JFK Airport Bus

Q10 Bus - Local and Limited-Stop service between Kew Gardens and JFK Airport

Kew Gardens 80 Rd 
Ozone Park Lefferts Boulevard/ 101 Av 
S Ozone Park Lefferts Blvd/Rockaway Boulevard
S Ozone Park 130 St/150 Av 
JFK Airport Terminal 4 -AirTrain

(718) 445-3100

Local bus fare is $2 - (Senior-Disabled fare is $1.00).
Express bus fare is $5 - (Senior-Disabled fare is $2.50).

Pay-Per-Ride and 7-Day Express Bus Plus MetroCard are accepted on all MTA buses (local, Limited-Stop and express) and on the subway.
Unlimited Ride MetroCard (7-Day and 30-Day) are accepted on all but express buses.
All buses accept exact fare in coins, but not pennies or half dollars

Provided the bus operator considers it safe, passengers may be let off along the route at other than an official bus stop only between 10 PM - 5 AM within the New York City.

Q3 Bus - Local service between Jamaica and JFK Airport

Jamaica 165 St Bus Terminal
Jamaica 179 St Subway Station
St Albans Farmers Boulevard / Linden Boulevard
Springfld Gdns Springfld Gdns Farmers Boulevard/Farmers Blvd/Merrick Blvd Rockaway Blvd
JFK Airport Terminal 4 Air Train

MetroCard® is accepted on all MTA New York City Transit trains and on local buses . Express buses only accept 7-Day Express Bus Plus MetroCard or Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard. Buses accept exact fare in coins, but not pennies or half dollars.

Free Transfers
Unlimited-Ride MetroCard permits free transfers to all but express buses (between subway and local bus, local bus and local bus, etc.)
Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard allows one free transfer of equal or lesser value if you complete your transfer within two hours of the time you pay your full fare with the same MetroCard. If you pay your local bus fare with coins, ask for a free magnetic-strip transfer to use on another local bus.

Reduced-Fare Benefits
You are eligible for reduced-fare benefits if you are at least 65 years of age or have a qualifying disability. Benefits are available (except on peak-hour express
buses) with proper identification, including Reduced-Fare MetroCard or Medicare card (Medicaid cards do not qualify).

B15 - From Bedford-Stuyvesant to JFK Airport

Bedford-Stuyvesant Broadway/ M Garvey Blvd 
Ocean Hill St Johns Pl/ Ralph Avenue
Brownsville Hegeman Av/ Rockaway Avenue
E New York New Lots Av/ Penn Avenue
Spring Creek Brooklyn General Mail Facility
JFK Airport Terminal 4 

Trans-Bridge Lines - JFK Airport to Port Authority

JFK Airport International Terminal 4
Port Authority Bus Terminal, 42nd Street. & 8th Avenue, Manhattan

New York Airport Express Service Bus

JFK Airport
Grand Central
Port Authority
Penn Station
Fare :15$

JFK Airport
LGA Airport
Fare :13$

Alternative Bus Companies

NYC to Washington, DC

Bus Company Fare

Apex Bus (888-988-2739)

$20 One Way/ $35 Round Trip/ F to E. Broadway (88 E. Broadway)
Today's bus (212-343-3281) $20 One Way/ $35 Round Trip/ F to E. Broadway (88 E. Broadway)
Eastern Travel (212-244-6132) $20 One Way/ $35 Round Trip/ F to E. Broadway (88 E. Broadway)
Megabus (877-462-6342) $21 Each Way/ A or E to 34th St. (31st St. by Penn Station)
Premium Bus (888-687-2871) $20 One Way/ $35 Round Trip/ A or E to 34th St. (by Penn Station)
Vamoose Bus (877-393-2828) $25 Each Way/ A or E to 34th St. (255 W. 31st St)
Boltbus (webmaster@boltbus.com) $20 Each Way/ A or E to 34th St. (33rd St & 7th Ave. in front of Sbarro)

NYC to Philadelphia, PA

Apex Bus (888-988-2739) $12 One Way/ $20 Round Trip/ F to E. Broadway (88 E. Broadway)
Today's bus (212-343-3281) $12 One Way/ $20 Round Trip/ F to E. Broadway (88 E. Broadway)
Universe (888-988-2739) $12 Each Way/ F to E. Broadway (165 E. Broadway)
Megabus (877-462-6342) $12 Each Way/ A or E to 34th St. (31st St. by Penn Station)
Vamoose Bus (877-393-2828) $25 Each Way/ A or E to 34th St. (255 W. 31st Street)
Boltbus (webmaster@boltbus.com) $10 Each Way/ A or Canal St. (Canal & 6th Ave.)

NYC to Boston

Fung Wah Bus (212-925-8889) $15 Each Way/ J,Z to Canal St. (139 Canal Street)
Megabus (877-462-6342) $17 Each Way/ A or E to 34th St. (31st St. by Penn Station)
Boltbus (webmaster@boltbus.com) $17.50 Each Way/ A or E to 34th St. (34th St. & 8yh Ave.)

NYC to Richmond, VA

Apex Bus (888-988-2739) $20 One Way/ $35 Round Trip/ F to E. Broadway (88 E. Broadway)
Today's bus (212-343-3281) $35 Each Way/ F to E. Broadway (88 E. Broadway)

NYC to Baltimore, MD

Apex Bus (888-988-2739) $20 One Way/ $35 Round Trip/ F to E. Broadway (88 E. Broadway)
Today's bus (212-343-3281) $20 One Way/ $35 Round Trip/ F to E. Broadway (88 E. Broadway)
Megabus (877-462-6342) $19 Each Way/ A or E to 34th St. (31st St. by Penn Station)
Eastern Travel (212-244-6132) $35 Each Way/ F to E. Broadway (88 E. Broadway)

uttar (not verified)

Upon arriving at JFK Airport , I need to go Maine Orono
Please let me know which bus has service to Orono .

Bojian (not verified)

I am arriving at JFK airport T4 and prepared to visit the JFK branch. I do not have a car and do not know what the options to get there. There does not seem to be a walk path though between both.

Tomas (not verified)

Hello, could anyone tell me, the cheapest and if possible faster way, ( not plane ) getting from NY Jfk airport to Boston?
I am coming to USA for a 1st time and even will fly for a first time, so I even hardly imagine the distance I will need to make and all other things :)

Singelle (not verified)

I am landing at JFK with a 6:30am flight on a Saturday en route to Washington. I need a sort of tour bus to Washington. Is there a bus from airport straight to washing?

Melis (not verified)

I lost a Diesel branded green scarf, either on the Istanbul - JFK plane(Delta Air Lines 73 seat number: 33-G) on 10.05.2012 or somewhere at the terminal 3.

laff (not verified)

I'm gonna take trans-bridge lines at International Terminal 4 next weekend. Where can I buy the tickets? Can I buy them at Terminal 4?

Anonymous cherno barry (not verified)

hi,i lost my walet on the bus B15 were i was seated i enter at jfk terminal 6 and drop at new lots it was the 4:55 bus her is my number if ist is find 347 527 3277
my names barry

lisa_ywm (not verified)

Can I take the Bus to brooklyn from JFK airport?

fahhfa (not verified)

B15 bus goes to Brooklyn, it also connects to the 3 train at New Lots station.

Need help (not verified)

Hi, could you please tell me how can I get from JFK airport to 33rd Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan? I will take Boltbus to Baltimore. Thanks!

gadshehe (not verified)

The easiest is to take a taxi, it's a flat fare of $45 to anywhere in Manhattan.

The 2nd easiest is to take the AirTrain to Howard Beach subway stop and then take the A train to 34th St. This will cost you $5 for the AirTrain + $2.25 for the A train.

MonikaDubcova (not verified)

I would like to know how to get from the airport to Hackensack (public transportation) -> the cheapest + easiest way. I will visit the states for the first time. Thank you

Agata Ka (not verified)

Is there any BUS from JFK airport to Atlantic City? I'm coming on Tuesday, June 19th and there are no Amtrak train after 9PM (im landing at 9PM). Thanks in andvance for your answer!

Gayel (not verified)

I will be arriving @ JFK-Terminal 4 on June 22nd, 2012 16:30 via Etihad Airways and I would like to go directly to Atlantic City, New Jersey. Any Recommendations? It's my first time to land in JFK.

Thanks in advance.

raghu (not verified)

my son is coming from India and landing at the jfk, new york for the first time. He has to come to philadelphia. Is there any bus service direct from jfk to Philadelphia ? thanks a million for the info.


I need a megabus to take me from JFK to hartford CT

Luigi Di mauro (not verified)

I want the time and price for a shuttlebus from JFK airport to connecticut


Inquire at local Welcome Center about a Megabus or CT shuttle service and their prices.

Sxh (not verified)

How to go to new jersey performance center from JFK airport?

Melvin (not verified)

Hi, I would like to enquire what would be an economical way to travel from JFK to West 79 Street?

I will be having 2-3 pieces of luggage with me, so would prefer not to take the sub.

Have looked at the Airporter website, but it seems that they service up till the 61st Street only.



Taxi is $45+tolls+tip to anywhere in Manhattan from JFK.

Weronika 888997 (not verified)

Hello everybody,
I need some help. I'm arriving at JFK Airport and need to go to La Quinta Manhattan (17 West 32nd Street, Garment District). Could you tell me the best and cheaper way to do it?
Thank you!


Deb (not verified)

I would like to know the most convenient way to get from Saranac Lake NY to JFK airport and back again.


What is the cheapest way for one adult and two children to get from JFK to Newark Airport at approximately 10 in the evening?

Sophie27 (not verified)

I would like to know if there is a way to take a Bus from the JFK Airport to Simbury, Connecticut? Where can I find the costs and info of the bus station :)

Alan Tay

Hello specialist

I have friend arriving on SQ26 into JFK. Can you advise what is the best way to travel to Boston without waiting for 5 hours to transit onto AA flight.

Is there shuttle buses or train to take to Boston after they clear immigration and custom. Please advise contact info for bus schedule or train services if available.




Once you get off your flight go to Ground Transportation Desk or Welcome Center and inquire about Bolt or Mega Bus to Boston MA.

Irma (not verified)

Dear JFK expert,

I need your help please, I'll come at 1am to New York JFK but I need to go to Washington D.C. What is the best way to do it?

I was searching on the internet cheap flights but I could not find it everything is 120dollars and I need a cheaper way to get from JFK to D.C.

Could you help me and send me some information about transportation, or which bus should I get from JFK to the bus to D.C.? I am rather confused.

thank you in advance,
irma =)


I am arriving at 0725pm at JFK on Wednesday 29 August and need to go to Park Ave, Weekhawken, New Jersey 07086.
Can you advise which is the best way to get there?
Thank you very much....


Can you please tell me if there is a way to get from JFK Airport to Newark Airport?
Thank you


Inquire at GTD for a shuttle bus from JFK to Newark.

Noy (not verified)

(then taking the bus to dc..)

kim 9120 (not verified)

my friend needs to get from JFK to Syracuse and was thinking to do so by bus. What would be the easiest way for her to get from JFK airport to Syracuse bus/train station?

abc (not verified)

m arriving at JFK on 30th march 2012 at 0800 hours....im looking for a cheap bus service from JFK to Washington DC....please inform me about the fare as well....


Megabus would be 21$ and Boltbus for 20$.

heeelp :) (not verified)

please advice on fastest/cheapest way to get to room mate grace hotel manhattan 125 West 45th Street, Midtown Manhattan from Terminal 8. Is there any bus?
I m landing to JFK this friday at 1 pm.


Dear Sir/Madam,
I'm arriving the JFK Airport on Feb.25. However my destination is Newark,DE. I'm a single person who will probably carry 2 baggage and 1 backpack. Is there a convenient way for me to transfer to Newark(DE) from JFK Airport? And how much does it cost approximately? Thank you very much!


Taxi should be around 60$ and it would be fastest and convenient. If you dont want taxi inquire about a venn,bus or a shuttle from JFK to Newark Airport at Ground Transportation Desk at JFK.

Anonymous_34 (not verified)

$60 is way lower price ....most likely $100

Florent (not verified)

Hello, I'm arriving around 4pm at JFK on Jan 24 and need to go to Union City (6th Street). Which would be the best way to get there?
Thank you


Taxi is fastest and most direct.

houari (not verified)

how much is gonna cost me to go from JFK to boston by bus, i will be with my wife and two kids 3 and 5.
and how to get there (need addresses) thanks


First you will need to get to the Megabus/Boltbus bus locations are on the west side of 9th Ave at 32nd St one block from Penn Station. NYC taxi from JFK for all of you will cost $45+tolls+tip and is probably the best way to go with luggage, tell the driver you want to go to the Megabus bus stop at 9th & 32nd. Public transportation to Penn Station for the four of you will cost about the same as a taxi and more hassle. Megabus fares to Boston-South Station for the four of you are $40-$60 depending on what time you leave, see www.megabus.com for schedules/info.

Domenico (not verified)

Hi, is there public trasportation to get from Philadelphia to JFK? Thank you!
From New Jersey would be fine too.


Take Amtrak (from 30th St or Trenton) or NJ Transit (Trenton) to Penn Station, transfer to either LIRR to Jamaica or E subway to Sutphin/JFK and transfer to AirTrain to terminals. Amtrak is much faster and more expensive than NJ Transit, and LIRR is faster and more expensive than subway and has overhead racks for bags.


Hi, Could you advise the best way to Hotel Bentley (500 EAST 62ND STREET, NEW YORK, US) from you your airport (terminal 8). We will arrive on 28th of December
Or tell, could you organize a transfer to us and how much it will cost

Joanne (not verified)

Hello, could you please advise what is the best way to get from JFK airport (flight from Moscow) to Long Island City (Days Inn Hotel, 31-36 Queens Boulevard) on Monday morning
Thanks a lot

Javierarrondo (not verified)

Which is The best way for a family of 5 (3 kids) next saturday 20:00 from JFK to Washington DC?

Thanks a million


Take Boltbus or Megabus from near Penn Station (9th Ave/32nd St), shouldn't cost more than $25 per person and the bus companies may give you a deal on seats for 5 persons (you can book online). Last evening bus leaves around 9pm, next bus leaves around 1am. Amtrak train is another option but it will cost almost as much for one person as the bus for 5! Taxi from JFK to Penn Station will only take 4 persons max but inquire at Ground Transportation about transport for the 5 of you to Penn Station.

Kristianna (not verified)

I was going to take Bolt bus to NYC and somehow need to get to JFK airport. Which bolt bus should I take? Which stop is best? Thanks