JFK Airport Lost and Found

Lost and found items

Lost & Found phone numbers at JFK Airport, NYC:

Terminal 1: (718) 751-1202

Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 (Delta): (718) 704-2144

Terminal 4: (718) 751-4015

Terminal 5 (Jet Blue): (347) 545-3920

Terminal 7: (800) 828-8144

Terminal 8 (American Airlines): (718) 487-5501

For items lost at Airtrain: (877) 535-2478

General Lost&Found for JFK Airport (usually the items not claimed within a month in above mentioned places are turned over to General Lost&Found): (718) 244-4225 (Mon-Fri; 9am-5pm)

This is not an official TSA lost and Found board The only way to contact the TSA is at their phone and leave a message.

This is a private website not connected with TSA or any other entity of the federal government.

We know that you are upset with losing your belongings, but make sure you know who the right people to contact are.
Also check your airlines contract of carriage to see what is covered. They have changed their rules so many things that were covered are not covered in checked baggage.

It's better to be safe than sorry.

And you should realize that by putting all your personal info out there in cyberspace you are putting yourself at some risk.



I left my Canon 5D Mark II Camera in the gate area at Terminal 3 yesterday (28th August), probably at the security check. It's inside a black bag, containing some cables and a charger. I have the serial number of both the camera and lens, so if you have found it we can verify that its my camera.
I would greatly appreciate it, if you contact me should you have found my camera. My number is 001-134-73999210 or you can e-mail me: jasu_kk@hotmail.com.

Many thanks!!

i lost a second gen iPod touch at a charging station in terminal one on sunday august 26th
if anyone has any info please email me at riel93@yahoo.com

i lost my mac book pro on 21st of august on terminal 3 in delta air line security check area.i was on my way to EDMONTON via MINNEAPOLS. I WILL B GREATFUL TO HAVE ANY INFORMATION AVAILABLE
MY CONTACT NO IN USA:914-420-4564

My father was traveling last night from JFK to Ponce, PR, his flight was leaving between 10:30 and 11:30 pm (8/26/12), apparently the departure gate was changed and he forgot his medication bag (small toiletry bag) at the terminal where he was sitting.
He is 76 years of age , diabetic (insulin dependant) and has heart problems and he needs his medications.

The medications in the bag are for PEDRO FOURNIER, please...if anyone found them call me as soon as possible at 757-285-7139.

Thank you in advance,

Annette Fournier

During my travel back to Venice with flight DL86 Sunday 19t I lost probably at the terminal, I lost a small box with a tiffany silver neck lace inside.
I will be grateful to have any information available
Best regards

I had my camera on American Airlines flight 1782 traveling from Orlando to JFK on Sunday 8/19. I did not make any stops on the way home, however I did travel via Airtrain to Jamaica station to LIRR to Penn Station. When I got home at midnight and unpacked my camera was missing :( :( IF anyone found a PINK digital camera (which was orig in a black case) PLEASE contact me at 978.807.6178! My name and info is ON the SD card and also is on the camera as the first picture. The pictures mean the most to me - willing to give a reward if found. Crossing my fingers for me and esp for the guy who just got engaged. I feel your pain and hope you get your camera back as well.

I left my blackberry on a chair armrest in the waiting area of gate B31 before departing on my flight at 2:15am on THU 23 AUG.
If you have this or turned it in somewhere, please send me reply indicating the phone number shown on the screen.

I lost my passport yesterday on Thursday 23rd while transfering from Terminal 4 to Terminal 2&3 through Shuttle Bus. During the way, I stopped by some Delta desks to ask about my flight. My last stop is at gate 23 terminal 2. The passport number is B3158122. The name is Vu Thu Huong. If anyone happens to find it, please contact me at 413 523 5061/609 375 7491 or send it to me at the address Mount Holyoke College, 50 College Str, South Hadley, MA 01075. It would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much.

I just got engaged and flew into JFK from Germany on AirBerlin flight AB3441 landing at JFK at 4PM on 8/23/12. I left a small black Canon camera in a black leather Canon case. The camera had all of the photos from our engagement and my fiancé is devastated that it's missing. If Anyone can please help, we are More than happy to provide a very nice reward if we can get it recovered! Thank you so much... I can be reached at (917)363.4245 or davidjrobles2@gmail.com ... Thank you again in advance... -David

I lost my prastic case which some douments are in.
I think I lost it at the JFK terminal 2 or on the aircraft filight No.DL1532 Aug 21st.
If somebody found it, please email me.

Thank you
Takashi Takuwa

I lost my suitcase in the subway last night (he 23th of august, at 10:30 pm)' it is black with yellow lines, please e mail me, i will be on new york until sunday morning. Is very important to me find this baggage.

Thanks for your cooperation

My boss lost his Blackberry early this morning at JFK Airport at Terminal 4 Gate B31. Please reply if you have located the blackberry. Thank you

My son lost a two dogs stuffed toy in one plastic bag, while transfering from terminal 1 to 5. If anybody found it pls let us know. It has a sentimental value for my boy.

Yesterday, Wednesday, August 22, 2012 I lost my camera Panasonic FZ38, I'd be happy just to find my sd card with all the pictures, every answer is appreciated

Lost my lumix fz100 digital camera on Tuesday night return to terminal. Any response appreciated


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