JFK Airport Lost and Found

Lost and found items

Lost & Found phone numbers at JFK Airport, NYC:

Terminal 1: (718) 751-1202
Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 (Delta): (718) 704-2144
Terminal 4: (718) 751-4015
Terminal 5 (Jet Blue): (347) 545-3920
Terminal 7: (800) 828-8144
Terminal 8 (American Airlines): (718) 487-5501

For items lost at Airtrain: (877) 535-2478

General Lost&Found for JFK Airport (usually the items not claimed within a month in above mentioned places are turned over to General Lost&Found): (718) 244-4225 (Mon-Fri; 9am-5pm)

This is not an official TSA lost and Found board The only way to contact the TSA is at their phone and leave a message.
This is a private website not connected with TSA or any other entity of the federal government.
We know that you are upset with losing your belongings, but make sure you know who the right people to contact are. Also check your airlines contract of carriage to see what is covered. They have changed their rules so many things that were covered are not covered in checked baggage.
It's better to be safe than sorry.
And you should realize that by putting all your personal info out there in cyberspace you are putting yourself at some risk.
BLewis (not verified)

A wallet possibly lost with my drivers license, a little cash and important contacts and a few cards. I was on a flight from San Francisco to JFK on Thursday, June 25th, arriving at 16:00. Please advise if found. Cards canceled but I need the license!


yasamin kasiri (not verified)

hi,,, i lost my carry on bag in terminal 3,, i was on flight # delta 99. I filled in a form at baggage claim office and gave my friends address and phone # ,,they called him telling the bag is found but then when he called back the answers are wierd,, can you please help me because I had important documents inside. Thanks

Salim (not verified)

wallet lost at JFK airport, in the terminal where swissair leaves from, at 5:30 PM eastern time on 27th June 2009. please contact me if you have it

TS UK (not verified)

Three messages left on the TSA voicemail and no reply - 4 days on. Is this customer service?

Anonymous (not verified)

No its not you have to call the airline or the airport and ask for trhe lost and found department they will give you a number to call and you can try to find you things through there good luck .

TS UK (not verified)

I notice the comment above "For items that may have been lost around and in the security check point, contact your airline". I lost my mobile phone at the TSA security checkpoint at T2 JFK on Wednesday 24 June hurrying for a Delta CommAir flight to ORF. I emailed both Delta and the TSA from my hotel in Virginia later that evening. To date (3 days later) I've had an auto acknowedgement from TSA and nothing from Delta. As I passed through JFK this Friday 26 June I called in to the Delta baggage enquiry office in T4. I was advised to contact the TSA, but as your item says, they do not appear to be contactable directly by email. The number I was given is a Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm operated number (718) 917-3999. I just called out of hours (Saturday) and was able to record a message. Let's see what happens. TS (UK)


An external hard drive was stolen from a checked blue back pack on June 23, 2009. The bag was checked into JFK TSA security around 2:30 to 3:00PM on June 23rd for Aerosvit direct flight VV132 from JFK to KIev, Ukraine. The hard drive had been secured inside a small plastic picnic cooler inside the blue backpack which had the zippers locked together. The hard drive is a western digital 1 TB device. There were no cables with it. I'm a teacher and have all of my lesson plans and family photos on the hard drive. I have filed police reports at the airport in Kiev, with Aerosvit airlines, the Port Authority in NY, and with the TSA directly. This was a surgical removal of the hard drive and nothing else was touched. If anyone has information regarding the location of this hard drive I will gladly offer a $100 reward for its recovery as it contains lesson plans I need for my job. I can be reached at tenerifetrekn@yahoo.com Thank you.

Benito (not verified)

left a back pack at terminal one baggage claim No 1 flight Am 402 todoy, june 26th.
If found please leave me a note at this mail: bene_mex@yahoo.de

Thanks a lot.

randall piaggio (not verified)

randall piaggio arrived at j f k on monday june 22nd2009
at 6:00 am from bogota columbia.
flight number 020

he has lost his passport in the airport facility.

he thinks he left it on one of the baggage carriers

please advise

thank you

e mailingfor randall piaggio

Jackson (not verified)

My daughter's necklase lost in terminal 4. We went there in arrival and departure room. Please contact at mothertnm@yahoo.com if anyone gets back.

diogenes da cunha lima neto (not verified)

My name is Diógenes da Cunha Lima Neto. I flew from miami to NYC (JFK AIRPORT)by AA flight number 1908. I may have lost my wife's passport and mine when we were in the airport. My wife´s name is Luciana Fontes Silva da Cunha Lima. I would like to know if someone has found it. If so, I will appreciate if you contact me by in my hotel in Ny. I ' ll be in NYC in draem hotel, on 210 west 55th street, NY, 10019, the telephone number is 247 2000, my room is numeber 1108. I really want to Thank you for your support and help.E

Best Regards
Diógenes da Cunha Lima Neto

diogenes da cunha lima neto (not verified)

My name is Diógenes da Cunha Lima Neto. I flew from miami to NYC (JFK AIRPORT)by AA flight number 1908. I may have lost my wife's passport and mine when we were in the airport. My wife´s name is Luciana Fontes Silva da Cunha Lima. I would like to know if someone has found it. If so, I will appreciate if you contact me by in my hotel in Ny. I ' ll be in NYC in draem hotel, on 210 west 55th street, NY, 10019, the telephone number is 247 2000, my room is numeber 1108. I really want to Thank you for your support and help.E

Best Regards
Diógenes da Cunha Lima Neto

GLORIA ANTONSANTI (not verified)

On 6/20/09 flight # 736 froM JFK to Ponce P.R I lost two
cell phones color orange and blue you y contact Me at

Thank You

Marcel (not verified)

I have a question. Do you keep logs of lost documents such as lost passports, going back say 6 months? Thank you for your time.

Qianxue Song (not verified)

Dear Sir/Madam:

I have arrived in JFK on 2009-Jul-17 by Cathay Pacific CX830 at 1:20pm. And I could not found the I-94 issued by the custom after I left the airport. The I-94 form used to be in the passport when it was issued. And I believe the I-94 form must slip out from my passport somewhere in the airport. It could be lost around the luggage claiming area. If you have some clues about my passport please contact me via email or via my phone (857-389-8482) and I am willing to pick it up.

Thank you very much!

Qianxue Song

AIR CHINA KIX JAPAN (not verified)



CTC:646 249 5793//440 LAFAYETTE AVE. BROOKLYN NY 11238

MY E-MAIL ADD:miyazaki-osa@airchina.co.jp

TEL:81-724-56-5128 FAX:81-724-56-5130

YM (not verified)

I arrived into JFK on 6/19/09 at 3:15pm on EgyptAir flight 985. I lost some jewelry I had purchased for my wife. If found pls contact me, reward if found. Thanks

Fernanda Ribeiro Coutinho (not verified)

ear Sir
Dear Madame

My name is Fernanda Ribeiro Coutinho. On Monday 06/08/2009 I flew from NYC (JFK AIRPORT) to San Diego by Delta Air lanes. I may have dropped my visa card plus U$ 480 in cash when showing my passport either when I checked in (terminal 4) or when I went throw the security procedure (terminal two).
In this way, I would like to know if someone has found it. If so, I will appreciate if you contact me by e-mail. I ' ll be in NYC on 06/23/2009.

I really want to Thank you for your support and help.E

Best regards,
Fernanda Ribeiro Coutinho

Saikal Sagynova

Hello! I have lost my passport in 4 june near Bus Authority.It was Kyrgyz passport.Number: AC775522. Who find it please call me 2673398773

Wong Kah Wai Thomas (not verified)

I boarded Delta 79 on June 13th 2009 for LA. The staff failed to send my luggage along. My family in Singapore was informed of the lapse in sending the luggage on the flight. They were informed that it will be sent to me in LA on the next flight. After waiting for 4 days and now back in Singapore, I am still waiting for the airline to update me on the status of my missing luggage.

Nadia (not verified)

I travelled from LHR - JFK on 17th June.
I left on the plane a bag with an England tshirt and a pink animal bag. If this is found can you please email me back asap
Thanks Nadia

Johnson Robert (not verified)

I lost my Gray Nextel Motorolla at Gate 6 on JetBlue flight number 1089 from JFK to CLT. Please contact me if this is found. Thanks.

Jeff Zaloom (not verified)

I arrived at JFK Terminal 1 Sat night, june 13. @ 9am I was picked up by a limo. I left my camera in a green and black camera case on my smart cart. It was a nikon d 40 with a teleophoto lense. I was tired from a 14 hr flt on KE 085 from Seoul. I hope that someone found it. I have a years worth of pic there. You can email me or send the SD card to me at 19 Hickory Pl Ramsey NJ 07446. that is what I want the most. I can be called at 201-294-5982 also. I hope someone honest turned it in.

ASHOK TANK (not verified)

Dear Sir/Madam,
I Lost my Hand Beg of about 20" of blakish yellow coloured and tagged with red & blue ribbon and marked with personal name " SUDHA TANK" on 7th June'2009 while I was leaving from Terminal no-4 from JFK Airport frmo Baggage department to Social ecurity Area.

I travelled by AIR INDIA-141 Flight from Mumbai to USA [JFK Airport].

Kindly contact me on my E-mail Address as follows:


Eve Daves (not verified)

Does anyone know to whom I should send a letter I want to give compliments to a certain Delta worker at JFK who really helped me...I want the letter telling her employer how good she is to be put on her employment file. I don't know who I should address this to, I don't want to send it all the way to the office in Atlanta. Thank you.

Izzedein Saleh (not verified)

Dear Sir

I was flying from Amman to Dubai in 06 May 2009 with royal Jordanian RJ 610 I stooped in Dubai airport for 5 hours to change my flight and fly with Emirates airline from to Dubai to Kenya EK 721 I lose my Mobile Nokia 6300 in Dubai airport serial No 356796025289045 and in my way back to Dubai airport I go to the police office and they call lost&found and they found my mobile but it was no time to pick it up because my flight from Dubai airport was leaving EK 901 so they ask me to send email with my Dateless:
Name: Izzedien Subhi Saleh
address: Markah P.O. Box 42886 Amman 11142 Jordan
Mobile 00962 679 1361
Thanks for your help

CGarcia (not verified)

I lost a black camera bag containing a Sony Camera (300) with zoom lens and a Sony Handycam Video Camera on Monday, June 15th at approximately 7:30 - 8:00. I believe it was lost in a paradies shop or in the food court in the JET Blue termial at JFK> If you have it, please call me at (832) 514-0146. I would greatly appreciate this. All of our pictures from our trip are on there. There is a reward for anyone that finds and returns it. I especially want the memory cards.

BHaase (not verified)

My son left his dsi near terminal5 Jet Blue gate 12 today June 15.
It is light blue in a black case. If you turn it on there is a picture of his
dog on the screen. It was his birthday gift a few weeks ago. He is heartbroken.
If you find it please call 305-968-0970

Elizabeth (not verified)

Hi! I accidently left my camera battery charging at the Samsung charging station on June 13, 2009 around 6:10pm at the New York JFK airport, terminal 1 (I was on the DL8581 flight). I am out of the country until July 3, 2009. If someone could please contact me at my email address, emng285@gmail.com, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

Jeff Zaloom (not verified)

I arrived from Asia Saturday night, June 13 @ 9pm, and I believe I left my camera, Nikon D 40 with a large telephoto lense on a cart just outside the arrival doors by US customs. The camera and lense were in a green and black camera case. If it was found please call me at 201-294-5982.

Arsen Akishev (not verified)

On June 11, 2009 in terminal 1, 6-30 p.m i lost my green card my name Arsen Akishev DOB 1/30/1996 , if someone find it, please call me 917-686-5949

Heath Williamson (not verified)

Hello Left Sony Camera in green bag at Terminal 7 gate 6 Thursday 11th June 2009 boarding Cathay Pacific Flight CX889 for Vancouver.
Please contact me on email mail@heathw.tv or text me on Australian cell phone +61418235575.

Heath Williamson

Yan de Oliveira Carvalho (not verified)

I´ve lost a computer on Terminal 3 near Departure Gate 3 on Monday 8th of June. It was a completely brand new purchase, boxed and totally sealed. Im most definitely sure that I left it in one of the restaurants around the food court in Delta´s Terminal 3.
If by any chance it is found please notify me through my email or call me at 34-664-661-910 (Spain).
Thank you

Pascale (not verified)

Found a woman's ring in one of the restrooms at the Delta Terminal at JFK on May 14.

Tried to give it to the Lost & Found there, but it seems it is quite a difficult task... I will spare you the story....

If you can describe the ring (or even better, email me a picture where you wear the ring, it's yours).

JKeaney (not verified)

On June 8th around 7pm, I lost my passport in one of the men's bathrooms of Terminal 7, I desperately need it! if found please email jkeaney@tcd.ie or call 00353864004346
Reward on offer,
thank you

Nate (not verified)

I lost my D70s on AA 131 from LHR on June 7th. I will pay a VERY GENEROUS REWARD for the return of the Memory card that had 500+ pictures from two weeks in Europe. Please contact me at Natextr@gmail.com if you came across it. (Reward will exceed the value of the camera)

Santiago Cisneros (not verified)

LOST: New York City ID.
Sunday around 5 PM JFK security check point OR around gate B23.
Please let me know santiago.cisneros@us.ing.com


On June 4th i lost my laptop with passports in the arrival hall. If anyone finds it pls.call us at 203 653 2636 or 319 248 9777. Rewards will be given who ever gives the passports. Thanks

STEPHEN (not verified)

I seem to have lost my camera (a Canon digital) on Flight 956 coming from Buenos Aires on June 5th and arriving on June 6th (6:00 A.M.). I really care aabout the pictures! Reward.

pam thornton (not verified)

on may 15 i took a british airways flight from terminal 7 at jfk.around 7 pm i passed thru the security checkpoint and was asked to remove my silver bracelets (3)which i placed in a container which i handed back to the security person.after passing thru i then had to reclaim my laptop,bags,shoes,belt,coat and in the excitement failed to collect the container which i am sure did not immediately follow me or else it would have been visible on the belt.
i would offer a no questions asked $500 reward for the 3 items particularly a silver bracelet with circular black onyx stone.

Jake (not verified)

I lost my Samsung phone waiting near Gate 17, Terminal 3, on June 3rd around 8AM.

It's a black slider phone with silver (now kind of tarnished orange) accents on the sides. It probably won't turn on since it's out of batteries.

Please respond to jake.patoski@gmail.com if you come across it!

Jeanine (not verified)

Prada prescription eyeglasses in their case lost on 5/23/2009 in the Delta terminal.

Charlotte (not verified)

I lost on AA flight from Los Angeles or in bathroom of Terminal 8 my thin gold leather belt. If you found it please return for $50 reward.
best, charlotte

Mr. Collaco (not verified)

Thursday evening, returning from Baltimore on Delta/Comair into JFK, Thursday May 28, 1009 at 9:30 PM EST.
Delta, Terminal 2. My cell phone and case fell off my belt. Please call 917-648-9800. Reward.

William (not verified)

On May 20 around 6 PM, I lost a man's gold ring with a light blue turquoise stone probably in the Delta terminal. I was transferring from Delta flight 85 (from Cairo) to our flight to Los Angeles and was carrying a cat. The ring probably slipped off as I was holding the cat carrier. It was my father's ring and has great sentimental value. I have contacted Delta but no luck so far. I would be extremely happy to find it.
Thank you.


Please, I was in JFK on May/26/2009, between 16:00 - 19:00 pm. It´s possible that I've forgotten my digital camera (Kodak, silver, with a card memory and a lot of pictures)in the airport.
If somebody can help me, plese, do it.
Thank you.

Patrícia (not verified)

Please, I lost my digital camara, Kodak, silver, with card memory and a lot of pictures.
Flight JJ8081, TAM Airlines, NY to São Paulo (Brasil).
I was in JFK between 16:00 - 19:00 pm, today,26/05/2009.
Thank you.
+55 (Brasil)
11(São Paulo)
8277-9970 (my phone number)

Anonymous cesar tuboro (not verified)

my bmw bag pack (color black) we forgot to get on the last screnning before our departure from jfk to sfo. dated may 15 2009 airline is american airline . thre some ladies accesoreis and camcoder handbook and camera handbood, ladies cap and dirty clothes inside the bag. cel# 415 810 7458 and home phone# 415 7530888

Pat Farrell (not verified)

I left an A4 size envelope with a photocopy of a photo from Ballinderry school from 1930-31. With it are three pages from a note book listing the names of all the individuals. This was left at approximately at 6:00pm as I was called for the Buffalo flight 130 from Gate 12. This has no value other than sentimental. If found please give me a call at 917-992-3874. Thanks for your help.

Hyo Youn Kwon (not verified)

I lost my passport at the airport on 24th of May around 8:30 pm.
I had it until I passed the visa section before taking my luggages. I probably lost it between the section and the area of baggages. If someone has it, please, contact me. hy2kwon@naver.com or 917-674-4233