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Hello All
I travelled from London Heathrow to JFK New York on Friday 22nd March, flight 139 American Airlines. I have lost my small gold band inset with small diamonds. It was a gift from my late husband and I am so hoping that someone has found it so it can be returned to me. Please contact me on my mobile if you have any news for me 0044 7899 796779 Thank you

My daughter lost her China passport on Airtrain or from China Eastern Airlines to Terminal 8 at JFK on Mar.,25, we really appreciate you if you pick up and send us. Her contacting phone # 603 892 7045

i lost my passport last monday 11 march 2013 at airport JFK in terminal 1 please help me find my passport because I find it difficult to have an identity card that s my phone number 6172302640

I lost my passport monday 11 march 2013 at terminal 1 please help to found my passport is important for me thinks

Please help recover this! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. -Nate

I lost my iPod nano when I connected the flight at JFK on Mar.10th, 2013.
I took jetblue's flight from Syracuse to LA. The flight number was jetblue 23.I think I lost my iPod nano on the way of connecting flight. I went to the food court(where there is a Dunkin donuts), and then sat on a chair for a while near the food court and then I walked to Gate 25 and sat around there waiting for boarding. I probably lost my iPod nano around these areas.

Lost item description: iPod nano(4th generation) in a black case. The black outer case is kinda like snakeskin texture. The iPod nano is pink(with a black tight cover) with black earplug cable connected to it.

Lost Date: Mar. 10th around 10:45am
Flight: jetblue 23(Syracuse to LA with one stop in New York City)
Connected JetBlue 673 at Gate 25 at JFK

My name: Xinyun Liu
Phone number: 315-806-9998
Email: [email protected]

If you find it, please contact me via phone or email. Thank you very much!

I lost my iPad w/ black cover. CX831 on 13 March @14:55
Reading all the messages, it is very upsetting that our important items were taken out from our luggages and not returned. There are essential information for my schooling in the iPad. Please do try to build the US airport reputation.

I misplaced my OCI card on board the aircraft on 10th March 2013 from Qatar to N.Y. Please contact me on mobile tlephone # (647)2958056 or to my above e-mail address.
Required more details can be given on request.
Thank you.

O. L. Pereira

Hi my name is Lindolfo Neto and thursday march 07th I lost my Car keys at terminal 4 while I was helpping my Mother inlaw with the check-in and after several hours searching we was notify that somebody found the keys close to the lines near to the egipty airlines, and take the set of keys inside to a plane for egipty airlines that was about to leave, and after that they do not found the owner and the plane left with my keys. That gave me a hard time to get back to Philadelphia. If YOU have any information where is my Car keys my phone # 267 325 6895.

Our Olympus OM-D EM-5 Black waterproof SLK camera was lost on the 19th of Feb. Serial number BEM05058161. Contained all our honeymoon photos taken all over New York and our business card with all contact details was also tucked into the black case.
Reward offered for return of even the SD card containing the photos if not the entire camera. Please help!!

Dear all,

I lost my black Sony Cybershot H5V digital camera with a black cover ("Pixmania" logo) on JFK Terminal 1, when I was flying back from JFK to Paris CDG (flight AF007 departure 8;10PM) about at 6PM-8PM on 10th March 2013.
I believe i've lost it either during TSA screening or near gate 5.
Please, if you find it contact with me via e-mail : [email protected]
Thank you very much!

Dear, Sirs

I lost my iPad of silver back with green cover, when I was flying back from JFK to Tokyo about at 6PM on 4th march 2013. Places is near the gate6 in the Terminal #8. I was charging my iPad there. Please, if you find it or if you will get information regarding my iPad, contact with me via e-mail. My e-mail: [email protected]
Thank you very much!

I lost my yearbook in JFK at June 9th, 2012, when I was going back to China, I'm not sure where I lost it since my friend and I went to many places. It has a cream color...and weeks ago they contrast my school that they find it... I just want to know How can I get it back.