WIFI Internet Access

JetBlue customers traveling through JFK Terminal 6 can use their laptop computers or other wireless enabled devices to access their corporate network, check email, surf the web or download files, all at no charge.

- park yourself near a JetBlue wireless hotspot sign
- you have to set the SSID to "default" or "any"
- accept the Terms & Conditions and you can start surfing
- you will be redirected to jetblue.com for free access to the Internet.



Yes they do.


Please be aware of Internet frauds at JFK airport.
My CC was compromised early this month when I was at
At T4, I provided my CC details to buy Internet Access. That when Crooks got hold of my CC. Looks like the wireless network in the terminal is not at all secured.
I know that because all the bogus charged on my card started right after that. The very first one was at a jewellery shop at the terminal.

Please make sure you delete your profile and CC details after you have bought Internet Access there.

I am reporting this to JFK Terminal Authorities too.

how about terminal 8?

where can i find the free wifi at T5? Very important. Thanks

JFK airport has free wi fi on every terminal.

Anywhere in the building - just ask any Jet Blue employee how to access it.

the free wifi service is too complicated, full of adverts.. the only internet cafe is in terminal 1, old fashioned than the Changi Singapore.. free wifi n internet PC at all place.. too business oriented for the trolley.. No transit hotel in the terminals.. so it's not a kind of modern airport at all..

Hi, Is there wifi access in terminal 8? also, is there any place where I can print a document?
Thank you.

JFK airport Terminals have a paid or free WiFi.

can anybody tell anything about free wifi at terminal 4. Thank You.

Not at T4, only at T5.

Is there WIFI access at Terminal 8?

Hi, I was wondering if there is free internet in Terminal 3. I have a 7 hour lay over so I will be there for a while. Thanks!

No, not at Terminal 3.

At T3, after gate # 16 there is a cafe with iPads on all tables where you can browse internet till you are there.

Also the paid internet is free for first 20 mins for anyone sponsered by Amirecan Express


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