is.

I wanted to know if we are going to make it: we land in JFK terminal 4 from Warsaw at 4:05 PM and have a flight to Portland with JetBlue at 5:30, and we have baggage.
Thank you.

Very tight.It might take up to one hour to clear Immigration and Customs and Security at Jetblue. If your flight is delayed you might be out of luck.

Good morning,
Is two hours enough to collect luggage, clear security/customs/immigration, reach Terminal 5 from Terminal 1, get re-checked the luggage and check-in on Sat - May 26? We are arriving to Terminal 1 (Turkish airlines) at 16:30 and departuring at 18:40 from Terminal 5 (Jet Blue) to Orlando (Florida). What are ways to reach Terminal 5 from Terminal 1? What is the schedule of Airtrain (how frequently it goes)? what is the price? where can we buy tickets for Airtrain? Is it allowed to make electronic check-in for kids? How much time does it usually take for security screening for domestic flights? In case of Turkish Airlines flight delay to the US, do we have a chance to take next available JetBlue flight to Orlando? Thanks.

You should be OK with 2 hour time window.

Not an experienced traveler. Arriving by Jet Blue at 5:45pm on Fri ( 5/18) checking a bag. How do I get from bag claim to airport transportation to T 7 for a 8:40pm dept on Iceland Air? Is the air train the best way to get to T 7? About how long will it take to get to T 7? Do I have enough time time to do all this?

You have plenty of time to connect with 3 hour time window between the flights. From T5 take any train on track 2 to T7. Air train is the best transportation between the terminals with only 2 minute trip.

Thank for for your help. By any train does that mean there are train on this track running in both directions?

Air train on track 2 only will take you through airport terminals versus air train on track 1 will take you to Federal Circle and Jamaica Station in other words outside the airport.Any train on track 2 only for you to stay at the airport.

Just curious would it be faster to walk from baggage claim at T5 to T7? If time is an issue.

I PROMISE this is my LAST question.

Thank you so much.