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I may have left a black backpack with red trim outside terminal 4 at the area "D" shuttle pick-up location. It contains a MacBook Pro and an external G drive. Please contact me at rayzwocker@aol.com

I lost my iPad on my flight from JFK to Heathrow. I think I left it on the place. It's got a case and under the case my name and phone number are engraved. If you find it, please let me know ! I have a friend coming from NY to London and he can pick it up for me.

Please e-mail my tatiana@moelaw.com if my phone is not working via the international plan. Thank you !

Monday night, lost white iPod on Virgin Atlantic flight. Maybe lost in customs. Reward if found.
Thank you

I left my light blue Jansport book bag with white polka-dots after customs. It was on one of the benches in baggage claim. If found please contact alex.uszynski@gmail.com

on June 18th at 9:30 am on board Flt 1077 From Boston to Las Vegas, I left my Kindle Paper white with a Hot pink cover in my seat pocket..Seat 4C- please email me if you have found it. Thank you!!! patricia.micone@cox.net / phone 714-697-0014

I left my brown Kenneth Cole rolling carry on containing my laptop, by the taxi stand outside the Jet Blue terminal. Call me 949-872-3738 trishscully92130@yahoo.com

Hello, I lost a Tax-free alcohol (Whiskey) in terminal 1 on July 3 (10:30 p.m.~11:00 p.m.). I put it on the ground when customs checked my passport and visa. But I forgot to bring it. Please contact me if anyone see it. thank you.
Email : supertaiwan20@gmail.com

I lost my passport when going through security system, 23 june afternoon.
There is my name and address in it of course, but in addition I add here some more information:
phone number : +33601867079
email jouan@in2p3.fr or denis.jouan@gmail.com

I lost a my 13" MacBook Air on flight BA0173 - arriving at JFK y'day at 3pm. I was in seat 43B.

I can be found on +44 7930 940 660. Or keithfoggan@gmail.com.


Good Morning I left my laptop (airbook mac) on my flight number BA0173 seat # 43B. I left the laptop in the compartment connected to the seat in front of me. Contact me at 07930940660

I lost my plain silver wristwatch with a green and navy striped band on the flight from Lisbon to JFK (Air Portugal TP209) that landed on July 2nd at 7:36PM ET.

Please let me know if found. Thank you.

Email - djgoinwild@gmail.com

Lost my phone Samsung Galaxy S4 on 18th July 2016 in JFK (5am morning flight).

Please write to astijraalls@gmail.com if you find this item.

Thank you.

Hi, i lost my passport on the 29th of June 2016. It is a greek passport with number AI3029447. I was on terminal 4 on jfk. Please contact me on georchatz@yahoo.gr

I lost a Red, Black, and Gray Swiss Gear Backpack with 2 Ellipsis 7 and 2 Ellipsis 8 tablets inside, and RCA HDMI Cable, a Camcorder system, multiple television cables, and 2 large trophies shaped in a wave form. Please contact me at p.cobo@att.net and at my phone number at 914-885-4649 as soon as possible. Thank you for your help.

I left my Red, Black, and Gray Swiss Gear Backpack with technology systems and cables in Terminal 1, Gate 9 on June 24th. Please contact me ASAP at p.cobo@att.net and at my phone number at 914-885-4649.