JFK Airport Lost and Found

Lost and found items

Lost & Found phone numbers at JFK Airport, NYC:

Terminal 1: (718) 751-1202

Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 (Delta): (718) 704-2144

Terminal 4: (718) 751-4015

Terminal 5 (Jet Blue): (347) 545-3920

Terminal 7: (800) 828-8144

Terminal 8 (American Airlines): (718) 487-5501

For items lost at Airtrain: (877) 535-2478

General Lost&Found for JFK Airport (usually the items not claimed within a month in above mentioned places are turned over to General Lost&Found): (718) 244-4225 (Mon-Fri; 9am-5pm)

This is not an official TSA lost and Found board The only way to contact the TSA is at their phone and leave a message.

This is a private website not connected with TSA or any other entity of the federal government.

We know that you are upset with losing your belongings, but make sure you know who the right people to contact are.
Also check your airlines contract of carriage to see what is covered. They have changed their rules so many things that were covered are not covered in checked baggage.

It's better to be safe than sorry.

And you should realize that by putting all your personal info out there in cyberspace you are putting yourself at some risk.



I lost my bracelet at the airport at around 10 pm the 2nd of november. It is really important for me. Pls contact me if you see it through e-mail!! :(


Hi My nam e is Govin Ruben. I just lost (2nd Oct 7.30pm) a Brown Leather Passport Wallet with an Expired Malaysian Passport, a bunch of credit (All now canceled) and metro cards at Terminal 7 JFK. If anyone has found anything please shoot me an email ASAP at govinruben@gmail.com

or text me at +6123766177


Yesterday (10/02/2015) around 6pm at gate B27 when the flight to Zurich was boarding. The dress was hung at the back of a chair in the gate area, facing the walkway in the center of the terminal. The bag is white with a red corner, the dress inside is black and pink.
If found, please contact lucia.asenov+lostdress@gmail
Thank you!!

Hi, lost Australian passport of Rosie McElhone last seen at American Airlines lost baggage customer service booth at JFK Airport, 21st September 2015.
Thank you

My friend's passport was lost in T1 on 09/25
It's a China passport with her name Lili Zhu on it.
If any one find it, please contact nightelfcao@gmail.com
Appreciate it!

I forgot my black eyeglasses on a seat at Gate 5 in terminal 8. I forgot them when I boarded a plane to Berlin, 5.30 on this last Sunday.

Please, contact me on bara_ika@hotmail.com

Hi I lost a single car key on a flight for Dublin to JFK airport on the 09/28/15 contact me at shanegallagher04@hotmail.com thanks

I lost my wedding ring. Platinum gold with one raised diamond and small diamonds on the side.
Please email me at jaymieready@yahoo.com
I certainly appreciate it!
Thank you!

If anyone knows about the above comment frum67@hotmail.com

Hi my name is Matt Frum and I'm trying to find out what happened to my stuff. A guy named Damion Leon, at least that's what he said his name was contacted me because my name was found in an equipment bag with some gear. I was in the midst of getting it back when he contacted me so I asked him to get the heads for me and mail them. He said yes but after some time he has failed to do so and I would like them back. It's over $300 worth of lacrosse heads and I do this to support my family so in a sense he is stealing from my kids. Can someone tell me if they know about this please and thank you.
He said he works in the food concession. Thank you for your time, Matthew Frum


Monday September 21, 2015 around 8-9pm
I lost a black make up bag with "Ann Demeulemeester" written in white on the bag right by the seats against the wall near the Luggage Claim 1 area.

Please let me know if it is found.

Dear Lost&Found JFK Team,

Flight: OS 88 JFK - VIE
Date: 23/09/2015, 6:50 pm - 24/09/2015, 8:20 am
Please let me know if you found my camera.

Yours sincerely,
Elvira Berger

Dear Lost&Found JFK Team,

Flight: OS 88 JFK - VIE
Date: 23/09/2015, 6:50 pm - 24/09/2015, 8:20 am
Please let me know if you found my camera.

E-Mail: magi.re@gmx.at

Yours sincerely,
Elvira Berger

Lost a white tank top, either in a bathroom or could have fallen out of my bag in the restaurant across from gate #6. Says "Robert Plant Non Stop Go."


Dear Lost and Found.

I arrived at the airport at around 14:00 Friday the 18th of September. I came with Icelandair, flight number: FI613, and must have forgotten it on the plane.
This is the jacket.

Please contact me through e-mail if you see it :)



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