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I lost my brown wallet at security checkpoint, terminal 4 on may 29 (between 6:30 am - 7:30 am). Wallet contains my drivers licence, credit cards, social security card and some money.
If found contact me

I flew from JFK to Daytona Beach, FL on Monday, March 19, 2018. on JetBlue flight 393 that left between 8:00 and 8:30 AM. The only time that my checked luggage was out of my sight was after I checked it, and when I picked it up in Daytona Beach upon arrival. In my checked luggage was a brand new, Cynthia Rowley cashmere sweater. When I returned home, it was gone from my luggage. Hopefully JFK has security cameras in the areas where the checked baggage is searched by baggage handlers - the only explanation possible.

The payment system is without doubt the most ridiculous system I've ever encountered anywhere on the planet. Which unintelligent person invented a system that removes humans, customers stand in line trying to pay in cash but there are only 3 tills and one of them wasn't working, the machines don't work and you stand there with your food going cold. People are so confused they just end up leaving the food or walking out in frustration. You then go to the bar but again you talk to a bar man but he can't take the order you have to place it on a screen then he serves you.
Someone needs to see sense, I appreciate that America is not bless with a great deal of that with your current president but I've found people to be very helpful
Don't get rid of them with a stupid impersonal machine.

Hello, I will be flying AA from Toronto to JFK and LANTAM from JFK to Lima, Peru and vice versa.
I will be therefore in transit. Do I have to go through immigration once at JFK? or instead being in t transit I only have to go through security? Mind you I have a Nexus card

I would like to know if how can I apply for re-routing my flight that is originally from LAX airport and I want to change it to JFK airport in New York? Is this possible? Or not can I refund for the flight that has not been used?

Thank you
I fervently hope for your immediate response


Black wallet with a zipper. Pink inside. Holding my credit and debit card and Medicare card as well as my license. Please mail to 3688 Pine St. Jacksonvill, Fl. 32205.

I was travel from Edinburgh to San Diego through JFK. I experienced difficult with posted signs throughout the airport.
1. Our flight was the first to arrive in baggage and after waiting 45 minutes and two later flights to collect their bags and leave our bags finally arrived.
2. No where in the baggage area was it posted that you needed your custom slip in hand to turn in upon leaving the baggage area.
3. The airline video did not cover this point either.
4. An attendant was yelling at the kiosk to get out of line if you didn't have the paper in hand. This resulted in a bottle neck at the kiosk entrance.
5. There was no signage directing persons to drop their baggage before leaving the area. The attendant was around a curve with no signage. The only posted sign was above the doorway.
6. No signage posting where persons were suppose to go. Only signage pointing to the elevator.
7. The left elevator dropped 6-10" midstream. EXTREMELY FRIGHTENING!!
8. No general boarding signage at security. We did not see the attendant at general boarding and got in the TSA LINE. we were made to go back and go through the general line.
9. No signage as what to do or where to go if your bage requires a secondary check.
10. Barked at me "don't put your hand over the glass when I pointed at my bag. NO SIGNAGE ON THE GLASS TO "do not put hand over the glass".
11. No signage in the departing gate elevator what level the gates were on.

All of these areas are major concerns. Signage is ADA mandated. Having staff yell at the public because the flow is poorly or not posted is the fault of the airport. Persons should be able to move from point to point with dignity and respect.

Please make changes to your signage so that all persons can access the airport without fear or concerns.

Thank you,


I call the number your staff gave me u called me and never called back about my Char parts and set balt am going to have to pay my lawyer 300/dollars to make u pay for my list things u gave me a number and u called me and I called u over and over again no one has got Back to me about anything 5162051051 my home number 4959551 is my home number my cell phone u have to so please get back to me thanks


I lost my passport wallet at JFK on Thursday 25 May. I'm pretty sure I left it in one of two restrooms - either the first male restroom you come to after the arrivals lounge in Terminal 5 or the male restroom beside carousel 5 in Terminal 5. It does NOT actually have a passport in it or at debit/credit cards but it does have US dollars and Euros in it, amongst other documents. It also has a British Airways Executive Club card and Avios club card.
It is a black leather passport wallet.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I checked in my suitcase in NYC (JFK) 15/05/2017 AF0011, but didn’t receive it upon arrival in St Pete 16/05/17 AF4884 (SU6636) .

Booking #RRJZHG
AF0011 15May17 NYC (JFK) - Paris (CDG)
AF4884 (SU6636) 16May17 Paris (CDG)-St Petersburg, Russia (LED)

The biggest problem, that i don’t have the baggage tracking number. I believe the sticker with the number was possibly lost when my seat was changed and the boarding pass was reprinted (since i had a very short connection in CDG, so at the check-in & the baggage drop off in JFK my seat was changed to the one closer to the exit of the plane).
Therefore i think that the chances that my suitcase is still in JFK are equally high as in Paris.
On arrival I filled in the form in Pulkovo airport in ST Petersburg, ref #LEDXH28630, but since i don’t have the baggage tracking number can’t fill in any AirFrance online form

Description of the luggage:
The suitcase is a large purple Samsonite one with the multi-colored (sky blue, yellow & pink) luggage cover with tulips (please see the picture attached to the letter).
There are my personal belongings inside/
I am happy to provide all needed additional information. Looking forward to hear from you & to receive my suitcase.

Ive been receiving emails about 2 Trunks that are full of money are at your Airport. That the person who was with the trunks left & nobody can find him. But I believe the email stated that there is paperwork with My name & email. Im letting you know i dont know anyone who is sending me the trunks unless its my friend by the name David is sending them. He is in the service which is the Army. But i forgot his last name & havent heard from him for 2 yrs. No pics. Since i moved here in Alabama my phone lost alot of things. I deal with Boost Mobile. Please let me know if this is a Scam. Thank you Dawn Baldwin.

My dad forgot a black carry on bag at the Hudson Booksellers store at Terminal 8 between 8:00 PM and 8:30 PM. The suitcase is black, has a yellow label from the Brazilian travel agency CVC and a red ribbon tied to the handle.
He, my mother and my brother were returning to Brazil on a TAM flight at 19:40.
Please contact me.

The airport is closed Now?

the bag had a number from the trip from JAX to JFK # 0279 338754

i lost a carry on bag that has vitamins for my father i was trying to catch a plane to Istanbul on turkish airlines and i forgot it at the security check point before gate 12 if i remember correctly
i was coming from JAX to JFK to catch a plane to Istanbul

PLease contact me.

Do you expect serious delays flight cancelations on Thursday at JFK due to snow.


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