JFK Airport Terminal 1


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 1 (gates 1-11)


Airlines Phone Number(s) IATA code
Aero Mexico (800) 237-6639 AM
Aeroflot (888) 340-6400 SU
Air China (800) 982-8802 CA
Air France (800) 237-2747 AF
Alitalia (800) 223-5730 AZ
Austrian Airlines (800) 843-0002 OS
Azerbaijan (718) 645-8578 J2
Brussels Airlines (516) 622-2248 SN
Cayman Airways (800) 422-9626 KX
China Eastern (866) 588-0825 MU
EVA Airways (800) 695-1188 BR
Fly Jamaica Airways (855) 435-9526 OJ
Interjet (866) 285-9525 4O
Japan Airlines (800) 525-3663 JL
Korean Air (800) 438-5000 KE
LOT (212) 852-0240 LO
Lufthansa (800) 645-3880 LH
Meridiana (866) 387-6359 IG
Norwegian Air (800) 357-4159 DY
Philippine Airlines (800) 435-9725 PR
Royal Air Maroc (800) 344-6726 AT
Saudi Arabian Airlines (800) 472-8342 ; (718) 551-3020 SV
TAME (718) 285-9402 EQ
Turkish (800) 874-8875 TK




My uncle departed from Cambodia to Boston, MA with Korean airline and connected flight AA from JFK to Boston but he didn't know that he was supposed to
re-check his luggages again at JFK before boarding to Boston so he continued the flight to Boston without
re-checking his luggages.

What should he do in that chase?

thank you in advance for your help.

Veth Huorn

i had a flight from ny to istanbul today and this is the second time my luggage has been robbed.they stole channel shoes jeans parfums from my locked lugagge that i checked in from ny jfk terminal 1.

Hi I had flight JFK to Rome 4/4/2014 when I was at home in Rome and opened my luggage I saw that inside there was robbed three new shirt. When I retired the luggage at belt is all ok with locked. Attention at all the people that depart from JFK terminal 1

My two kids were flying from SVO to JFK flight 102 via Aeroflot airlines on 9/31/13. They had 5 bags checked in and one bag was never given to us. The person who was retrieving kids' bags stated "There are no more bags". An hour and a half later he called me from his personal cell phone and said that he found the bag. I am trying to reach ANYBODY at JFK terminal 1 to arrange the delivery of the bag but there is no live person to talk to. Please advise on further actions. Thank you.

Hello!! My husband is flying in from Morocco on Sept 5, 2013 (3 days from now). I am going to surprise him but do not want to miss seeing him as we live in Virginia (He is going to rent a car when he gets to the airport). He is not a US citizen so I don't know if their entry is different from US citizens. Where can I wait to be sure I see him come through?? I know his flight number and I know he will be coming through Terminal 1...that is all. I also know for a fact his cell phone will be turned off because knowing him, he will not charge it and he will still have his sim card from Morocco in it :-/ If I miss him, I will have to find a bus to take back to Virginia and won't be able to meet until the next day :-( Any help and info will be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you :-)

Hi, on 13th of June while i was waiting to enter the 7 gate, TK004 numbered flight to İstanbul i lost my bag. And yesterday i recieved an e mail that he says my İpod Touch has been found if i want it i should go to the turkish airlines office in jfk airport. But i live in Turkey and i canmot come to JFK, what should i do? please help

My daughter is flying from Charlotte NC to JFK to Istanbul to Albania all on one ticket. If she tells them at initial baggage check that she wants her luggage checked thru does she need to do anything with it before getting on her flight to Istanbul?


I am arriving on Turkish Airlines TK001 @ 4:50 PM (Terminal 1) and need to board Delta Airlines 6370 @ 6:40 PM ( Terminal 2); I have less than 2 hours from an international flight

What is the fastest way to move between the terminals?

My boss is flying from Texas into JFK on Jet Blue and connecting to Aeroflot to Moscow round trip. Please tell me what the legal connecting times are and if there is a better way to travel between terminals other than walking. I am afraid that he will have problems on the outbound flight.

ı got flight from Turkey to Detroit.
but ı will be arrıved to termınal 1 ,and my connectıon is wıth DL TO detroıt.
whıch termınal ı should go and how ?

I am a frequent traveler who takes at least two international trips a year and 5 or so domestic, and today was one of the worst traveling experiences of my life. I was at JFK seeing off my father who is legally blind and speaks only a few words of English. He was finishing his 5 week trip around the US, and was flying on the Aeroflot flight SU 103 to Moscow.

We were greeted at Terminal 1 by less than friendly personnel. As our turn came and I approached the Aeroflot check in desk, the girl at the counter looked at me and said “I have not called you yet. I am busy. Go back online.” I was a bit shocked, as nowhere in the world have I ever heard words like these come from the service personnel. A few seconds later a window on the other side opened up, and the next passenger was called. Unfortunately the way was blocked by a large group of passengers, and I could not make my way through. The same girl at the counter looked at me and said “Go! Do not hold up the line”. I told her that I could not pass, she gave me a stare and shouted “Go!”. She then added “People, listen! Don’t hold up the line”.

At any other airport an incident like this would constitute a firing offense. Apparently JFK makes nothing of it, since her supervisor who was sitting at the next window took absolutely no notice.

When a window finally opened up that I could make my way to, I requested a security pass to accompany my disabled father to the gate. The same request has been accommodated many times in Newark, LAX and SeaTac airports on both domestic and international flights. I was told that JFK does not allow these passes to be issued. I requested to speak with the Aeroflot supervisor who told me the same thing, indicating that this was rule instituted by TSA. When I explained that my father has high anxiety and requires special assistance since he is blind, the only option that I was offered was a wheelchair accompanied by airport representative. I am glad that airports offer wheelchair to passengers who are not able to walk, but for many other disabilities like my father’s a wheelchair is not the right solution. He is able to walk, he is not able to see. A simple thing like getting a drink of water after passing the security is a challenge, wheelchair or not.

I left the check-in counter in tears and went looking for TSA personnel. After a few more rude encounters when I was told “You are not allowed to ask questions of TSA, go stand behind that line”, I was able to speak with a TSA supervisor who told me that issuing of the security pass to accompany a passenger to the gate was up to each airline, and not the TSA policy.

I had no more strength to fight. I politely asked the young man who came with the wheelchair to please assist my father in getting him a bottle of water after the security check. He said that he would.

Firstly, I would like to find out whose policy is it that special needs passengers are not allowed to be accompanied to the gate, is it indeed TSA or is it up to each airline?

Secondly, I am interested to know why is JFK not able to accommodate these requests? It’s clearly not a security related policy since other international airports around the country are able to effectively function without this policy in place.

And finally I would like to add that from now on, I will do my absolute best to avoid setting foot in JFK ever again. The absurdity of the policy combined with unacceptable rudeness of the personnel made it clear that JFK does not care about the well-being or comfort of its passengers. I don’t ever want to go through or subject any of my family to the same experience ever again.

Hi, im going to arrive at terminal 1, with aeromexico, and then im going to take another trip with lufhtansa at the same terminal, but how can i get there? (aeromexico to lufhtansa) wich doors? Thank you

Hi, I have a flight abroad from JFK with TK next week. My flight is in the late afternoon, but I was hoping to do a little duty free shopping before the flight. how early can I check in my luggage and go into the duty free area? Is there a limit (I vaguely remember 3 hours before flight, but that might have been a long time ago...)
thanks for your help! - blue

Im arriving at JFK terminal 3(delta) and planning on meeting my boyfriend who is arriving at terminal 1 (aero mexico)... where would be the best and safest place for us to meet at terminal 1? and how can I go to terminal 3 to 1?

By an air train on track 2 from T3 to T1. Meet him at T 1 arrivals hall.

Are there family care toilets after security in terminal one?

I am talking AA arrive 11:45am at Jfk termainal 1, after I will go to terminal 8 to connect 14:20pm aeroflot fight to Russia. Please let me know how long to take me walk from terminal 1 to terminal 8? Do I have enough time(2 hours) to connect my fight? Thanks.

Amy Chan

Yes and it takes less than 5 minutes on an air train from T 1 to T 8.

please tell me where is the terminal for INTERJET lines ?

Terminal 1

I was going to come to JFK from Miscow on Jan 3rd, but russian Customs stopped me due to some buracratic reasons. But the problem is that before this, I came to Moscow from other russian city and my luggage as well was going to transfer straightly to JFK. SO I was stopped, but my luggage wasn't (Aeroflot airlines says, that it was sent to JFK). I wanted to ask you if it's possible to track my luggage whether it is in JFK, so when I go there on Jan 6th I can get it. Flight details: Aeroflot; SU-102 (terminal 1); Jan 3rd.

Thank you

Please can you provide information of how to go from terminal 1 to terminal 8, after clearing US customs ?
I also have to make a connection after 3 hours so is it enough ?

Yes plenty of time. From T1 take an air train on track 2 to T8.

Dear sir,

my boss Daniel Steinke is traveling on the 26th of Dec from Moscow to JFK and then to Las Vegas with Delta airlines together with Aeroflot. His Arrival is at 17-10 in terminal 1 and departure is at 19-10 from terminal 3. I was advised that he will need to get the boarding pass for the flight to Las Vegas in JFK. Is it enough to pass all the passport/customs control and make a check-in?
And how it is possible to get from the T1 to the T3?

Thank you in advance!

kind regards,
Natalia Kabaeva
Personal Assistant to
Director of Operations Russia, Ukraine & CIS

2 hours should be enough. Take an air train on track 2 from T1 to T3.

Someone can tell me what flight Alitalia AZ611 hasn't depart? Should took of at 9:50 pm 22/12/12

One TSA guy called me "STUPID" when I lightly pushed a luggage to where had a bunch of other luggages because i had many bags in my hands, he asked me to put the luggage nicely, so I came back and said sorry to him, put bag at the same spot and same position nicely. He called out loud "STUPID" behind me, a lot of people all heard that and looked at me. But I just ignored and didn't say anything. After I arrived my country, my luggage's became such a mess, ALL clothes were unfolded, the cosmetic bag was open and all cosmetics spread out on EACH SIDE of the luggage, even my expensive camera lens and flasher that I put carefully in their original bags among clothes were taken out and even my flasher cap and lens cap. Among such a mess, I found a note written on a tower paper "GIVE BAG NICELY NEXT TIME BITCH" (All letter were capitalized).

I do hear TSA would leave a note after they searched your bag, but I believe it's not a note like that. I would fire a complain to JFK, once I come back America, I would consult a lawyer and ask what I can do since I feel extremely assaulted. The word BITCH is a strong sexist and insulting word, I feel this could be a gender or even race discrimination since I am asian. I still have the note and I remember that guy speaks spanish and how he looks like.

You go through security at JFK with your carry-on bags ONLY...So how come "After I arrived my country, my luggage's became such a mess"? Was not that luggage on the cabin with you all the time during the flight? So many lies in this post....

I don't think this really happened.

The people and officers who work there are a bunch of racists. I have had my luggages searched multiple times, including luggages only filled with books. Uneducated Americans just can't understand why people would bring a luggage with books only. I do not blame them for that reason. But I have had other encounters where I was picked to have a chat with a police officer who asked me how much cash I am bringing out of the States. I have other friends who have had the same experience and they all find such incidents have higher probability of occurring when they are bringing expensive handbags. To all the Asians out there, be careful of those racists in JFK trying to give us a difficult time.

When the flight is arriving A4492 and which terminal

Paris trip
My flight will arrive at 4:30PM at JFK Terminal 1 then, I need to get to Terminal 6 to take a 6:00PM flight. How long does it take to get from term 1 to Term 6? . Which air train should take? Thanks!

On track 2. It takes about 2 minutes.

One of my guest / relative comming from Dhaka via Istambul through Tarkish Airlines. Due to weather flight was delayed. So she missed the connecting flight for Jfk from Istambul. Now how I can find out which flight she is comming to NY. I called Tarkish Airlines but they cant provide me any info.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I'll arrive Terminal 1 this Sun, and my husband will be back to Terminal 3 from Tokyo around the same time. Could the passenger meet together on the Homeland Security check queue from different terminal? Or each terminal will have its seperate Homeland Security check and we only meet each other outside the airport?

Outside the airport only.

HI there
my flight will arrive at 4:00PM at JFK , Jetbloue and have to make connection through Moraco ailines at 5:45PM same daye , is it poissoble to make it? which air train should take?

Yes you will make it. Take it on track 2.

My wife is due to arrive from Moscow to JFK (Aeroflot)at around 1:30 pm. tomorrow, Sat. 11/3. I am wondering if terminal 1 is at full operations. Is this likely to be on time?
thank you

It should be on time.

I have a green card now (on my new last name) but my passport is on my maden last name. I bought tickets for my maden last name (same like in passport that i`ll travel with). When i come back to USA will i have any troubles? Do i need to take my marriage license and green card? Or what documents i need for airport to come back without problems?
Thank you, M. :)

Just in case make sure you have all necessary documents you mentioned above like green card and marriage license along with ticket and passport. I dont think you should have any problems entering the U.S.

any way i can call the treminal- have someone waiting for a person who won't be there!!! need to get in touch through the pa system!?!

Hi, I’m traveling from Moscow (Aeroflot) to Seattle (Delta) through JFK. Transit in JFK from terminal 1 to terminal 3. My question is about luggage. In Moscow I'm going to tag it for final destination to Seattle. I heard that in JFK I don’t need to check it in again. I have to get my luggage, carry it through Customs and then put it on a transporter. I heard that I don’t need to bring my luggage to terminal 3 myself.
My question is: is there a transporter on terminal 1 and where is its location?

You will need to pick up your luggage in NYC JFK as it is your first entry to U.S and you will need to recheck it through Customs and then recheck it again for your second flight.

I will be traveling from Toronto (Canadian passport)and arriving at Terminal 7 at 4:50pm. I have a connecting international flight departing at 8:30pm from Terminal 1.
Is this enough time to make my connection?

my friend will doing transit in JFK terminal 1 (flight from Kansas) to terminal 3 (intercontinental flight) with long connection time between flights. Is it possible to meet him somewhere in the airport to spend time together or maybe its allowed to get out from the airport?
Thanks in advance,


My family is traveling from India to RDU through JFK by Air France. They will arrive in T1 at JFK. The final leg (JFK to RDU) is Air France connection as well(Delta from T3). If their baggages are tagged for final destination (RDU) at the start of their trip in india, is there a facility to re-checkin the baggages at Terminal 1 itself after clearing customs. This will avoid carrying all the way till T3.

Thanks in advance for the reply.

Yes there is.

Hi JFK_Specialist. Can you please help on my above question ? Thanks!


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