JFK Airport Lost and Found

Lost and found items

Lost & Found phone numbers at JFK Airport, NYC:

Terminal 1: (718) 751-1202
Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 (Delta): (718) 704-2144
Terminal 4: (718) 751-4015
Terminal 5 (Jet Blue): (347) 545-3920
Terminal 7: (800) 828-8144
Terminal 8 (American Airlines): (718) 487-5501

For items lost at Airtrain: (877) 535-2478

General Lost&Found for JFK Airport (usually the items not claimed within a month in above mentioned places are turned over to General Lost&Found): (718) 244-4225 (Mon-Fri; 9am-5pm)

This is not an official TSA lost and Found board The only way to contact the TSA is at their phone and leave a message.
This is a private website not connected with TSA or any other entity of the federal government.
We know that you are upset with losing your belongings, but make sure you know who the right people to contact are. Also check your airlines contract of carriage to see what is covered. They have changed their rules so many things that were covered are not covered in checked baggage.
It's better to be safe than sorry.
And you should realize that by putting all your personal info out there in cyberspace you are putting yourself at some risk.
Anonymous (not verified)

The lost and Found # in JFK for Jetblue is 347-545-3900

Ryan (not verified)

I know it's so vague to say "black backpack" but here's what was inside:

Dell 700m Inspiron laptop (13")
Glenn Beck's Common Sense
a few other random items

If anyone has it I'd be glad to let them keep it, just let me use it for a day first to get my stuff off of it. The hard drive is encrypted and you'll never get my stuff. I'll even help you install windows freshly on it if you want. I just want it back for a day. I already bought a new computer. I don't need the computer, just the stuff on it.

Call: 917-284-8253

Elisabetta Galli (not verified)

On July 27, at about 6 pm, during the check in at Terminal 3 for the flight no. 136 to Pisa I realised I had lost my digital camera and its case, a black bag also equipped with some CF memory cards and an USB cable. I am quit sure I had the camera when I got off the E train of MTA at the Sutphin Blvd stop. I suspect I could have left the camera either in the air train to Terminal 3 or in the check in area. I kindly ask you if the camera, an obsolete device, has been found. I especially hope you'll find the memory card where all the shots of my vacation in New York are stored.

If you have any useful information, please contact me at the e-mail address above.

Thanks a lot for cooperation.

CK (not verified)

I left a Canon camera in a black case at Gate A6 boarding an Aer Lingus flight on July 25. The return address is on the case.

Anonymous (not verified)

I was going through a check point #22 for the food and my husbent was taking off with my one year old son and i dont know if i left it or someone took it i just want the contains in it back i would like to get just the memory stick and the memory card out of the phone the arnt worth anything to you anyway its just pictures of my kid and what we did while we were visiting family please if you have any info e-mail. I know im not geting the money or cellphone back but i would like the other things back thank you . You can also send them through the mail no questions asked you have my drivers lic and the address is correct on it any help would be great

Venezuela citizen (not verified)

Dear anybody:

I am from Venezuela, I lost my passport in JFK airport the 7th of July around 6:30 and 7:00 PM, between terminal 8 of American Airlines and Terminal 7 of United Airlines. Please let me know if anybody find it. My name is Laura Vega

Noemie Poirier (not verified)

I lost my glasses on July 30th, at the terminal 8 or maybe in the plane. I think I left it in the women restroom after I put on my contact lenses. I have a high myopia (-5.5) and I really need my glasses! My glasses are red and pink.
Please contact me.


On July 29th at around 9PM, we lost a Nintendo DSi with a Pokemon Platinum game in it at Terminal 4 either near Qatar Airways check in counters or in the Women's bathroom near the baggage scanning area.

If anyone has found it, kindly contact me. My kids are heartbroken since we purchased it only a week ago.


Dalia shapiro (not verified)

i lost a ring in the girls bathroom by the checking area for jet blue it has two heart on the sides 10k gold ....i am heartbroken contact me please if you have found it

** award ** if found

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my wallet at JFK Jet Blue security check point. My name is Jeremiah Clark-Bates. I lost it this morning, July 31st around 7am in the morning. Its a brown wallet with several credit cards and about $50.00 chash in the wallet.


Anonymous (not verified)


I lost 2 hard drives on flight 950 from Rio de Janeiro to JFK.
Flight arrived at JFK July 29th, 2009 6:05am.

I will pay a reward.

Thank you.


Lost wallet on july 25th around 9:30 PM at JFK Terminal 4 Doors 2&3, Wallet has New Jersey Driver's License, GC, credit cards and cash. Please contact me here on this posting if you found it or contact me at the address on DL.
You will be rewarded with $300 and with tonns of thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi There,

On Saturday 25/7/09 i lost my camera in either JFK airport or on the Delta flight traveling to Orlando. Its a Sony camera which was in a black Sony Pouch the camera has photos of Orlando and New York. If anyone has found the camera please contact the email address above or by phone on 00353876952665.
Thank You.

Jesper Tarnø (not verified)

I have lost my mobilephone the 26 of july around 10 pm Mobile-phone 902 W Sony Ericsson
Please contact me

Jesper Tarnø

R Singh (not verified)

I left my black Dell laptop at security screening for carry on / hand baggage on July 26th at JFK airport. Please contact me at 860-643-8772 or chopra_ritika@hotmail.com if you have any details


On July 22, 2009 coming from Zurich to JFK in Terminal 4, flight 014, I left my pink and gray camera case with a memory card inside on the plane. If you happen to know where it is, or if you have it, please contact me! Small reward available!!
Thank you!

Akseli (not verified)

Hi There!

I lost my hat at Terminal 7 on Wednesday 22.7.
I was on my way to London with British Airways.

At the plain I noticed I had left my hat somewhere.
Maybe to taxfree shop or to Starbucks.

The hat in made in France and its grey...
It always travels with me so its a very special to me :)

Teresa (not verified)

On wednesday, July 22nd at Delta (domestic) gate #29, I left my power cord charger for my apple/mac laptop. please contact me if you located it. I greatly appreciate the assistance. I do not believe I lost it during the TSA security screening. Thank you

Tracy Berry (not verified)

Left on Cathay Pacific July 16th & may have left black coat in terminal 7. Love to have it back.


my name is julian santiago and i lost a clear folder with black edges on it at the desk when i checked in at the jet blue desk with very important papers in it .
please contact me at jessicadiallo@yahoo.com if you
find this folder. or call me at 7046910105.

Cecilie Pind (not verified)

Can anyone help us? our daughter lost her Nintendo on a BA plane on July 15th on the flight from London/Heathrow. It was in a High school musical case with several games inside. Anyone found it?

ala amr (not verified)

we reached JFK from Frankfurt on 26 June and took the airtrain to change terminals and i left a nikon digital camera in the air train. i returned after 10 minutes and searched all trains and could not find it

Daniel lopez Richies (not verified)

Hello, I lost my computer laptop HP inside the airplane AA flying from Narita Tokio Japan to JFK fly No.168 seat 4J on july 20/09.so please if some one had found it, could contact me at:201-946-0863 or at 201 674-2693

Christian (not verified)

Last saturday (Jul 18 2009) I was in JFK transiting from flight AA6417 (BOS-JFK) to AA955 (JFK-EZE). No baggage claim was done at this point, however upon reaching EZE I noticed that one of the bags had a torn zipper and two items fell out of the pocket somewhere between BOS and EZE.

These items are two notebook computer AC adapters, one LENOVO brand and the other COMPAQ.

I have already reached AA L&F both in EZE and JFK with no success so far. My hope is that they somehow might have got dropped at some part of the landing strip or at some point in the baggage exchange route between planes.

Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Christoff (not verified)

I lost a Piece of Luggage it was never claimed at the baggage claim its a Small Roller bag with a handle I don't want to discuss whats in it for safety reasons

Charmina Parkes (not verified)

I posted a comment before the baggage is in teh name Charmina Parkes . Flight 015 which was non-stop service from Norman Manley Airport Jamaica to JFK

Juanma (not verified)

On 14th of July2009, tuesday afternoon, I lost my Blue Casio Exilim (10 MP). I was in luggage claim D1-D2.
If you have found my camera, please write me a email (dairbox@gmail.com). I'll reward you with money,
Pictures are very important to me.

Thank you very much in advance for your comprehension,


Today when I got off the super shuttle van at terminal 7 to take the flight to London Heatrow I realised that I hadn't my handbag. Maybe someone at the terminals before mistakenly took my bag. The contents of the bag are: red smaller bag, green bag of PIQUADRO, wallet with euros, ITALIAN PASSPORT and ITALIAN ID. THER'S ALSO A PANASONIC PHOTOCAMERA. If you have notice of this bag please contact me. Thank you!!!!


on 16th july 1.00am Terminal 7, when we were getting picked up I forgot my acer laptop togather with 4 Australian Passports of me and my family, on the other side of taxi stand. as soon as we realise we went back but there was nothing there, please please if any one have any information about this ring 18609972320, or Email me at kas_siddiqui@hotmail.com. or return it to terminal 7 united airline's baggage office at the terminal. PLEASE CONSIDER. A decent reward will be provided. THANKS.


Traveling on July 6,2009 from JFK Jetblue Gate 7 going to Buffalo flt 106 left black belt on conveyor

Kristin (not verified)

I recently lost my camera on last night's flight from Miami to JFK. It is a kodak camera in a fanny pack. This camera has many important pictures including my HS graduation. I sat in Row 27 (the emergency door exit). If you found it, please email me at onefairlady@yahoo.com or call me (631) 745-8248

EWW (not verified)

I recently came back from Thailand on AA flight 168 and was seated in row 34--seats A and B. I believe that I left my iPod and Bose headphones on the flight. They would have been in a black Bose bag with a string tie at the top. The iPod is in a black rubbery case and is engraved on the back with EWW. It was a birthday present. If anyone has seen it please contact me at ewoelker@gmail.com. Thanks for any help.

Anna Marie (not verified)

July 13 around 8:30 p.m. at Gate 15 in JFk, I left a small black bag (looks like a big lunch box) with a long handle. Inside the bag was my sleep apnea machine! Please help!

Frey Wayland (not verified)

A black cell phone, with a camera, phone #787-362-7778, lost June 29 in the early afternoon, somewhere around an American Airline baggage check-in terminal right after customs. Had just gotten through Customs after a trans-Atlantic flight and was transferring some things from carry-on to checked luggage when (I figure) cell phone was lost. Haven't seen it since. Thanks!
Frey W

Leo2009 (not verified)

On June 20, 2009, between 3-4pm, in terminal 3, we lost grey cloth purse with a small JVC camcoder in it. In the purse there was also a book called 'Bud, not Buddy'. Please email me if you found it... Thank you


Left on Flight 160 San Diego to Jfk on Thurs. July 9, Maui Jim glasses in black zippered case

Youjin Lee (not verified)

In this morning, I went JFK terminal 1 to pick my mother up. I was there around 11:30~12:30.
But in Manhattan I realized that my phone was lost.
It is a black samsung smartphone (prepaid phone).
and I think it is in the restroom in arrival floor.
(there was two restrooms, I went one which is close to Hudson Bookstore)
If you find my phone, please give me a e-mail. (real2you@gmail.com) I'm so sad because I bought it 2days ago. I look forward to find it.

FandS (not verified)


Two De Beers wedding bands, platinum and half platinum half diamonds. Engraved on inside: F♥S and S♥F. Also has De Beers engraved on inside. Please contact fands2009@hotmail.com.

dawn (not verified)

Hi - In case anyone found a child's white tote bag with animal pictures on it - inside was his camera, ipod, and ds with his games - he took pictures of his vacation in Greece and is very sad to have lost this bag - please contact me vis email if found - dawnaticom@aol.com -it would be a huge relief to us - many many thanks - we arrived JFK terminal 1 at approx 2pm on thursday July 9th - thank-you!!!

Jordyn (not verified)

i lost my orange plaid wallet on the orlando to atlanta flight, it was later recovered by someone on the same plane but it had gone all the way to new york, the person called me and said they would send it back to me through the mail, that was 2 weeks ago and it has still not arrived, if it was somehow left in the airport and is found please contact me at zodanielle@yahoo.com. it has my edgewood jr sr high school ID inside for identification purposes

ELİF BAGDAT (not verified)

I don't have any news from my aunt (her name is Latife TURKMENGİL) She has to take the plane with Delta Airlines yesterday 05th of july 09 from New York (jfk) for Istanbul(Turkey). She called us one time to say that she missed it. How can you help me, I don't know!!!
Thank you,

00 90 532 645 46 50

Per Olof Johansson (not verified)

JFK airport


I can have lost my camera at the security gate when we fly home to Sweden the 5th of may this year. We check in at terminal 4 or 5, I think. Our flight goes via Schipol Airport, Amsterdam about 06.00 pm.
The camera is a Canon Ixus 55 with a lot pictures from our trip to New York.

Regards from

Per Olof Johansson
Lindengatan 47

582 53 Linköping

Mail: perolofjohansson@hotmail.com

John ODonnell (not verified)

Terminal 6 phone number that is on Voicemail is not a good number. Can someone re-do the Lost & Found phone number given on voicemail for this terminal so other people can get through to check their lost & found items. It is very frustrating!

John O'Donnell (not verified)

I lost my backpack with all my medication and other important paperwork in Terminal 6 at Jet Blue terminal, probably in a restaurant. Please call me at 941-726-9563 to return my bag in Florida.


please!!! I lost my Colombian passport in JFK Delta terminal yesterday June 30 around 3pm in the luggage area. if you know something please contact me.MANY MANY THANKS. payasiado@latinmail.com

Annabel Rivera

My father left this morning with my daughter to Puerto Rico on a flight via Jet Blue at 7:45 AM. Unfortunately, he misplaced his license at the last TSA checkpoint from Terminal 5. Why he didn't immediately turnaround to go an search for it is beyond me. He had atleast half an hour before having to board the plane. Well anyway, I have tried calling left and right to JFK and Jet Blue to find out where if it was found by someone and where or how it can be recovered a.s.a.p. Anyones help and further information regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated.

crystal (not verified)

hello my name is crystal
on june 10 2009 i had lost 3 iteams on jfk airport
the 3 iteams was a lx purple sidekick.
i had also lost my soney black carmera
and my pink plam cell phone

if you have any idea or have seen my iteams
please write to me at my email thank you very much

@ hottiemami210@aol.com

LAZNIK (not verified)

4 piece luggage lost - i traveled from JFK to Rome Fiumicinni. Please contact me if found.

Patti (not verified)

Friday June 26th a flight coming from orlando to jfk between 8 and 11pm. medium sized orange bag with grease marks on it and 2 outer pockets and it rolls with a handle.No one can find my luggage! My car keys are in it .I really need this back. Please call Patti at 913-2202. Reward!

Debasish Pal (not verified)

I left my digital camera at the airport security checkpoint on 27 june 2009 while taking the delta airlines flight 0168 JFK to Manchester(terminal 2-just outside gate 27. This is a black leather case with a sony digital camera. I am now in UK and if anyone has found this camera please contact at 00447903957372 or 00441617431735