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Nila yatr (not verified)

Where can I see the flight prices from JFK NY, to Pulkovo Saint-Petersburg,Russia

Anonymous(roe) (not verified)

I would like to know what is considered short term and long term parking?how much will it be to park from 8/22 evening until 8/27 night? If nye-z pass tag is used, is it cheaper? Thank you

Ares (not verified)

any low cost cheap air fare from JFK to Boston?
Thank you!

SAI (not verified)

Hi I need some info. I would like to know flights that arrive JFK from 12 to 6am from india. I have work in NY around 9 am.But I should enter NY before 21 due to Visa issues.Could you please help me to find flights and in cheaper rate.
thank you
your help is appreciated

sue (not verified)

Hi I need to know how much of the will cost me from JFK to LAX ( I need to go to LA around May 10ths )


Go to and find out all the fares. It is user friendly website.

Ozzie Pete (not verified)

any low cost carriers fly out of NYC to St Johns?


You can try Caribbean Airlines.

Sangan (not verified)


Need to come to JFK from Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ. What will be the cost of taxi, preferably mini van from this place to JFK? I need to travel with Wife, 2 young kids and baggage. Please advice best and economical way to reach JFK. Is there a way to book Taxi in advance?


Maryluz Rodriguez

Estoy saliendo de Telavit a New York hoy a media noche en el vuelo DL269, quisiera saber si los vuelos estan a tiempo, por que hago una conexion inmediata a Atlanta en el DL1010


i need to book round trip ticket from jfk to kingston jamacia how much will i have to pay if i book the tickets now for dec.

Patty (not verified)

I have a wedding to go to. Was wondering what airline is most economical to travel from jfk to LGB or LAX?

Stefano Femia (not verified)

May you suggest me a cheap airfare from JFK to San Francisco? what´s the easiest way to get there?
Thanks a lot

Raj (not verified)

Any special airlines deal for JFK to Chicago?

I like to travel on 11th OCT - on any available flight after 8pm .

I know of two flights - Jet Blue 915 leaving at 9:20pm and American Airlines 3854 leaving at 10pm ..

Is there any other options available?

If anyone know of any coupon codes or promotional fare available from above mentioned two airlines?

newmara (not verified)

Is there a plane from JFK to East Hampton? what´s the easiest way to get there?
Thanks a million...


No air routes. Easiest is by the LIRR Montauk branch train to Easthampton. Take AirTrain on track 1 from terminal to Jamaica Station, transfer there to LIRR. Fare is $14 off peak/$19.25 peak. Taxi would cost you close to $200.

kofi (not verified)

I intend to travel from JFK to Kalamazoo on 28 August at abt 3.30pm. Can I easily get a flight to Azo immediately I arrive without booking in advance?


Double check with the airlines first.

Nitish (not verified)

Hey! I need a good deal. . to Florence,SC for Aug 2nd.
I am actually landing at JFK, on the same day at 0755 hrs, and I am coming from India with an F1 visa. I might have 3 baggages with me excluding the cabin baggage. So, I would like to know my options.


Go to It is a user friendly website for flights,hotels,cruises.

Anonymous (not verified)

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Adelaide (not verified)

Thanks for the info. I am looking for Cheap International Flights

MSKT has very reasonable prices.

Mahdi Amani (not verified)


I wanna go to Pakistan and I'm wondering to know if I can take my desktop touchsmart computer with me. Actually my question is that if I can put my computer in my baggage because it's too big to carry with me inside the plan. Please write me as soon as possible.


You should be OK with your computer in a carry on bag.

Bill (not verified)

I am looking for the least expensive flight from JFK to Niagara Falls (round-trip) on or about the end of April or beginning of May, 2011.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Search on for all the deals on domestic and international flights.

Anonymous (not verified)

please responde


I want to travel from london to JFK pls what's the airfare and what company am i going with.
pls let me know now

Victor N (not verified)

Use British Airways please

steven venegass (not verified)

pls i want to board a plane form JFK to london what's the airfare

Victor N (not verified) is the website where you can buy tickets and see airfare prices.

yv (not verified)

flying in to JFK walk me through getting on the subway to the Brooklyn Museum from the airport

Victor N (not verified)

Use air train

Kare (not verified)

I want to take a plane from JFK to LON in late June 2011. What are the best flights? Also, I am 17. What is JFK's policy? May I travel by myself? Can I travel by myself if parental consent is given to the airline?

Gohdilocks (not verified)

Is there a direct flight from JFK to Ottawa?

Please advise.

Thank you.

Victor N (not verified)

Yes there is

Maria F (not verified)

Is there a bus or train going to Newark, NJ? How much are the fares on both (if it is both)?

BG (not verified)

There's a shuttle bus that goes from JFK to Newark Airport but nothing direct to Newark. Take NJ Transit train ($5) from Penn Station to Newark. There's a NYAS express bus from terminals to Penn Station ($15) or you can take Airtrain from terminal to Jamaica Station and either E subway ($7.25) or LIRR ($13) to Penn Station.

Amar (not verified)

I will be arriving to jfk at 4:30 Pm so is there a bus that can trasfere me to from jfk to Boston,MA and how can i manage that and what's the time secdule for buses and how much does it cost?

Thanks for your help


There is no direct bus from JFK to Boston. You can go to Manhattan and get Greyhound bus from Port Authority bus terminal. Or visit the "Bus" page of this web site and check out the other bus alternative transportation (which can be cheaper than Greyhound).


Spirit (not verified)

I'm traveling with my 11 year old to Boston. We need to leave after rush hour in NY (or we can take the air train if it's jfk) and we have to arrive in Boston no later than 4:20 pm. We found Jet Blue total for 2 was 223.40. It shows as 72 b4 taxes. Is this the cheapest possible, we're penny pinching. Any alternatives?

manal (not verified)

can we get the lowest ticket price from JFK to LAX on 15/06/2010 at 5:00pm(one person),,,and coming back on 15/11/2010 at 6.00am


My wife is traveling alone with a kid , she needs to change flights in JFK , there she also has to recheck in her baggages with the Kuwait Airways(because of some issues here with the Delta attendant in RDU, they checked only till JFK) .
Delta flight from RDU arrives at Terminal 3, she has to claim her baggage and again check in the Kuwait Airways...
Can some body please let me know as to what exactly she needs to do ?


She needs to claim her bags, cross all the streets and go up to the third floor. The she will take Airtrain on track 1 and get off next stop - T4.One floor up is a Kuwait Airway check-in counter.

michael afreh (not verified)

want a cheap flight from jfk to juneau on 19th may 2010
at 21:00 pm

terry (not verified)

can anyone give me information regarding xl airway, does the new company still have long delays before take off and are the planes cramped?

alain (not verified)

Helloooo everybody
can you please tell me the cheapest way(airline) to go 18th april night from JFK to Dallas .
thank you very much in advance


hi i am coming from istanbul to jfk on friday the 19th
only one person , i need to go to freehold nj
monmouth county so my question is, will the taxi at the airport take me to freehold nj if so, how much will the fare be

mariyam (not verified)

HI can you please tell me whether i can get good deal to India from JFK round trip from may 18-Aug 26. I need in 800/900USD. I'm a student. Tell me some good offers. Im flexible in dates.