JFK Airport Information

JFK Airport Address

John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK Expy & S Cargo Road (Intersection of two streets)

Jamaica, NY 11430

JFK Airport mailing address

Building 14

Jamaica, NY 11430

John F. Kennedy International Airport is an international airport located in Jamaica, Queens, southeast of New York City.

IATA code - JFK

ICAO code - KJFK

Operated by - The airport has been operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey under a lease with New York City since 1947.

Time Zone - EST (GMT -5)

History - Construction of the airport began in 1942 with modest ambitions. Only 1,000 acres (4 km²) of land on the site of Idlewild golf course were earmarked for use. The golf course provided the airport's original namesake, Idlewild Airport. First commercial flights began on July 1, 1948. The airport was formally dedicated as New York International Airport on July 31, 1948. It was re-dedicated on December 24, 1963 as John F. Kennedy International Airport, following action of the Mayor and Council of the City of New York, and a resolution of the Commissioners of the Port Authority. After the September 11, 2001 attacks, JFK was one of the first airports in the United States to be temporarily closed.



if the itinerary has the final destination included, and if the luggage is thru checked into final destination, he doesnt have to carry it to T8. as soon as he finishes customs, there is a place to handover the luggage for checkin.

It's impossible to find out when terminal 7 is open for a 6 A.M. flight, I've been all over the web. Does anyone know what the operating hours of this terminal are? You would think this would be the easiest thing to find in the world, but no, apparently it's a secret!

Stuck all day up all night is there a place in the terminal that one can rent a bed for the day???

Unfortunately not at JFK airport you may think about a hotel.

My son is flying from ORD arriving at JFK on AA 572 @4:10pm connecting to LY O2 at 6pm. Will he have enough time to get through security/passport control and will AA let him check his bags through even though they are two separate tickets. I ask because sometimes AA says yes and then at the airport they say no. Thank you!

I'm arriving in LGA from Montreal (Air Canada) and connecting in JFK to Johannesburg (SouthAfrican Airways). My luggage will not be check through. I just have two and a half hours, is this enough time?

2 and a half hours is generally good time window for a flight connection.

flight to moscow
hello, how do i find out the prices for the tickets i need and how do i book them?

Go to www.orbitz.com. It worked for me!

I need to have tax-refunding. is ther service at J.F. airpot? How to find it?


I will be flying on a Lan Airlines ticket Toronto to Santiago Chile with a connection at JFK. The flight to JFK is operated by AA. I will clear American customs in Toronto and bags will be ticketed through to Santiago, Chile. What is the minimum connection time I will need to change planes at JFK_

No less than 1.5 hours, more is better.

My son is flying from Ireland to JFK, arriving 6:20 pm and is considering flying Delta to Washington at 8:40. Is this enough time to get through customs and board next flight. Can he tag his bag through to DC with aer lingus and put it at the transfer station so he does not need to have it checked 45 minutes ahead of time. thanks

If he is flying to JFK from Shannon he will clear US customs at Shannon. He should check with Aer Lingus if they have a baggage agreement with Delta and can tag the bags through to DCA, if not he will have to check his bags with Delta for the flight to DCA.


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