JFK International Airport

  Delays by Destination:
No destination-specific delays are being reported
  General Departure Delays:
Traffic is experiencing gate hold and taxi delays lasting 15 minutes or less.
  General Arrival Delays:
Arrival traffic is experiencing airborne delays of 15 minutes or less
Update time: Sun Feb 14 05:38:16 2016 GMT - provided by the FAA\'s Air Traffic Control System Command Center

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JFK Airport Parking - You can use two types of parking: JFK Long Term Parking or Daily Parking in the Central Terminal Area more

JFK Car Rental - Each terminal have rental car counter or courtesy telephones. Car rental companies that operate at airport are: Avis, Budget, Dollar Rent A Car, Enterprise, Hertz more

Kennedy Airport Terminals - There are 8 operating terminals ...

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Most airlines will make you fgo through USA customs, and then place your items back into the belt to you next flight .I think that you make stay in the terminal but each is diffl. I work with all the flight info, and rerouting people the best I can. Joey

My flight to Brazil is schedule to departure at JFK tonight at 00:45. Will the aeroport be closed because of the snow/weather?
Thanks and regards

I am not an American citizen (first time in JFK) and will arrive on an international flight at Terminal 4 at 8:30. It is a crowded schedule for Customs?
Should I pick up my luggage before or after immigration?
I have connection to San Francisco in Terminal 7 at 11:00. I think it is enough time (2:30), isn't it?

You wont miss the flight. You will be fine. You have to pcik up luggage after immigration. Go to baggage check after to finish with the immigration officer.

i think you might miss your flight

You are not going to miss your flight. 2.5 hours is enough time. You cannot pick up your luggage before immirgration, you have to do it right after. When you have picked it up you will go through customs, right after customs you can drop off your bag again at a special bag drop for connecting flights. It will be all good. It's hard to make a mistake. UNLESS lines at immigration are extremely long you should be good. Make sure to get out of your plane FAST and be the first of your batch to get in line.

Hi, I have a lot of luggage, and I was wondering if there are carts and or luggage help in the terminal 4 for departing passangers, and what will be the usual cost, thank you so much for the info.

Yes. Last time I checked it was $3 per cart

Now it is $5.00 per trolley.

I arrive in JFK and will have to get through customs from my Alitalia flight. My connecting flight is in a different terminal with a different airline. How do I get my bag from customs and then make sure it gets onto my next flight. How do I re-check in after customs for my Delta connecting flight?

im a 45 year old father of five,
been recently laid off, i am looking for full time employment in queens, ny
email me if you have any information about anyone hiring.
thank you.

i am bringing 30 kg dog as accompanied baggage from cincinnati vial delta 1048 on 25th jan. then i have to take him to
india by Lufthansa 405 on same day.
I want to know how to move the dog from terminal 3 to 1.
also can I check in dog directly from cincinnati to mumbai?
Also how I inform airlines and reconfirm my taking dog along?

Please let me know.
dr kirti doshi

United Airlines leaving jfk 1/21/2011
Will the snow expected in new york prevent this flight
from leaving?

Flight status is up to your airline, the airport and weather conditions at the time of departure. Stay in touch with United for flight status updates.

Hi there,
I'm just wondering if anyone could let me know approximately how much a taxi to Williston Park from JFK would be. I don't need an exact figure, just an estimate please. I don't know how long this journey is so I can't figure it out myself. Also is there a charge for carrying luggage and extra passengers?
Thank you


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