Taxis are available at every terminal and there is a taxi stand where you will be directed to a taxi.

- use only taxis from the taxi dispatch booth (refuse offers for transportation from others)

- tipping is customary for good service (15 - 20%)

JFK Airport Taxi Fare

$2.50 upon entry
$0.40 for each additional unit

Unit fare:

- 1/5 of a mile, when the taxi is traveling at more than 6 miles/hour

- 60 seconds when not in motion or traveling at less than 12 miles/hour.

The taximeter willl combine fractional measures of distance and time in accruing a unit of fare. Any combination of distance or time shall be computed by the taximeter.

The fare shall include pre-assessment of the unit currently being accrued; the amount due may therefore include a full unit charge for a final, fractional unit.

Night surcharge of $.50: 8:00 PM - 6:00 AM

Peak hour Weekday Surcharge of $1.00: MON - FRI 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Tolls enroute to destinations within New York City are the responsibility of the passenger. On all trips within the New York City, any bridge and tunnel tolls to the destination shall be paid by the passenger, who shall be informed before the start of the trip.

On all trips within the City of New York, return tolls shall not be charged except for trips over the Cross Bay Veterans, Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial, and Verrazano Narrows Bridges.

On trips beyond the City of New York, all necessary tolls to and from the destination shall be paid by the passenger.

Flat Fare from JFK Airport:

The Taxi & Limousine Commission is conducting a Flat Fare program for trips between (to and from) the Manhattan and JFK International Airport.

The flat fare is $45.00 plus any tolls. The meter will not be turned on and the night surcharge will not be added.

If passengers request multiple stops, the flat rate of $45.00 will be collected at the first stop in either Manhattan or John F. Kennedy Airport, and the meter will be turned on for the remainder of the trip. The metered fare should be collected at the last stop, from the last passenger.

Sample Fares from JFK International Airport to Destinations Other Than Manhattan

(These are estimated fares. Actual fares vary depending on traffic, weather and other unforeseen conditions. Tolls are in addition to metered fares and are not shown.)

Between Terminals -> $4 - $12

JFK Airport to the Bronx

Co-op City -> $39 - $44
The Hub (149th & 3rd) -> $38 - $42
Riverdale ->$48-$53

JFK Airport to Brooklyn

Downtown -> $33-$38
Coney Island -> $35-$38

JFK Airport to Queens

Shea Stadium -> $22-$25
Main Street (Kew Gardens) -> $20-$24

JFK Airport to Staten Island

New Dorp Lane -> $52-$55
Victory Boulevard -> $51-$55

JFK Airport to LaGuardia Airport -> $24-$28
JFK Airport to Newark Airport -> $69-$75 + $15 surcharge



we arrived at JFK 6 adults and a child under four years, we can take a taxi for everyone?

Not for 6 adults - request a private van in this case at Ground transportation(Welcome Center)counter.

could you please tell me the taxi fare for:
1. JFK to cape liberty cruise port
2. cape liberty cruise port to manhatten
3. manhatten to JFK

Many thanks dchull

Please can you tell me how much a taxi would cost from JFK to Wyndham Gardens Hotel, Times Square for four people and cases, at approximately 3pm on Saturday 24th of July.

Also, what alternatives are there to getting to the hotel?

Many Thanks


Hi, I'm arriving via American Airlines on Fri June 25 almost at midnight. Can you tell me how much will a cab be from JFK to Edison Hotel on 228 West 47th Street? Thanks.

Flat fare of $50.50.

i am flying into JFK T4 next saturday evening at 6pm and was wondering how long i might have to wait for a taxi?

At that time it can be up to 20-30 min.

hi, I'm arriving at JFK on Sat, June 26th. Could you please tell me what is the approximate cost of a cab to Manhattan (nearby Central Park)? Thanks

Hi, my name is Amilton and I will be in NY in next month. How mauch is a cost about transportation, cab from JFK to
Wellington Hotel 871 7th Ave at 55th St, NY, NY 10019


So the count is $45+tolls+tip, but the total is almost U$60 or more than this?


Thanks. One more doubt, It's easy to take a cab arround the JFK?

Tks again

$45 + $5.50(toll) + tip(10%-20%; or $5-$10).
The tip is optional.
With the above math you should NOT pay more that $60.

Taxi to anywhere in Manhattan from JFK is a flat rate of $45+tolls+tip.

I am parking at JFK and departing from la guardia how long will a taxi take from JFK to LGA and how much

Taxi is about $30, 20-30 minutes depending on traffic. There's also a shuttle bus ($13) between airports.

Me and a friend of mine will be arriving on june 27th with Delta 137 at 5:15pm and we'll need to reach Castle Ave in Westbury. Could you tell us:
- on which terminal will we arrive?
- Where can we find a taxi
- Approx cost foe the run
Thanks, rgds.

Delta arrives at Terminal 2 or 3. Taxi is available at Ground Transportation area in every terminal. Taxi to Westbury will run about $45+tip.

I reach JFK(T 4)on June 24 morning 6 am. How do I go to Philly, taxi/shuttle??? where do I book them and how much would it cost??

we are four people arriving on August 14th. Can we take only one taxi for the four of us from JFK airport to midtown?
thank you.

Yes, 4 people is the maximum yellow cab can take.

Hi,I will arrive JFK and go to Sheraton on 135-20 39th Avenue Flushing;what is the cost estimate and how long will it take?Thanks

Cost~$30-$35; travel time ~20-30 min.

i want to go from jfk to ewr. i have 3 suit case. (one small 2 big) how much money does it cost? actually i want to go elizabeth nj 02701...

On shuttle JFK-EWR will cost you $30 /person.
Taxi will charge you on the meter(~$80-$100)

I was wondering the cost of taxi fare form jfk to Farmingdale.I will be arriving at 6:41 am on monday. And were exactly i would go if i am landing at jet blue's terminal.

how much would it cost to go from jfk airport to farmingdale new jersery

It is around $80-$90.
The taxi stand at Jet Blue terminal is outside terminal, on the first floor to the far left.


i´ll be rriving to JFK on the Dec 24th. and i want to know how much does it cost a taxi from JFK to manhatan W47th St

An then i need to get to JFK from manhattan on Jan 1st 2011

How much does it cost, and wher do i need to take the taxi in Mnhattan?


Flat fare of $50.50 + tip. Both directions.
In Manhattan you can flag down a taxi on any place.

We (2 persons) will arrive by COPA Airlines CM804 at 06/30/2010 at 02:56.

And we will leave NY to Orlando by DELTA DL1658 at 07/06/2010 at 14:10.

I've some Questions:
1) Can you tell me by what terminals we'l arrive and departure?
2) How much time we will spend with imigration/customs at this hours?
3) Where can I purchase (and how much it cost )the flat taxi rate to/from Manhatan (Helmsley Park Lane Hotel- 36 Central Park South New York, New York 10019)?

Thank You a lot!
Wagner Canova - Brazil

1.) You will be arriving at T4 and then depart on Delta flight out of Terminal 3.
2.) It takes up to 1 hour at that time.
3.) At T4 is across the street on arrivals level;$50.50
In Manhattan - just flag down any yellow cab ; same flat fare to JFK.


Have to go to JFK on Sunday, 13. June.
How much is it aproximately from Clifton NJ and how long will it take?
thank you

what is approx rate from jfk to federal building 26 federal plaza.

federal plaza to newark, nj

newark,nj to jfk

i will be travelling next week and would like to get an idea

thank you

approx rate from jfk to federal building 26 federal plaza.
- flat fare of $50.50 on yellow cab

federal plaza to newark, nj
- on the meter(exp.~$30-$35)

newark,nj to jfk
- on the meter(exp.~$80-$95)


We will arrive at JFK next week could you please tell us the options of transport and wich one is better and faster to Hampton Inn Manhattan/Times Square South
337 West 39th Street, New York?

Pedro Silva

1. Taxi(~40minutes)
Yellow cab (from JFK to any point to Manhattan) costs flat rate of $45 + bridge toll($5.50). The price is for the whole taxi, not per passenger.
2. Public(~1hr-1:15hrs)
Take Airtrain from any terminal on track 1 to Jamaica Station( be careful - on that track there are two alternating trains going to different routes; check the sign above the doors as the train arrives; the red colored sign is Jamaica one). Then take subway line E to 42nd street stop. Cost-$7.25/passenger.
3. Shuttle(~1hr-1:30hrs)
There is shuttle(look for it at Ground transportation
counter or Welcome Center) that goes to any hotel in Manhattan for $18.50 per passenger.
4. Express Bus(50min-1hr.)
NYAS(New York Airport Service) bus will take you express to Times Square for $15/passenger. The bus leaves every 20 min in front of each JFK terminal. You can buy tickets on the bus or from their representative in front of the terminal.

what the approximate cost for a cab from chelsea to hill street Newark


I would like to know the tariff for Taxis from JFK Airport to Jersey City, Greene Street. We would be arriving on 12 June at 03 pm. We are 2 people having 4 luggage, 2 standard, 2 small.
1. Is there any standard rate from Airport (with authorized operators/providers)
2. Is there any outlet available in the Airport who will sell Pre-paid GSM Sim. And if so, what documents are required?

Thanks a lot for your help.

The yellow cab will take you there and will charge you on the meter(no flat fee, exp.~$70-$90).
There are private cars at the airport that will give you a set fare at the time of arrangement.

I would like some guidance on what the approx taxi fare will be for 4 persons from JFK to Queen's Center Mall.

Taxi would be about $30 + tip.

Hi, I'm arriving at 6:05 PM on a Wednesday evening by AA international flight. Around what time will I be able to get a cab and leave the JFK airport? just an estimate? And how much is the approximate range for taxi fare at that hr during a weekday to get to 121st street. and amsterdam, 10027 ? Do you suggest I reserve a flat rate instead? Thank you!

Give yourself at least 40 min for customs/immigration formalities.
On yellow cab there is no other rate(to Manhattan) but flat one - $50.50.

Hello --

Can you share with me my options for getting to my hotel from JFK. We are staying at the Sheraton Midtown - Times Square.

Additionally, can you please include the cost of each option and the time it would take to arrive at the hotel?

Thank you VERY much!

Hotel is on W. 40th St. between 7th & 8th Aves. near Times Square:
1. Taxi $50 + tip, 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on time of day and traffic.
2. NYAS bus to Port Authority (8th Ave. & 42nd St.) is $15 and will take about one hour depending on traffic.
3. Airtrain from terminal to Jamaica station, transfer to E subway to 42nd St./Port Authority is $7.25 and will take about 1-1/4 hours.


I will be landing in JFK tomorrow and have to go to Lebanon, New Jersey. How much will the taxi cost and how long will it take approx.?

If I take a taxi from NY city to NJ, will every taxi take me to NJ or are there limits regarding distance and they might just refuse to take me to NJ?


Taxi will be expensive, not that they won't take you .
Check out the Trans-Bridge bus . It goes from JFK to Allentown,PA and it stops in Clinton,NJ and I am sure it basses by Lebanon,NJ.

hello, i was wondering if there is transportation from JFK airport to LaGuardia? how long deos it takes using a cab and what is the fare for 3 people and lauguge?
thank you

For three people is worth it to take a cab versus shuttle. The taxi will cost you ~$30 and it takes 20-40 min depending on the traffic conditions.