WIFI Internet Access

JetBlue customers traveling through JFK Terminal 6 can use their laptop computers or other wireless enabled devices to access their corporate network, check email, surf the web or download files, all at no charge.

- park yourself near a JetBlue wireless hotspot sign
- you have to set the SSID to "default" or "any"
- accept the Terms & Conditions and you can start surfing
- you will be redirected to jetblue.com for free access to the Internet.

Anonymous-wifi (not verified)

Does JFK airport has free wifi facility?

Jukka (not verified)

I am arriving Non 8th 16:25 from CDG, AF006 (Terminal 1), have to pick up my luggage and catch the next flight DELTA 413 to Miami Dept. 18:30. Delta does only write, that Terminal is eithe T2 or T4. What would be the fastest procedure to check in DELTA 413 to JFK? Thank for your answer.

Valy (not verified)

I'll arrive On Sunday at the T8. There's free internet wifi or I'll should pay?
Thank u

amq (not verified)

I will arrive at T1 where I can get my baggage and do I need to take air train to T3 and where can I check in my baggage and how can I move them I have children and a lot of baggage I will arrive on Saudi airlines T1 and fly from T3 on Delta

Tmoske (not verified)

I was able to connect to the JetBlue Hot Spot in Terminal 5 on my laptop, after going to the web page and accepting the terms. But, although my iPad says it is connected to the wireless, I have no Internet connection. I tried three different places around the terminal with the same result. I went to the Just Ask counter and they were no help. I tried closing out all my browser tabs and restarting both the Safari app and my iPad. Any help would be appreciated!

Btw, I saw someone else was having trouble as well. I have an iPad2, if that helps.

jmikelle22 (not verified)

Is there internet access (free hotspot) in T2?
How far is the Sheraton hotel from T2?
Thank you,

Eleonora Selapugina (not verified)

I have a flight from JFK to Riga by Uzbekistan airways. They lost my baggage. It's big, dark red, on the top was torned handle. Please, help me to find it!! The Nr. of baggage was HY373627, reference file is RIXHY10179.

Enrique Setaro

Enrique Setaro: I am arriving from Boston with American this sunday connecting with the same airline to Barcelona, Spain. Where/How can I get a wiFi hotspot free or at a reasonable cost?


At Terminal 5.


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badger (not verified)

Hi. I will be travelling from the Czech Republic to JFK in May. Actually have a connecting flight to Alaska that doesn't leave till the next morning at 7:30 a.m. (I arrive around 4 p.m.). What are the regulations for staying overnight in the airport with my dog (41 kg or approx 83 pounds)? Must she stay in her kennel? Could I store her kennel at Baggage Storage and just keep her on a leash and with me at all times?

Secondly, are there any free wi-fi spots in the airport? Given that I am arriving on Delta and leaving on Delta, what Terminal am I arriving into? If it is NOT Terminal 4, where is Terminal 4 from a) my arriving terminal and b) from baggage claim?



I am staying in US for the past 5 months. I am travelling to Japan next week. My spouse & i are reaching on the same day at different terminals.

Can she use my current I-94 at her port of entry? How will i send her my latest I-94?

B2G_ (not verified)

Call Immigration officials.

jujou (not verified)

is there wireless internet in terminal 8



Tinashe (not verified)

hi, flyin to Heathrow on tha fifth and i have about 7 hours to wait for my flight on Virgin Atlantic, im not a member with them, where can i have access to internet for free while i wait?

Rohini (not verified)


I am reaching JFK T5 tomorrow by JetBlue and need to catch AIRINDIA at T4 for international travel. I am coming with 12 bags of luggage, two kids & husband. How should I change from T5 to T4? What is the easiest way without any stress? I know airtran is there, but I feel it would be difficult to travel with that much luggage.
Quicker help is appreciated.


Marcos (not verified)

Are there any place that I can leave my suitcase for some hours in the airport? I will have a connection of 10hours and I will need to go to the other airport. Do you suggest me to do it already in the other airport?
Thanks so much!


I have a flight in to JFK arriving around 6:30am and picking up a connecting flight late evening around 9:30pm. I am wondering if i have time to head in to the city and see a couple of sites before picking up my connecting flight, and if so how is the best way to go around this?

Many thanks

Hilpogi (not verified)

is there a free wifi in t8?



Cobus (not verified)

Arriving at JFK on Saturday 6 August and then off to Boston. Are there any mobile shops at the airport to purchase a prepaid mobile sim card - such as AT&T / Cingular / T-Mobile


Only at terminal 6.

Anonymous (not verified)

Do u have any play ground in the terminal 8 or any other entrainment place for kids and babies? We are going to stay 6 hours or more into the airport.


Unfortunately not.

harry kinomoto

Any ideas if there are many power outlets available at T3?
Also, how do you pay for the internet access? Can you pay by cash, or does one need a US bank account to do it online?


You will have to contact JFK internet authorities please.

Anonymous (not verified)

I would like to know if there is any bathroom available for shower in terminal 8?


No showers available, just the bathrooms.

Anca (not verified)

hi, is there wi fi access in terminal 5?



Confused.King (not verified)

do u have free internet(wifi)in terminal 4(emirates)????

Michael L. (not verified)


Anonymous (not verified)

Hi! i'll be arriving at JFK airport on May 22,2011 around 8:30pm :) how much is the fare if I'm going to ride a taxi from JFK airport going to Port Authority?

Can I buy a ticket without a Voucher at the airport service bus going to Port Authority?

Ossama (not verified)

I will arrive to JFK next Month voming from Cairo by Egypt Air with my Family to visit LA and i will have 5 hours transit time to take a flight to LAX , do you think that i have a chance to let my Family Visit Newyork city or better to stay at Airpot , If you recommend to stay at Airport what you recommend to do in this transit time .
Thanks inadvance


5 hours is not enough to go outside the airport,however, you may if you wish visit some food courts and shopping malls at terminal 4 departure level just before security.Food is good and shopping malls will take you some time.

Anonymous (not verified)

I'll be arriving from London to JFK (AA141) and my friend will be arriving from Miami to JFK (AA2086). I guess we'll be arriving to different terminals. We won't have access to mobile phones. Can you suggest a meeting point? Maybe the baggage claim level?

Fritz (not verified)

Both flights will be at terminal 8 so terminal 8 arrivals hall by the welcome center would be a good meeting point.

Anonymous (not verified)

dude, no welcome center at t8, it is ground transportation desk

Fritz (not verified)

I never befriended you show little more respect on this forum board for people helping nice passengers

LILY (not verified)

I have an upcoming international flight. My lay over will be at jfk. I will have to wait for a good 8 hours for my next flight. What do you suggest I do while waiting. Any nice shops, cafe you can suggest? Lili


You can visit the entire airport while you wait for your connecting flight. Use air train to transfer between terminals but also keep in mind not to leave the airport on air train because you will get charged if you wish to get back. While you are at the airport you can do some shopping and every terminal has coffee and snack shops where you can sit and relax. Also there are some stores where you can get NYC nice gadgets especially my favorite ones at terminal 4.

Anonymous (not verified)

There is free WiFi connection in Terminal 3 and 4? If any, what are they? Thanks


Besides Jet Blue free wireless service everybody can use the wireless at any other terminal. Here are the instructions for that(taken from the official JFK web site):

"WiFi is available in most public areas within most terminals. Get online near the ticket counters, boarding gates, designated work stations and food courts.

Choose a daily plan or use your existing WiFi account.

1. Pay as you go: $4.95 per hour
2. Day Pass: Unlimited access for a 24-hour period, $7.95
3. Unlimited Access: Sign up for a monthly subscription and get unlimited access at more than 100,000 hotspots worldwide, $9.95 per month
4. Existing WiFi Account: If you have an existing WiFi account, you can connect using your user name and password

Wireless access is provided by Boingo Wireless Company. Customer service is available seven days a week, 24 hours per day. Call toll free (800) 550-5030."


TareX (not verified)

So I guess your short answer is, NO, JFK does not gave free internet. Sucks.

Anonymous (not verified)

Does 3 yr. olds. need documentation from parent not traveling, in order to leave the contry


Yes they do.



Please be aware of Internet frauds at JFK airport.
My CC was compromised early this month when I was at
At T4, I provided my CC details to buy Internet Access. That when Crooks got hold of my CC. Looks like the wireless network in the terminal is not at all secured.
I know that because all the bogus charged on my card started right after that. The very first one was at a jewellery shop at the terminal.

Please make sure you delete your profile and CC details after you have bought Internet Access there.

I am reporting this to JFK Terminal Authorities too.

piyo (not verified)

how about terminal 8?

Layover (not verified)

where can i find the free wifi at T5? Very important. Thanks