Terminal 5


Terminal 5(formerly TWA Terminal)

Terminal 5 is sculpted as a symbol of flight, designed by Eero Saarinen in 1962.

Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 5 (gates 19-30)

Airlines Phone Numbers IATA Code
Aer Lingus (800) 474-7424 EI
Hawaiian Airlines (800) 367-5320 HA


- All Departures

- International Arrivals (5:00 AM - 10:30 PM)

(800) 538-2583 B6



On Saturday October 2 2021 in Jet Blue Terminal 5, somewhere between gate 23 (outside women’s restroom) and gate 30 approximately 7:30 PM, I misplaced lost my. iPhone 11. Black with black silicone case. I have since boarded my plane and am out of the country.Will be returning to NY in approx 1 week.

I lost passport and permanent resident card at jfk terminal 5. Sunday 09/26/2021 at aer lingus boarding area.flight documents etc were inside a black leather hand held document holder.

a small orange suitcase with a broken zipper was lost in terminal 5 of jfk on 9/13/2021 . if anyone finds it can they let me know

Hi I lost a wallet in JFK today in terminal 5. I was seated next to gate #8 for a while and took JetBlue flight 1019 from JFK to DTW shortly after from gate #6. It’s a black coach wallet with a bunch of my IDs in it.

Lost my wallet w all personal items inside. Somewhere on the arrivals side. Flight 1604 from JetBlue.

I lost a black fanny pack that had my wallet and passport in.

Lost on Thursday 8/19 flight 2592

Lost brown wallet with ID and credit cards. Please return to JetBlue counter if found

I arrived from an international flight to take a domestic connection flight. You should have seating for people in that situation who arrive before the baggage check is open for their flight. There were several of us just sitting on the floor, and I'm sure this must be repeated daily.


Please help, Looking for a men's size 13, 14k gold wedding band. Lost on 7/5/21 in JFK Terminal 5 or on our delayed flight # 1729 to Fort Myers, Florida. Married 30 years and husband is devastated. I filed claims with both airports and Jetblue Airline.

Departed jfk terminal 5 departures on July 16 2021. 9:30 am. Flew jet blue Orland fla. If u have any info

Black suede purse brand name "Chloe" lost on Hawaiin airlines flight HA50 on 7/18, seat 30B

Blue away carry on suitcase with my name/business card attached. Terminal 5. Last i remember i had it at security. From there went to food court, then men’s bathroom nearest to gate 16, and then gate 16.

Hi! I left my Airpods Pro in flight 1516 from SFO to JFK, July 5! I contacted JetBlue but they do not let me speak with anyone about this... if anyone found it please reply thank you!!

I lost a pink back pack that belongs to my grand daughter and has my glasses, two tablets


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