JFK International Airport

  Delays by Destination:
No destination-specific delays are being reported
  General Departure Delays:
Traffic is experiencing gate hold and taxi delays lasting 15 minutes or less.
  General Arrival Delays:
Arrival traffic is experiencing airborne delays of 15 minutes or less
Update time: Mon Sep 25 02:39:56 2023 GMT - provided by the FAA\'s Air Traffic Control System Command Center

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My finace is arriving on an Emirates flight (terminal 4) at 14:15 and we are scheduled to fly to Las Vegas on American (terminal 8 or 9?) at 1700. What are the chances we can make this change? She will need to clear immigration & customs, travel to terminal 8 and go through security.

hi! we will arrive from Milan at terminal 8 with American Airlines at 1.40 pm and then we leave at 3.30 pm to san Fransisco with the same company. do we have to pick up luggage or the trasfert is automatic?
If we have to pick up luggage and then to check in for the new flight is the time (1.50 hour) enough?
thanks a lot

Hi i am new here.
My mom does not speak english and have to transfer from T7 to T5 to check in and catch another plane today. does JFK or the airlines provide escort service? I can't find a phone number for jet blue at JFK..

How do I go from terminal 8 arrival to terminal 1 arrival around 22:30?

Hi. If we arrive at LaGaurdia at 7:00 PM would we have time to get to JFK (and check in with bags) for a 9:00 PM flight to Madrid (Rome). First flight is with AA and second flight is with BA (Iberia). Thanks!

My flight arrives at 6:10AM via AA (I think terminal 8) and at 7:55AM I have to take another flight to San Francisco. I need to do immigrations. Do I have time? In which terminal is Immigration office located?. Which terminal is assigned for AA JFK/SFO? Any advice?

Hi, My daughter is traveling from JFK to Dubai, she is attending a seminar and the seminar finishes at 1300hrs, her flight is next day morning at 8, can she check in early? or is there a hotel inside airport where she can spend her time or is there a lounge she can use? Please advice

Please let me know if there is a direct bus or train from JFK to Philadelphia airport? Thanks!

Can someone tell me the best route in the airport to get from the gate I come in on from Morocco thru customs and to my connection flight at the jet blue terminal?
It would be greatly appreciated!

Do you know if a "laptop" is considered a carry-on bag with South African Airways? Can I bring my laptop and a carry-on bag? Their customer service is now closed.

My Family will be landing at JFK at Terminal 8 (American Airline) and I will be landing at Terminal 7 (via British Airways). We are arriving with the difference of about 20 min. We both have next flight from Terminal 8 to SFO.
I was wondering if I can directly come to Terminal 8 after collecting my baggage from the belt but before going through the customs so that I can help my family with luggage.
Any suggestion would be wellcomed.


I arrive at 10:07 in Terminal 5. I have an 11:00 AM flight on American in Terminal 8.
Do I have enough time to make it if the flight is on time?

I am landing with my wife on 18h July by flight EK 201 at 2:15 pm. I need to fly to Chicago then. Was planning to take the 3:55 pm flight of JetBlue from JFK to ORD. I need to know is it enough time to catch the flight? I will have to clear customs, immigration, collect bag & then recheckin for the domestic flight. I will be flying business class on the dxb - JFK leg but from what I understand, JFK doesn't have a fast track for immigration for business class passengers. Please advice as I need to make the reservation ASAP. Thanks.B

I lost my Jordanian passport in terminal 8 at JFK Yesterday July 1 in the afternoon.. Please contact me if you find it:

I am looking to find out info on Am Airlines flight 1510 was delayed and maybe a phone # to have someone paged


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