JFK Airport Lost and Found

Lost and found items

Lost & Found phone numbers at JFK Airport, NYC:

Terminal 1: (718) 751-1202

Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 (Delta): (718) 704-2144

Terminal 4: (718) 751-4015

Terminal 5 (Jet Blue): (347) 545-3920

Terminal 7: (800) 828-8144

Terminal 8 (American Airlines): (718) 487-5501

For items lost at Airtrain: (877) 535-2478

General Lost&Found for JFK Airport (usually the items not claimed within a month in above mentioned places are turned over to General Lost&Found): (718) 244-4225 (Mon-Fri; 9am-5pm)

This is not an official TSA lost and Found board The only way to contact the TSA is at their phone and leave a message.

This is a private website not connected with TSA or any other entity of the federal government.

We know that you are upset with losing your belongings, but make sure you know who the right people to contact are.
Also check your airlines contract of carriage to see what is covered. They have changed their rules so many things that were covered are not covered in checked baggage.

It's better to be safe than sorry.

And you should realize that by putting all your personal info out there in cyberspace you are putting yourself at some risk.



Dear Sirs
Pls check if smb returned
black camera CANON S100 to the lost and found service of, the airport which I lost somewhere in Delta terminal on 15,October when I was leaving USA to Russia by DEL30 .
Or may be SD memory card 4 GB with pictures of NY
Thanks in advance for your reply
I will be very glad your assist in my problem!
Best regards

call the lost and found in that building all pricey items such as passports phones and cameras get turned into the lost and found behind passenger areas.

hi, i'm waiting at this moment at the bagagge services office inside of the jfk airport.

i left my small semir rigid balck lugagge next to the screens where you can plug in your laptops, before the best buy vending machine.

i just landed from austin on fligh number 1064. my twitter is: alegoz

please contact mein case you find it. ,enawhile i still wait sitting here.


I lost my passport at the delta airlines terminal on 11 October. I arrived o the 4pm flight from LAX. It arrived in at 12am. I have tried delta airlines but haven't heard anything back. I need this passport badly as my visa for Australia attached. I would willing pay a nice reward for anyone that finds it. It is the name Sean Keenaghan

I left my Gateway laptop when I was being inspected, that was yesterday (16/10/2012). I did not take off my laptop from my bag, and someone asked to me for that. I went with that person to inspect my laptop and my hands, after that, he went again to the control with my bag, and I went with him. I took my bag but I left my laptop behind in terminal 4. It is a Gateway Laptop / AMD Turion™ II X2 Processor / 15.6" Display / 4GB Memory - Velvet Blue. My flight number was AV21, and that was between 5:00 a.m. and 5:30 a.m., I remember that because my flight was boarded at 07:55 am.
My email is: macoqui@gmail.com
I live in Uruguay.
I would like to know if there is any chance to find my laptop. I was speaking with the people of the company, and they gave me some hopeful.
Thank you


During the flight from JFK to Frankfurt I have lost a Macbook Air charge cable, white colored. I will be grateful if you could check if such cable has been found at yours lounges.
The details of my flight and lounges where I was waiting:
I was booked to Lufthansa flight from JFK to Frankfurt flight no. LH 405, Monday, October 15th, 21:50 2012.
I was waiting on gate 006 in terminal 1, where I last recharged my computer.

Best Regards,

Ravit Eshel,

My daughters new Nikon camera and case lost/stolen just before boarding Delta flight, gate 21 on the 13th of October, at 11am. Flight DL 863. at JFK
Reward for family photo's quite precious to us.
Phone 9294442128 or 5404972311, staying at Shangri la hotel in La.
Really hard to work out where to report this in the current system.

wed 10/10 we flew into jfk jet blue 132 seat13d
might have fallen out of my purse under seat in black eyeglass case

Lost pink Canon Camera in black/red case
AND reading glasses in multicolored triangle case
American #490 MIA to JFK on Tuesday 9th October.
Seat 6A front storage.

Please contact me urgently bluefiremist@aol.com

I lost my iphone 4 (White phone with Blue cover) on a JetBlue flight from Buffalo to JFK on the eve of Sunday, October 6th. I left it in the seatback pocket in row 8 of the plane. I have called the lost and found line for jetblue several times, and the inbox that takes messages is always full. I am so lost without my iphone! And there are some treasured pictures etc that I have not yet backed up! If you find it, please email me at jsjohns99@aol.com Reward!

I lost my Kindel while waiting to go through passport control ( British Airways Terminal 7) last night (10/8/2012) approx 7.30pm. It has a pink cover.
Please contact me if found.
Thank you

HELP!. I left my dearest Mr. Mouse (cuddly toy) at JFK airport, terminal 4, waiting area for gate B20 on Sunday 7th of Oct.
I guess he liked NY very much, but I miss him very much.
Has anyone found him!? Please help.

I left my Lenovo laptop when i was being inspected. I put my laptop in a different box and I left it behind in terminal 1. It is black. My flight number was AM401
My email is: carla@totalmovie.com and my number is 015215544477046

I left my iphone 4s at the 7th terminal ladysroom, the last booth. it was around 19:00 i had to board, although the plane did not left for 40 minutes the ground lady did not let me off to get it. if anybody knows about it please contact me : lili.kerekes25@gmail.com

Lost my wedding ring at the Lufthansa Executive Lounge b/w 3-5PM.
Please email me if you found it.... really sad....



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