Terminal 6


All JetBlue operations have moved to Terminal 5.



Terminal 5 is bad

Hello, I always used to fly JetBlue at Terminal 6, and it was very nice! But the moving to Terminal 5 was no good. Terminal 5 is VERY inconvenient. PLZ FIXX!!!

I may have lost my permanent resident card somewhere between Terminal 5 and 6, as I arrived on 22nd August, 2016, Monday morning at T5 from India, and was headed to Austin from T6 in the late afternoon. Name is Arun Singh. If a card was found, can someone please call me at 309-533-2682 to confirm.


my flight is leaving from terminal 7. Can I transfer to another terminal even if my airline is leaving via terminal 7? I want to purchase something in another terminal.

And what time does the shops close

What is the easiest way to go from Terminal 5 to Terminal 1? Do I have to go through security again?

yes,you do need to go through TSA again

I have the same question. I will be arriving at Terminal 6 from Boston and have to go to Terminal 1. What is the simplest way to do this? Do I have to go through security again? Thanks

How do I get from T6 to T1? Do some Trains leave the terminal for the subway between T9 and T1 while others just circle the terminals?


Hi, I will arrive at JFK on 22th of june with Turkish airlines at 16.30 and I would like to buy a ticket to Pittsburg also from JFK on 22 th June with delta airlines at 21.00. Could you tell me please how much time do I need for transfer from international arrival to internal flight to pittsburg? Thank you

One hour and 30 minutes.

I have to pick up a jet blue passenger from lax to JFK arriving 5 am flight 676 what terminal do I go to term 5 or6

Terminal 5.

I am arriving from Seattle to JFK at 3:45 pm (i think terminal 9) and i want to catch flight to Syracuse at 4:55pm. Will i have enough time to check in for a flight and get to the gate on time with carry-on baggage only? thanks


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