JFK Airport Lost and Found

Lost and found items

Lost & Found phone numbers at JFK Airport, NYC:

Terminal 1: (718) 751-1202
Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 (Delta): (718) 704-2144
Terminal 4: (718) 751-4015
Terminal 5 (Jet Blue): (347) 545-3920
Terminal 7: (800) 828-8144
Terminal 8 (American Airlines): (718) 487-5501

For items lost at Airtrain: (877) 535-2478

General Lost&Found for JFK Airport (usually the items not claimed within a month in above mentioned places are turned over to General Lost&Found): (718) 244-4225 (Mon-Fri; 9am-5pm)

This is not an official TSA lost and Found board The only way to contact the TSA is at their phone and leave a message.
This is a private website not connected with TSA or any other entity of the federal government.
We know that you are upset with losing your belongings, but make sure you know who the right people to contact are. Also check your airlines contract of carriage to see what is covered. They have changed their rules so many things that were covered are not covered in checked baggage.
It's better to be safe than sorry.
And you should realize that by putting all your personal info out there in cyberspace you are putting yourself at some risk.
Bozhong Xue (not verified)

I forgot my Canon T3i camera in passenger terminal 6 at 3:20 pm Dec 15 when I prepared to board the CA0982. The camera is in a black bag which has Golden word ' Canon REBEL''.

Katie K (not verified)

Either near baggage claim or inside women's bathroom before customs.
Please contact if found. Thank you.

David Burley (not verified)

Lost a small NIKON camera at Le Grand Comptoir in JFK T4 on the evening of Tuesday 2 Dec. Camera was in a small canvas style case, 2-tone green and faded yellow/white. Camera not that important but would like to recover CD Card if at all possible.
+44 7707994609

Anonymous (not verified)


I lost a wooden pilot figurine smoker, incense, and airplane stamp set that was all bought in Germany. If anyone found it, please email me at Victoria.Diaz.1@gmail.com. Thank you.


zahira khan (not verified)

passenger bhoorahkhan lost her Suriname passport on 11/27/2014 at most likely at customs. terminal 4. if anyone found it please
let me now asap.

Marc Chaya (not verified)

I have lost my Wallet at JFK T1 on Nov 29 around 7pm. It contains 2 credit cards and a French ID card carrying my name.
Please contact me for reward if found.

Marc Chaya cel +33682277482

Yan (not verified)

I lost my olympus camera at JFK terminal 1 in the afternoon November 29th near gate 7. Anyone who has it now please contact +86-15221006002 or e-mail 1962023067@qq.com.

jp (not verified)

Please call 203 645 3766, have meds inside

Jeremy cakilar (not verified)

I lost my iPod touch 5, my son was playing on it and lost it while I was getting coffee, please help.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi I lost my Cell Moto G pluged in the wall of the terminal 8 American Airlines November 13 in the afternoon. When I realized about my lost I talked to flight assistant but the door of the aircraft was closed. Please help me find it; is a company^s phone. I will be at the airport in 2 days.

Anonymous (not verified)

My girlfriend lost her wallet it is Brown and Tan checkerboard. She was at terminal 2 flying to Orlando flight was at 615 pm 11/25/14. Please if you find it contact me 973-722-0473 she had everything in her wallet. We are more concerned about her ID and all of her cards. Please help return this.

Sam Johnson-Hill (not verified)

I am just left a voice message. I left my coat on a chair near a bar in JFK Terminal 7.
I would be very grateful if someone could contact me if it has been found?
It is dark greyish/blue wool overcoat made by Hugo Boss.
Thanks very much!

Elizabeth Owen (not verified)

I lost my wallet in the Delta international terminal on Thursday, 11/13. It's brown and tan checkered and has my license in it as identification. I really only care about getting the wallet back as it was a gift from my mother. Please email me if found. Thank you!!

Elizabeth Owen

LANDAUER Coralie (not verified)

Lost french passport in Terminal 1 on my way out to the taxi. It has a black MontBlanc cover. Thank you so much!!!!

Anonymous (not verified)

I was in terminal 1 flying from gate 10 on 11/21/2014. When boarding started I lost track of my phone. Please let me know via my email if found it thanks.

BethAnne (not verified)

lost iphone on DL100 from CDG to JFK, seat A4, Monday Nov17th, please let me know if you find it... thx...

Ana Delgadillo (not verified)

I lost an envelop of leather inside it tere is documentation and my passport...please email me if you found it. Thank you

Anonymous (not verified)

Departed Gate 65, Terminal 2 on November 9, 2014. Lost one sterling silver, dangle earring, approx. 1-1/2 long, for pierced ears. Possibly lost in ladies restroom. I would love to have this back. Thank you!

Abhishek Singh (not verified)

Hi I lost my iPhone5 Black at Etihad Terminal 4. Pleas help me finding it.


S Oshea (not verified)

Hi, I left my round glasses (black wire frame) on the bar top at CC Piquollo, Nov 12, 2014, 6:51AM. My server was:Syed. Please let me know what to do?

Shaun (not verified)

I lost my wrist watch, a dual time Tommy Hilfiger with a black leather strap on the morning of 8 November 2014.
Please let me know if the watch has been found.

Roger Santana (not verified)

My name is Roger Santana, on the 8th of November i had a connecting flight in JFK terminal 1 to Moscow (SU-0101). While i was expecting my flight i decided to charge my ultrabook Acer Aspire S3 (at the charge booth nearby the EAT & GO Café). I've lost it between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.
If you found it let me know asap as i have a lot of useful information on it.
Thank you very much in advance.
My mobile phone number is +79169349648, e-mail: roger.santana@mail.ru

Yours sincerely, Roger Santana

Roger Santana (not verified)

My name is Roger Santana, on the 8th of November i had a connecting flight in JFK terminal 1 to Moscow (SU-0101). While i was expecting my flight i decided to charge my ultrabook Acer Aspire S3 (on the left upper corner of the screen frame there are small scratches). It was near Turkish/Italian cafe. I've lost it between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.
If you found it let me know asap as i have a lot of useful information on it.
Thank you very much in advance.

Jakub Mirijovsky (not verified)

I lost my small camera Canon G11 at the gate B 28 on 6th Novemeber. There are a tables near the door to the runway. We have lots of family images there. Please if someone found it let me know. The finder will be rewarded.

Thank you

Jakub Mirijovsky

Jakub Mirijovsky (not verified)

We lost our canon g11 at terminal 4 near the gate B 28. There are very important family photos for us. We can pay something who will find it. Please let us know.

Thank you!


Angie2012 (not verified)

Lost blue 16gb SanDisk SD card whilst travelling from JFK to Toronto Pearson on 10/22/2014. Lost somewhere between Jamaica LIRR station and Terminal 7. Contains pictures from my travels around America so I would love to get it back!

If you could offer any help I would be very appreciative!

Purevsuren Lkhagvasuren (not verified)

I forgot my black backpack in airtrain at howard beach station. It was 31st of november 2014. If you found pls send me email

Arjun(Nick Name) (not verified)

I LOST PASSPORT after i arrived at JFK on October 5th Sunday morning around 9 am. Might have lost at exit doors, or left on trolley after loading my bags into the car. Passport is placed in a big brown checkbook wallet. Wallet is imprinted with name AXIS BANK on it. Its Indian Passport

If someone found it please Please call me on my number 571-225-1293 or mail me at ARJUN21MALLIK@GMAIL.COM

Davi (not verified)

On October 19th at about 6:30 AM or so I checked through security towards United Airlines * United Airlines Booking ref: LX1K1V *
At which I left my brown leather belt and my blue "Undefeated" (thats the brand and what it says on the front of the) cap on which there are illustrations of ducks. Thanks!

Ali A (not verified)

Lost brown leather/suede messenger lap-top bag containing important documents & other items, in the parking area of Terminal 4 at JFK. If found, please mail the documents to me, you can keep the rest but I NEED those documents. Please contact 917-977-0084 with any information.

Barry (not verified)

i lost my small white bag and have one black hard desk inside this bag
terminal 4 or 5

if someone found it please contact me

nellykanelly (not verified)

I lost a LIGHT BLUE NOTEBOOK PLANNER on OCTOBER 25, 2014 in terminal 5. PLEASE E-MAIL me back at nellykanelly@Hotmail.com .  It is very important due to that it has much personal information. 

Masaru Okada (not verified)

I had dropped my boots belt at between Gate28 from Security check of terminal 4 on Oct 29 8pm. It's 14" dark brown leather small belt. If you found it, could you please contact me?

Andreas Kornowski (not verified)

I lost my bagpack (black leather) on 25th October at the outside baggage check-in of Terminal 4. Did anybody find it (will be rewarded!)

Thomet (not verified)

I lost my cell phone samsung s3 mini white saturday october the 25. It was 6 pm at the securite point before boarding Gate 10 terminal 1 JFK airport.

Zoe Edwards (not verified)

Hi, we lost my 9 year old sons black osprey base ball cap on Tuesday 21.10.14 it was left on Flight BA183, left London Heathrow 20.05 arrived JFK terminal 7 @ 22.45 no value in the cap just sentimental any help would be much appreciated


Alessandra Lucas (not verified)

My friend lose fitbit at flight JJ 8120 from São Paulo to JFK arrived last Tue, Oct 21. IF you can find it, please call me in Brazil at 5511 966028335.
Thank you! Alessandra

Lisa Thowsen (not verified)

I think i lost my iphone 5s with my really big gold cover

Bernadette martin (not verified)

Please help, my son has lost a brown stuffed monkey either on board American airline or at the airport. It's been with my son since he was born and now us 7. He misses it dearly.

Phil Gillette (not verified)

I appear to have lost a white Samsung cell phone (with a slight crack on the cover) yesterday afternoon at the gate while waiting to board Singapore flight 25 in Terminal 4.

It has a German phone number.

Please let me know it it has been turned in, and how I can retrieve it. I am in Germany, but have a FedEx account.

Phil Gillette

Gil (not verified)

Lost US Passport on America airlines flt. 1406 from Miami to JFK NY on September 29. Last seen after boarding in Miami - landed JFK Terminal 8 at 1132pm . Sat in Group 2 row 14B carry on stored above Row 13 ABC.

Syeda Nahar (not verified)

I lost my HP pavilion Intel notebook 4 in terminal 1 at September 15 2014 when I come back to USA by Turkish airline 0001 flight from Istanbul to JFK landed at 5.15pm. It was just outside the door of terminal 1 where car park to pick up or drop off passengers. It is in a black laptop bag where laptop is written twice in white papers. The bag is torn in one side. Inside bag it has laptop charger, white iphone5 headphone, one recorder with batteries attached, a Bluetooth, a small keypad brush. please I am waiting for reply. I will highly grateful and reward the authority for that. my other email is s.nahar@aol.com

LuckyPenguin206 (not verified)

I flew out of JFK at 6AM Eastern Time on Friday morning. Somewhere from the US Airways check in and my flight at Gate 34.

It's a white Galaxy S3 with no card case. The back of the phone has a slight crack on the top left corner.

Jack adrian fender (not verified)

lost iphone 5c white with a blue polo phone case , in JFK airport terminal 8 international at around 6am - 7am near baggage pick up area / taxi pick up , find my iphone app is activated and the phone is locked and also has information on how to contact me , a big reward will be issued upon return. my facebook is Jack Adrian Fender

Anonymous (not verified)

On August 27, 2014, I lost my grey sweater with label said SOUTH (color purple/black) on it. It was probably fall off while I was walking to my gate 38 in terminal 8 from security checkpoint. If you found my sweater a and I would be so much appreciate. Thank you and May God bless you.

FK (not verified)

hello JFK Personals

we were travelling to Pheonix from New York. we have lost a Olive color carry on bag. Its my mothers books and clothes in it. we lost on 9/10 around the counter and security area.

Rafael Carneiro (not verified)


On 9/20, round 5:30pm, I lost an iPad mini, at terminal 8, right after going through TSA security check. Would appreciate if you have some information. Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

Blue suit pants lost in men's bathroom terminal 1 on September 8, 2014. Pants made by Tom James Holland & Sherry.

Luiz Landi (not verified)

Good evening!

I guess I lost my cell phone Samsung, blue and black, it is A little bit old, but have some important records in it. I was at terminal 8, gate 43 yesterday, about 5:30pm.
Please, I realy need to find it.
I apreciate if you could contact me.

Jeffrey Ross (not verified)

Lost my GA drivers license in terminal 8, somewhere between security check in and gate 36. If anyone finds it please email me, It would save me a trip to the DMV