JFK Airport Lost and Found

Lost and found items

Lost & Found phone numbers at JFK Airport, NYC:

Terminal 1: (718) 751-1202
Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 (Delta): (718) 704-2144
Terminal 4: (718) 751-4015
Terminal 5 (Jet Blue): (347) 545-3920
Terminal 7: (800) 828-8144
Terminal 8 (American Airlines): (718) 487-5501

For items lost at Airtrain: (877) 535-2478

General Lost&Found for JFK Airport (usually the items not claimed within a month in above mentioned places are turned over to General Lost&Found): (718) 244-4225 (Mon-Fri; 9am-5pm)

This is not an official TSA lost and Found board The only way to contact the TSA is at their phone and leave a message.
This is a private website not connected with TSA or any other entity of the federal government.
We know that you are upset with losing your belongings, but make sure you know who the right people to contact are. Also check your airlines contract of carriage to see what is covered. They have changed their rules so many things that were covered are not covered in checked baggage.
It's better to be safe than sorry.
And you should realize that by putting all your personal info out there in cyberspace you are putting yourself at some risk.
Anonymous (not verified)

American Airlines Seattle to New York 8 am flight... Lost a book. "The Cyberaid" please if you have found it, contact me xcarltonbanksx@gmail.com

Anonymous (not verified)

in 01/05/10 i lost my game in terminal 4 fly fron bogota avianca and before costumes i left a blue case with parques game please y u fund please letme wnok to my imail ,terrificofaro@hotmail.com

Rastislav (not verified)

We flew yesterday in the afternoon to Milan with Alitalia. In a rush I left my son's Mac HD in the basket at scanners. As you can imagine, it's important. Do not let me fail in his eyes. Can you please get back to me if you found it or call (914)380-6307

Anonymous (not verified)

My trip was Delhi-Amsterdam-Orlando and Flight was Martinair & KLM .
From the information of Orlando airport , My luggage has reached JFK airport. They have been trying to contact you people but have not received any response from your side.
Tell me the way so that you people can be contacted and i receive my luggage.


I took the flight Korea to New York.
I arrived at 6:30 pm.
Lost two black coats one is short and brand is club monaco and one is long black coat and I am not sure about the brand.
I lost them on the way out to exit where the food check.

Security person checked my baggage and I think he accidently dropped from my bags.

my phone number is 917-604-0881 or email is puha_v@hotmail.com.

Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

I left my Itouch in American Airlines plane in dec. 18th from Seatle to JFK AA268 it has a black cover and back of it has my name carved. if some one have it please let me know. I need that at work.

ana irene balza (not verified)

To Americn Airlines...

On the January 8 , 2010, flight AA104 from NY to London < sitting in Business Class on seat 9H or J. I forgot my Movil Phone in the front pocket with very valuble information in it. I would really appreciate your information if it ha been found. I am planning to be back in NY the 21of january to pick it up in case it has been delivered to you.

Thank you verymuch for a prompt answer

Pedro Eitz and Ana Irene Balza.

Anonymous (not verified)


this is very, very important: Yesterday at 5PM I saw a JFK staff member/employee on the air train. He left one station before Jamaica beach.
He is around 30 years old, spanish looking, black Nike hat, black Nike shoes, orange backpack, black pants and a sign on his left forearm with "JFK" on it.
I need to find this person. He lost something really important on the train.
Does anyone know this person?

Ramesh (not verified)

I have already given my intimarion about my lost baggage which is blue in color. am staying at Embassy Suites at New Orleans. If my baggage is found please call me on 44 504 525 1993. please confirm if received

Giovanna Pari

Hallo, i write from Italy; my daughter has left a pink ipod on 27th december, on the plane Delta Air Lines from Rome (h. 10,20) to NYC Kennedy (h. 14,49), flight dl 149,; we were seat in zone 4, seat 31A.
It was a Xmas present. She'll be so grateful if some body can help her!!!!!!

Ramesh (not verified)

I losr my suitcase blue in color at JFK airport. i landed at jfk from AI 101 on 10 jan 2010. am having some important meeting and will return to JFK on 16 Jan 2010, i have a miseaken baggage with which i will bring on 16 jan 2010. request is eo keep my baggage at JFK itself which i shall collect on 16 Jan 2010. My baggage slip no. is AIO101/09JAN/JFK/BN 120. please confirm if received.

Erica Busch (not verified)

Delta flight DL1826 from Miami to JFK NY. I was sitting in seat 36E and left my laptop on the ground. It is a dell inpsiron with a hot pink floral sticker on the outside of the laptop. It was in a black and grey case. I am a law school student attending Hofstra and have a lot of law school information on it that I desperately need. Please contact me if you happened to pick it up. My name is Erica Busch and my phone # is 561.350.9254.

Jemicia Killebrew (not verified)

I lost a silver digital camera on the Delta Flight 5662 on Jan. 7, 2009. We were sitting in seats 10C and 10D I believe and the camera fell under the airplane seat. We were the last off the plane so I believe personell may have found the camera or after the last stop to JFK the plane went back to Minneapolis. This camera had red carpet photos on it and family Christmas photos, I am willing to offer a reward of $100 for the return of the camera. Please email me at jemiciaolivia@gmail.com. I am a professional singer in the music industry.

Ramesh (not verified)

i have miseakenly taken luggage one suitcase of VIP make blue in color. My luggage has not been received. the Air India flight was 101 of 10 Jan 2010. My luggage slip No is AI 101 /09Jan /JFK/BN 120. I am ramesh and confirm if received please.

Anonymous (not verified)

hello, My brother has lost his luggage in jfk. please reply to this message if you have this luggage it is a blue samsonite make and the name is inside the zipper.

Anonymous (not verified)

I found a pretty gold ring with a name engraved in the band on Jan 9 2010 in the late afternoon. I found it in the ladies room near the Admirals Club lounge. Please call American Airlines lost and found if you have lost this ring. They have my contact info.


Dear Sir

I think i left 4 straw art picutures in paper bags at custom counter at terminal 1 at about 11 AM:

Name : Myo Lwin
Flight : KE 81 Q
Place : Custom counter at Terminal 1
Time : 11:30 AM
Date : 8 January 09
Items : 4 Straw pictures in Brown Paper Back

My contact details are as follows:

Name: Myo Lwin
Phone : 215-764-9546
Email ; myolwinsaung@gmail.com
Address : Palmer Seminary
6 E Lancaster Avenue, Wynne Wood, PA, 19096


Myo Lwin

Rajaie Habibollah (not verified)

I have lost my wallet at JFK on 30 December 2009 flight
QR 84 to DOHA.if you have any info,kindly contact me
at : "drrajaie@yahoo.com"

Nini (not verified)

Hi my daughter (aged four) lost her very precious toy bunny in Terminal 4 on Sunday 03rd January. She has ahd him since she was 2 days old and is missing himv ery much - we transferred to Terminal 3 via athe shuttle bus at gate 23. If anyone has found him could you please hand him into lost and found.

It would make a little girl very happy if he made it home

Anonymous (not verified)

I told the guy to put the bunny back in the box. Why couldnt he just put the bunny back in the box.

Jason Christhopher (not verified)

my son lost his Ipod touch at male toilet at business class lounge on 26 dec 2009 at JFK Airport, please if anyone found send me an email...please...thanks

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my laptop from checked in luggage while flying on lufthansa from JFK to India. Any suggestions pls? Should I contact lufhtnasa or JFK?

Anonymous (not verified)

I am traveling from U.S. to India and the flight I boarded on was Jetblue and I had reached the JFK airport with that flight. Then I was supposed to take my luggage from the jetblue luggage pickup, since I'm changing flights, but I didn't have time to get my luggage and take it to the Emirates terminal. Right now my luggage is still in New York and I am already in India right now. I've been complaining and requesting with the JetBlue to try to get my luggage on board to the next Emirates flight that leaves to India but they haven't done anything yet, any help or advice? It's been a week already and it doesn't make sense to wait anymore because they might discard the luggage. Please help!

Lost Bags (not verified)

Lost two bags at JFK terminal 4 / Parking. Reward will be offered if found. pls contact srm12b@gmail.com

SKB (not verified)

Hello! I left my pink Marc Jacobs wallet on American Airlines flight 141 from London to JFK yesterday, January 4th. We arrived to terminal 4 around 11pm. I was sitting in row 41 on the plane. My drivers license is in the wallet and I will offer a reward if returned! Please call 917-207-1027 or email sarita639@gmail.com if found. Thanks so much!!!

Anonymous (not verified)

Hello, I lost my luggage at JFK Terminal 1 by the taxi station. It's a black DELSEY trolley, medium size. There is a tag with my address on it, name D. Easter. Please call me at 646.675.8082 if you find it, I'll be happy to offer a reward. Thank you.

Jessica S (not verified)

Left a pink patten leather louis vuitton wallet on Delta flight 720 last night from SFO to JFK which has not yet been found by Delta. Reward to anyone who returns with or wihout cash. Please call 415-706-9536 with any information. Flight arrived in Terminal 2 at JFK at 10:35 last night.

Anonymous (not verified)

I flew back through JFK last night. It seems that TSA went through my bag- took a Wii Remote i had in my suitcase and put someone's digital camera in my suitcase. If you are missing a digital camera please contact me.

Anonymous (not verified)

I am missing a silver digital Sony camera which was located inside a black sunglasses case. Not sure if I left it on the plane or dropped it after we arrived at JFK on January 2nd on a flight from Barbados.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi I lost a white harijuku bag new years eve around 745pm thursday. I lost it at terminal 7 if found please contact me at my email SHOSHANNA23@yahoo.com. Thank you

NikkiD (not verified)

I found an ipod shuffle under the seat of a delta flight leaving JFK arriving San Diego on Jan 2, 2010. If you can provide details of the bag it was in and some songs that were on it, I'd be happy to return it to you.

Anonymous (not verified)

was the ipod light blue in a black armband?

Yongwoon (not verified)

Hi! there!
I Left my notebook on the Samsung Charging service point near the gate 3. on the 30th of Decmber. it is for the Korean airling to Seoul at 12:40.
It was covered by black fablic and top's color is pink.
Please reply me anyone who know about my notebook. I will reward for it. Thanks for consideration

Yongwoon (not verified)

Hi! again
In fact, I don't care of the notebook but contents of "my doctument folder". it is important for my family and job, especially pictures. please reply me about that. ywkims@empal.com

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi! Again.
In fact, I don't care about my netbook, but contents of "my doctument folder". it is important for my family & job, especially pictures. Please, reply me

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost a white harijuku bag thursday please return to the airports lost and found if someone has it! Thank you

Anonymous (not verified)

2 weeks ago i had a flight to israel, befaure the flight in the security check i put a little bag with an ipode and a phone! i put it with my bag and my shoes in a basket. when it came out of the machine everything was in different direction and i think the little bag i lost with my ipode and my phone stucked in the machine. my shoes came along but the bag we had to repute it in the machine! so then me and my family finished taking all of our stuff, and i forgot of my little bag because i thought everything will come together and i will out everything in my big bag. then we went in the airplane and i sate, then when i was about to listen to my ipode i didn't find it, i ran to the people in the door to tell them about my lost bag, they said i can't come out of the airplane, and he gave me a number + he told me he will check for me and then i gave him my husband number for him to tell us if he found it or if he didn't. I was less worried, but still it was 2 really expensive staff. then when i arrived to israel i called this number and no body answered! i stayed in israel for 2 weeks and all of this weeks i tried calling this number and no body answered. then i came back i arrived to new york after 2 weeks, and i went to the lost and found and this woman showed me 3 bags that were lost in the 2 weeks, it wasn't one of them so i kept walking and my husband kept telling me that i didn't came to the right place, so then i asked another police man in the airport and he told me to go somewhere alse not the place i went to in the first place! then i arrived to this place that the police man told me to go but it was closed, my flight to were i lived was at 7:20 and the police man told us it will open just at 7:20, so i didn't have time to go search for my little bag and not to be late to the airplane. and i had to change terminals. now i am in my house wondering how i can get it if its still there. and this is a way. thank you and i hope i can still get.


i cant find my green card ,I dont know if I lost entering the USA VIA MIAMI ON THE 3RD OF NOVEMBER,OR TRYING TO DEPAT FROM jfk yesterday 12/31 /09.I WAS TRYING TO DEPART ON jet blue airlines,when i notice it missing.


I left my scarf at the security checkpoint at JFK for gates 1-12 at united ticket counters at terminal 7 today (12/30) around 4:30 - 5PM in a small, circular coin bin. How do I reclaim it?

Jenny (not verified)

I left a scarf at the security checkpoint for Gates 1-12 near United at Terminal 7 on 12/30/09 evening between 4:30 - 5pm. Please email me if it's found regarding how to reclaim it. Thanks!

MPD (not verified)

My sisters and I were traveling to LA on a United flight on 12.28.09 at 8:30am. One sister is handicapped and travels with a service dog. The dog's larger harness makes the detectors go off so we took it off. It went missing somewhere between the curbside (outside terminal 7) and the security check point at about 6:30am. If anyone has found a black dog harness (for a large dog) please contact maury151@gmail.com. We would really appreciate having the harness back. Thank you.

waithaka (not verified)

My children were traveling from jfk to nairobi via london and lost a nautica suitcase with yellow stripping on it. The suitcase has a red tag strapped on it with initials CJ and Ciru. They must have lost it between the curb side check in and the main lobby at American Airlines terminal between 18th and 21st december 09. If found please contact me at (443) 851 7830.

David Llewellyn (not verified)

I lost 1 Nike Air Max trainer in JFK Airport on Wednesday 23rd December whilst transferring items into my girlfriend's bag. It's the left one, US size 9.5 and is white, blue and grey in colour.

If you know it's whereabouts then please contact me via email.

Many thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)

i lost my family photo album on aug 07 2009in jfk .i travelled in jfk 183 from london to newyork at 11:30pm.at that night i lost my album may in flight or air train or avis rental car i don't remember where.but i lost it which is precious to me from that day onwards iam searching every where. if any one find that album please give it back to me. my email ID lalitha12_bds @yahoo.co.in

heartbroken 10 year old girl (not verified)

My little girl left her pink bag wedged between her arm rest and the window seat. It is of great value to her and she is heartbroken over the loss. The items can be replaced however the pictures of her family trip can not. Please let us know if you have found it.
thank you

paola maccaglia (not verified)

On the evening of 20/12/2009 in Gate 10 of terminal 1 lost digital camera casio silver colour in a small black case. I had all the pictures of my trip in New York!! If somebody found it, please send me the pictures to my mail address : paola@studionichinonni.it
I really care about the pictures
Please try to help me.

Elizabeth Tracy (not verified)

My daughter left a yellow plastic bag with souvenirs inside on AA1674 on Saturday 26 December 2009. If found please contact me via email. Many Thanks.

Ben's mom (not verified)

We lost our 1.5 year old son's Brown Bear plush stuffed animal leaving Virgin Am. Flight 412 at 11pm on Saturday night. He misses it terribly. Please contact me if you have found it. Thanks.

Jeff.Cao (not verified)

I left my black LV zipper bag in the baggage trolley on Dec.23rd. I've got my passport and driver's lisence return later that day from the guard room, but I still missing 2 keys of Benz car, a sunglasses, an USB, a gold lock and some important documents! If anyone who got my zipper bag, you can keep anything you want, just return the car keys, the USB,and all the documents to me! There is 500 dollars as reward!!! please contact me by E-mail: anman.cao@msn.com, or call: 917 855 6608. Thank you so much.

B. Beaver (not verified)

Left a banana republic shopping bag at jfk baggage claim #5 on December 26th. If anyone has any information concerning this e-mail bbeaver@pdx.edu or call 503-381-3167.