JFK Airport Driving Directions

How to Get to JFK Airport by Car

Directions From the East (Long Island):
- Southern State Parkway: Take the Southern State Parkway west until the highway's name changes to the Belt Parkway. Follow the signs for JFK airport at exit 20.
- Long Island Expressway or Northern State: Drive west on the Long Island Expressway (L.I.E.) to the Cross Island Parkway and go south to the Southern State Parkway/Belt Parkway. Then drive west to exit 20 for JFK Airport.

From the South:

- Drive north on the NJ Turnpike to Exit 13 for the Goethals Bridge (Tolls $8.00), and follow to the Staten Island Expressway (I-278) to the Verrazano Bridge ($11.00 for passenger vehicles, one-way charge). Exit the bridge to take the Belt Parkway east. At exit 19 take the Nassau Expressway (NY-878), which leads directly to the airport.

From the West:

- Via I-78: Travel east on I-78 to the New Jersey Turnpike south to Exit 13. Cross the Goethals Bridge (Tolls $8.00 from NJ to Staten Island) to the to the Staten Island Expressway (I-278) to the Verrazano Bridge ($11.00 for passenger vehicles, one-way charge). Take the Belt Parkway from the Verrazano Bridge which will take you to Kennedy Airport.
- Via I-80/I-280: Head east on I-80 to I-280 east to the New Jersey Turnpike south. Cross the Goethals Bridge (Tolls $8.00 from NJ to Staten Island) to the to the Staten Island Expressway (I-278) to the Verrazano Bridge ($11.00 for passenger vehicles, one-way charge). Take the Belt Parkway from the Verrazano Bridge which will take you to Kennedy Airport.

From Up-State New York, Massachusetts & Connecticut:

- Head south on the Thruway-Major Deegan Expressway to the Cross Bronx Expressway (I-95). Take the Cross Bronx Expressway east to I-678. Follow I-678 south across the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge (Toll $5.50) to the Van Wyck Expressway south. The Van Wyck will lead directly to Kennedy Airport.
- Take I-95 south to the Bruckner Expressway. Take the exit for the I-678 (Hutchinson River Parkway) and follow it across the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge (Toll $5.50) to the Van Wyck Expressway which leads directly to Kennedy Airport.
- Head south on I-684 to the Hutchinson River Parkway (I-678). Follow the Hutchinson River Parkway south across the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge (Toll $5.50) and to the Van Wyck Expressway (I-678) which will lead directly to the airport.



How far is Terminal 1 to terminal 2? How many miles or feet? I have a connection.

what is the taxi fare from JFK airport to Red Roof Inn Long Island -garden city

Penn is very confusing....ist time to NYC....need help as to where/how I go (in Penn Station) to get the CORRECT train to Jamaica....Which entrance do I take from the street to get into Penn so that I don't get turned around....and which track will I be getting on....lots of questions....any help will be appreciated....thanks Mike

Hi, this is my itinerary for Mumbai - Pittsburgh

Departs : 0145 Arrives: 0645

Departs: 1045 Arrives: 1330

Departs: 1455 Arrives: 1635

I am traveling to US for the first time and I will be on a Student Visa.
My port of entry will be JFK from where I will fly to Pittsburgh. My concern is 1 hr 25 min lay over time at JFK. Will I get through immigration, baggage check in and stuff in 1.5 hours?
One thing to note is that I will remain on terminal 8 as my next flight is from the same terminal. Will it still be an issue? And just in case I do miss the flight, will it

be the airline's responsibilty to make sure I get the next flight? Or will I have to pay? I have already booked the ticket so what can be done now? Agency is saying it won't be a issue.

Help will be appreciated.

You might miss it... For most airline's is it your fault to pay for another ticket.

i once walked from a subway station to the airport. it may have been the aqueduct/north conduit station.it was a little tricky.when i look at a street map i can not remember my route and it also does not look possible even though it is.does anybody know how to do it?

I need one taxi at 7pm to come to terminal 4 this afternoon from mahopac falls( north new york),please let me know the prices as soon as possible. Farzad

Hi there,

This is gonna be my first time in NY. I would like to go to the intersection of Fashion Avenue and W 33rd Street where Penn Station is located. Can anyone please help me about the easiest/cheapest way to get there?

Thx a lot in advance.

Family coming in from Lima Peru at 4:15pm. Whats the best way to get to Providence Rhode Island ?

I will be landing at JFK at 22:05 hrs with 1 pice of luggage. whats the best way to go to Absecon and the cost?

Is JFK airport far from the County Clerks Office in Queens? How would I get to the County Clerks office from the Airport on Public transportation? THX.

is the address for the airport on this site anywhere to put in to a gps???


I will be landing to JFK March 31 at 4:50 pm.

How Can I go to Troy Avenue, Brooklyn,(East Flatbush section of Brooklyn) NY 11203 with public transportations.

Thank you.


I'm going to flight and arrive at the airport terminal 3 by 7:55 on 10th of Jan and my friend arrive after 2 hour at the terminal 1. We are going to stay NYC after meeting up at the airport however we are not sure where is the best and easiest to catch up in addition we dont have mobile phone.
now I'm thinking i should go to the terminal 1 to get her so is there any good place? and how to get to terminal 1? is there cafe or shops outside of the terminal 1?

Thanks you


Take any train on track 1 from t3 to t1. It should take about 2 minutes. There are cafe shops at terminal 1.

Please can you advise if there are any companies that offer airside assistance from international flights, example, meet the passenger from the flight, help thru immigration and boarder control and collect luggage and out of the airport?
Many thanks

hi can anyone please help, How do I go from East Rutherford to JFK airport by public transport?

Take the NJ Transit bus to Port Authority. Then the subway to JFK.

Subway - Port Authority: the A and the E will take you to Queens from where you can take the Airtrain to the right terminal.
So A to FarRockway (don't take the one to Laeffert's Blvd) and then the airtrain
E to Jamaica, Queens and Airtrain to JFK.

The whole trip might take you a little under 2 hrs.

I need to get to JFK from Paramus to catch a 9:00am flight on Wednesday. How long will it take in rush hour and best route?

What time do terminals 2/3 open?

Can anyone tell me the best and quickest way to get from Clark, NJ to JFK airport? It would be for this Friday night, during rush hour (flight at 9pm). Thank you for the suggestions.

Hallo in November i have to catch a flight from JFK and i need to know which is the best, easiest and faster, way to get a to JFK airport from Allenhurst NJ.

What address can I put into my GPS that will get me to terminal 1 at JFK?

Hi, can anyone give me directions from JFK airport to Brooklyn please? How many ways of getting there (eg bus, train etcetc) and, if poss, the costs involved?

Hi, im coming to NYC the next week and i would like to know how to get from JFK airport to 325 Clinton Ave 12D
Brooklyn, NY 11205. which one is the cheapest and simplest way
Andres Sereno

Take AirTrain from terminal to Howard Beach Station ($5), transfer to the inbound A subway ($2.25), get off at Nostrand Ave and wait for the C subway (local) and travel two stops to Clinton/Washington Aves.

thank you very much for the information
Andres Sereno

help pls!
I want to get from Jfk to the Strand Hotel 33 West 37 Street. NYC. I have no idea what to expect when I get there! What is the most cost effective and simplest way of getting there? Thanks for any help.

Whats the best way to do this on Friday afternoon please

I will be coming into JFK tomorrow morning and I would like to know how do I get to our hotel, The Moderne, which is located at 243 W 55th st?? The nearest subway station is 55th St-7th Av Station-N/Q/R/W trains...but how do I get there??? Thanks!!

is there an address for the long term parking lot?
also, is the long term parking lot self park or valet?

Try Lefferts Blvd at intersection of Pan Am Way if you want ot put it in GPS. LT is self-park only.

My son will be arriving at 4:30pm from overseas at JFK. He has reserved seating on the AMTRAK to Providence at 8PM. How much will a taxi cost from JFK to Penn station and is that the fastest way to get to Penn station??

With tip and toll, a taxi will cost about $60. At that hour, the taxi ride could easily take more than one hour. If I were not carrying a lot of luggage, I would opt for the AirTrain to Jamaica Station ($5.00), and then the Long Island Rail Road from Jamaica to Penn Station ($6.25 on weekdays; $3.75 on weekends if one selects the "City Ticket" option on the LIRR ticket-vending machine). Total travel time should be 50-60 minutes.

What are alternative ways to get between JFK and EWR conveniently and inexpensively ?

Olympic Airporter offers hourly scheduled service between the two airports. The trip takes about 90 minutes, and costs $30 per person. (There might be an extra charge if you have a lot of luggage.) Details can be found at:


1)State Shuttle has service between airports for around $35. Inquire at Ground Transportation for schedule.
2)By train: take AirTrain on track 1 from terminal to Jamaica Station ($5), transfer to LIRR to Penn Station ($8.75/$6.25 off peak), transfer to NJ Transit train to EWR rail station ($12.50 includes EWR AirTrain fare), transfer to EWR AirTrain to terminals.

remark for 1. - Most of the Ground Transportation counters have been transformed into Welcome Centers at JFK.

With the pending construction at JFK are the driving directions/signs cleary label for passanger drop off at terminal 3.

Do Delta flights to MBJ depart from terminal 3

Yes and Yes.

Dear Sirs, I'll land at JFK-Terminal 1 next Saturday and have to reach the Hotel in East Broadway.

It will by my first time in N.Y. so any advice on how to get from JFK to East Broadway will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Take AirTrain on track 1 to Howard Beach Station, transfer to the inbound A subway to Jay St/Borough Hall, transfer to the inbound F subway to East Broadway.

New York, West Side of 9th Ave between 31st St and 33rd St MEGA BUS station how to get there from jfk????

walking or train

AirTrain to Jamaica Station; then, either Manhattan-bound "E" subway or Long Island Rail Road to Penn Station. (The LIRR will be faster; the subway will be cheaper.) Exit Penn Station (or the subway) on the 8th Avenue side, and walk west one block -- on either 31st or 33rd Street -- to 9th Avenue. If you're hungry and arrive in Manhattan before 9:00 PM, you can get an excellent slice of pizza at Pizza Suprema, on 8th Avenue between 30th and 31st streets.

how do I get from JFK to Pell Station, and how long does it take?

What is the cheapest way (via public transit) from JFK to ALOFT Hotel in Brooklyn (216 Duffield St.- what station does one get off on ?) I was thinking of getting to the JFK subway station via parking shuttle to the long term parking lot then hopping onto the the subway system. Is there a better way ?? Thanks

Take AirTrain on track 1 from terminal to Howard Beach Station ($5), transfer to the A subway ($2.25) to Hoyt-Schermerhorn, exit to Hoyt St. and walk north on Hoyt to Fulton Mall, turn right one block and then left to Duffield St.

Should I stop by immigration office when I will leave US for departure recorded?


I will arrive in NYC at JFK airport on July 2 and i would like to know how can i do to to go at 891 Amsterdam Av at West 103rd. What kind of public transport (bus, subway...)cheapest can i get? How much 1 will pay for each one? This address is far from JFK?Thanck you very much.


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