JFK International Airport AirTrain

AirTrain JFK is the train service that operates between JFK
International Airport, Long Island Rail Road trains and New York City Subway.
It also serves as an on-airport service connecting the airline terminals, rental
car facilities, hotel shuttles, and airport parking lots.

Air Train JFK has
3 routes:

  • Howard Beach route

The Howard Beach route ends at the Howard Beach-JFK subway station. It stops
at Lefferts Boulevard (connecting transit services - B15 bus) for shuttle buses
to long term parking lots A and B and to airport employee parking.

Connecting transit services: A subway train, Q11 bus

  • Jamaica Station route

The Jamaica route ends at Jamaica Station on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR)
next to the Sutphin Boulevard/Archer Avenue-JFK subway station (to Brooklyn
and Manhattan or Queens).

Connecting transit services: E, J and Z subway
trains, Q6, Q8, Q9, Q20A, Q20B, Q25/Q34, Q30, Q31, Q40, Q43, Q44, Q60  and
Q65 buses

Both routes make a counterclockwise loop through the airport and stop at each

  • Airline Terminal route

The Airline Terminal route connects 6 terminal stations (Terminal 1, 2-3,
4, 5-6, 7 and 8-9). Route operates in the opposite direction, making a clockwise
All JFK AirTrain stations are wheelchair accessible. Howard Beach subway and
Jamaica Long Island Railroad stations are wheelchair accessible too.

AirTrain Fare Information

  • Fare of 5$ at Howard Beach or Jamaica Station
  • Rides between all other JFK AirTrain stations are free



We arrive to JFK Terminal 1 from Istanbul at 17:20 and have another flight to New Orleans at 20:59 by BluJet, Terminal 5. Is the connection time we have enough to go through customs, pick up luggage, transfer by Airtrain to term.5 and check in for the next flight?




Hi, We will be arriving JFK at 1105am. What is the best/shortest way to travel to Philadelphia? Via train or domestic flight? We will be staying at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel.

Many Thanks

Good morning
I should arrive at JFK T1, from Italy, on Friday 20th at 15:30, and I should take the next flight at T4 at 17:55; is it enough time to get it?
Does all the connection trais (among terminals) are free? I mean Howard Beach route , Jamaica Station route and all terminal loop....

Hello, I'm worried about a connection we have in JFK ... Delta Airlines changed their schedule and we have to pick up our plane in 13 minutes! We travel with 2 babies we are 9! I Think it's impossible! What do you think? Thank you, Sara MARTINI from France.

I'm travelling from YUL to JFK with Delta (arriving term 2) ETA 7:43am and then connecting to another Delta flight to Aruba leaving at 8:29am from term 4. Do we have enough time to make it with the AirTrain? Since we go over US customs in Montreal, do we need to go over customs and security all over again? TKs!

I am arriving tomorrow to jfk, is there an easy, cheap way to get to manhattan hotels without ride sharing? Air tran to something?

Will be arriving from the uk at terminal 4, would like to take the airtrain to Penn Station. I am an invalid, although I can walk, how far it airtrain station from terminal 4. How often do the trains run, and do we pay before getting on the train or on the train itself.

From Terminal 4 you can take the elevator to the Airtrain and get off at the Howard Beach stop. From there take the subway A-train to Penn Station.

The Air train runs every 5 minutes and the fee is $6.00. You pay when you exit the Airtrain. In this case at the Howard Beach stop. You will also need a metro card to get on the subway which is $2.50.

Need to get from JFK to the MET then back. Airtrain to Jamaica Beach or Howard Beach? Will I need to transfer once on the subway?

I arrive by Uzbekistan airways at terminal 4 and departure from terminal 3 by delta. How can I reach terminal 3

If all goes well, we arrive at T5 JetBlue at 20:44 and depart T4 Emirates at 23:00. Will this be enough time to transit between the 2 terminals and any other processes?

Hello, I will be arriving next week on Terminal 4, and I need to get to Terminal 3 for another flight. How can I find the Airtrain that takes me only through terminals, what track is it? Is there anything special I need to know? Are there clear signals?

I am arriving at T2. I want to go to T4. Does the airtrain reach inside the T4 or do I need to walk outside to reach T4?Thanks in advance.

I will be arriving in terminal 4 and need to get to queensbridge subway station. Can you advise me on the route please? Thanks

My wife's arriving terminal 4 on Monday and she needs to take the airtrain from term 4 to terminal 5. She doesn't speak or read very good english so I want a foolproof way to get her on the train so she can't get lost.
What track is the "all terminals" airtrain in terminal 4? I realize that there are probably shorter ways to get from 4 to 5 but I would rather be safe. The worst that can happen is that she goes in a circle if she misses 5/6.
I think it's track 2 but not sure. Also, is it color coded?

what is the best way to T1(china estern) from T5(jetblue)? how many hours I need to take into consideration bewteen? Thanks.

Take the JFK AirTrain from JetBlue (T5) to
Terminal 1(T1) for $5. Twenty to 30-minutes the most.

Or, hop into a NYC Taxi outside Terminal 1 and give the driver $8-10.

I would like to Know if there is the option for the Airtrain from JFK to Newark or La Guardia and the time for wich trip

Sorry but there is not an AirTrain that connects the three airports (JFK, Newark or LaGuardia)
Please vist this site: http://www.panynj.gov/airports/jfk-airport-connections.html
to find out the best way to travel between the various airports. Thanks!

What is the best way to get from T5 (JetBlue) that arrives at 11:30am to get to T7 (Cathay Pacific) that leaves at 2pm? Which tram should I use?

Good morning. I am spanish and I have a doubt. I will travel from Mexico D.F to Madrid with scale in JFK. I'll be arrived around 4:15pm to the terminal 1 and I need to go the terminal 3 because my second flight will departure around 7:40pm. I'll be in transit. What do I have to do?. Is it necessary to catch my baggage in the terminal 1 or the airline entemprisse will give my baggage to the terminal 3?. And will I have time for this connecting flight?. Thanks for your help.

Hi my boyfriend and are are traveling on the same day around the same time however, my departing flight is with JetBlue (terminal 5) and his is US Airways (terminal 7). We are both going to get out at terminal 5 but he will still need to go to terminal 7 to catch his flight. How can he do that? Thank you


My parents are stuck in traffic in Lincoln tunnel and they have flight from lufthansa from terminal 1 at 5: 40 pm, My parents are going for really urgent work, and they must take this flight. Is there a way to tell the lufthansa counter at terminal 1 if they could allow my parents to check in. My parents will reach there before 5:40 pm but airlines usually close check in before. My parents do not have any luggage to check in. Is there any way that my parents don't miss this flight. Can somebody help me with this. The ticket is non-refundable.

I'll be grateful.


Hello, I arrive at 12.20 from Moscow at JFK , term 1 and have to catch my flight to St Luis at term 3 at 15.30, is it enough time to use the air train to change terminals, and do all customs clearence? Thank you in advance

Absolutely yes.

Arrive from MCO on AA1768 at 9:20 pm T8; depart on Emitates 202 T4 at 11:00 pm. How do I get from T8 to T4 and approximately how long does it take?

Take it on track 2 and it takes about 2 minutes.

is the air train running if you get off the E train at the last stop?


Does the AirTrain run 24 hours? If so, how often does it arrive at JFK to take people to the long-term parking area?

Every 10 to 15 minutes.

Are the trains from Jamaica to Penn running on a regular schedule? Is the airtrain running on a regular schedule?

I will have a transfer between T5 and T3.
Which air train track should be taken to reach T5 from T3 ? And how many minutes ?

What is the flooding status of the JFK long-term parking lot at Lefferts Blvd due to hurricane Sandy? Since the runways are flooded, are the parking lots flooded also? If so, with how many feet of water? Are the cars still in place or have they been moved and been damaged because of the flooding?

Was the long term parking lot flooded? Wondering if I'm coming back to a damaged car

Does anyone know any details and also how about LGA?

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I really need help with finding quick accurate directions from New York, NY, 7th Ave & 28th St to JFK and then back to New York, NY, 34th St between 11th Ave and 12th Ave. I am a little confused as I think that my western places are near or in Penn Station? but how do I know when I get to the airport??? Just get off at the Jamaica station .... So Lost!!! Please HELP!!

Prices, Travel time between places, Helpful Hints to make it smoother and so that I don't look like a crazy lost tourist.

I have a flight leaving from Terminal 1. Can I go duty free Shopping in Terminal 7 or can't I get back again after Security Control ?

How to reach JFK Terminal 4 from Penn Station via train / subway?

Could someone please give me the best method of transportation from JFK airport to Candlewood Suites which is situated at 339W 39th Street New York (Times Square)?

Can someone please tell me how to get from the JFK airport to Parsipanny,NJ?

Can anyone tell me what airtrain to take to go to Jamaica Station from Terminal 3?.....Or can I just take any airtrain? thank U

Take taxi or public transit to Penn Station, transfer to NJ Transit-Montclair/Boonton line train and get off at Boonton or Mountain Lakes, closest stations to Parsippany.

I will have a transfer between T4 and T3.
Which air train track should be taken to reach T3 from T4? How much minutes?
Vice versa
Which air train track should be taken to reach T4 from T3? How much minutes?
Thank you

Take track 2 from T4 to T3, and track 1 vice versa. Less than two minutes between terminals.

We are traveling from St. Louis to Rome through JFK in March. Our inbound flight lands in term 3 and outbount in term 1. We will be checking out bags all the way. Will we need to claim our bags for customs? Is AirTrain inside security or will we need to re-enter security when we get to term 1?

You will not deal with customs until you reach Rome. If you're flying the same airline or codeshare partner from STL to Rome your bags should be checked through, but best to ask at check in. If not you will claim your bags and re-check at T1. AirTrain is outside security so take the train on track 2 from T3 to T1 and you will check in/clear security.

Simple question:

What's the best, fastest and cheapest way to get to the Hilton Times Square from JFK?


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