Terminal 8


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 8

Airlines IATA Code Phone Numbers
Air Berlin AB (866) 266-5588 
American  AA (800) 433-7300 
American Eagle  AA (800) 433-7300 
Brussels Airlines
SN (516) 622-2248 
Finnair AY (800) 950-5000 
Jet Airways 9W (877) 835-9538 

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RZ (not verified)

Your time slot is OK as long as your flight is on time. You will clear immigration and security once you arrive at JFK from Brussels Belgium. Yes you can but you will still pick up the bags to check your bags through Customs.

Anonymous (not verified)

Thank you for the answer !

Claudia Fer (not verified)

My girls will be arriving in Terminal 8 from Washington DC and going to Brazil, in Terminal 8, gate 16. Is that too far?

Victor N. (not verified)

Nope not at all. Walkable distance 5 to 10 minutes at most.



My parents are travelling from Chennai, India to Dallas through Jet Airways flight 9W-226. They arrive JFK at 12.40PM and the connecting flight 1353 is operated by American Airline at 5.00PM. They have to go through immigration and custom.Both arrival and depature terminal is 8. It’s their first time to travel so far and they are not so fluent in English.
Is there any detailed description of how and where to proceed? Thanks!

Michael L. (not verified)

They will both go through U.S Customs and Immigration and they will have to recheck their bags at AA check in counter at terminal 8. They will also have to go through security before their second flight. No need to travel far at all. Everything happens at the same terminal.

Segun (not verified)

I am arriving from London to JFK through a BA flight around 11am but have a AA flight to IAD at 12.20 pm.
The two tickets were bought separately.
Will I make it within that transit time and will I be able to re-check in my luggage after customs/immigration at terminal 7 or will I have to go to baggage claim, collect them and then check in again at terminal 8. Since BA and AA share code, will I be able to check my luggage all the way to IAD from London.(3 questions in all).

Anonymous (not verified)

We are flying in to JFK Terminal 8 from Montreal flight aa4444, on feb 2nd on our way to Buenos Aires via flight AA0955. Will we have to handle our checked luggage or will it be moved to the other plane by airport employees? Thank you


Hi, there!

Writing to you from previous experience. I flew from YYZ to SVO via JFK T8 and HEL. Did not have to move bags on to my next flight. FYI I've went through US Customs at YYZ

Cheers, RB211(AME)

Michael L. (not verified)

You will have to handle and carry the luggage yourself.

Anonymous (not verified)

we aretraveling from jamaica to Russia. Air jamaica has gates at terminal 4? and Airflot has gates at terminal 1. do we need visa to get from one terminal to another?
thank you


Yes you will need U.S visa if you transit inside the U.S between 2 terminals.


We won't have any warm clothes with us. Will we have to go outside to go between terminal 8 and terminal 5? How cold is it usually on Feb 16?

RZ (not verified)

Nope. Use free air train inside the terminal where its nice and warm. No need to go outside.February is usually a cold month so it will be cold on that day. Looking towards spring.


Thx RZ. Keep warm

Anonymous (not verified)

Will I need to go outside or are the indoor paths between? I will not have winter clothes.


No need to go outside. They are all inside and you can use free air train.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, I will be arriving at JFK from Argentina at 6am with AA to terminal 8 and then I have another flight at 8pm to Raleigh with American Eagle. Can I drop the bags at connections so I can leave the airport and do a Manhattan tour or do I have to storage them. If so, in what terminal should I storage them.

Thank you!

Victor N (not verified)

Yes you can leave them at terminal 8.

Anonymous (not verified)

Good day,
i'm arriving on American Eager and departing on Singapore Airlines. I need to also pay a visit to a Brookstone store in the airport.
Please advice how i could do the transiting (changing terminal?) and visit to Brookstone. I have about 5 hours of transit.
Thank you very much


Yes you can. It would be a good idea to drop them off at terminal 8.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, do you know at what gate AA flight leaves for St Marrten??? Thanks in advance!!!

Michael L. (not verified)

Gate 38.

newton (not verified)

what time does open check in for AA 951 at 21:35?

Michael L. (not verified)

1 hour prior to your flight.

Anonymous (not verified)

Sorry, but my detail question was which is the better and the cheapest way to get to that direction.
Many thanks

B$G (not verified)

Use taxi please to get to your destination.

Anonymous (not verified)

Which is the better way to get to 34th St at 8th (34th St - Penn Station) from Terminal 8? My fligth is an AA.
Many thanks

Michael L (not verified)

Use taxi to transfer between those streets.

Pilar Aliseda (not verified)

My daughter will be travelling from Madrid to Seattle on her own (16 years old) and has 2 hours from arrival to departure. Is it possible to go through Inmigration, Customs and change from terminal 7 to terminal 8 within 2 hours? Thank you.


Your daughter will make that connection as long as her flight from Madrid Spain is on time. It is possible to go through all that with 2 hour time frame.

Anonymous (not verified)

I will be arriaving in JFK Terminal 8 by Jet Airways Flight at 12:40PM from Chennai. I have a connecting Delta Airlines flight to Fortlauderdale from Terminal 2 at 4:30PM. After customs, is there a Transfer desk at Terminal 8 to handover my checked baggage, how far is it after customs, do I need to take a receipt.


When you make your connecting flight you will have to check in at the Delta check in counter at terminal 2 to transfer your luggage. It should be tops 5 to 10 minutes after customs. Use free air train to transfer between terminals 2 and 8.


could you help please, my son is travelling from jfk to lag airport, he has 1hr 49 mins before his flightleaves for london heathrow, will this be enough time to get to jfk and check in, thank you,

lynn, (UK)


He should be OK with that time frame.

Robertino (not verified)

From which gate at terminal 8 American Airlines usually daparts for Cancun?

Michael L. (not verified)

I believe it is gate 38 or 40.

Anonymous (not verified)

hi, i've been lived in NY for several months and going back to my country, South Korea.
I'll depart at 07:00am on 12th January by American Airline and transfer to Singapore Airline in Sanfrancisco.
here's the thing. it's pretty early time to go to the Airport that we usually go there within 3 hours before departing.
the departure time is 07:00am, so i should go there at least by 05:00am.
Can I check in my luggage and ticket at 05:00am?
sounds like too early, so i'm asking
if not, what time is the earliest time to check in?


You should be fine with showing up at 5AM. Check-in counters should be open at that time.

Lara / Lourdes Brandao (not verified)

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Antoine (not verified)

I am French citizen and travelling with my wife British citizen to Miami via NY-JFK. We fly Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong and land at JFK Terminal 7 at 12:10 on Friday ; we then depart from JFK Terminal 8 at 14:30 with American Airlines.
Do we have enough time to go through immigration + collect luggage + check-in for connecting flight ?
Thank you.


Your time slot looks OK and yes you will make it as long as your first flight is on time. You will be arriving in terminal 7 and you will be departing from terminal 8. Both of those terminals are close to each other. Use air train to transfer between those terminals. It should be less than 5 minutes.


Our family arrives on American at 6:20 PM from Jamaica. We are US citizens and will have checked baggage. Our connection is also on American and leaves at 8:00 PM. Will this be enough time?


I am assuming your second flight is domestic. You will be arriving on an international flight so you will have to go through immigration and customs upon arrival in the U.S. Going with the same airlines will be helpful since you will arriving and departing from the same terminal (Terminal 8). It is a tight but possible connection as long as your first flight is on time.

GN6 (not verified)

We'll be flying into JFK terminal 8 from Montreal in July, arriving 13.50 then flying out of terminal 4 for LAX at 17.00. Do we have enough time?


You will be fine with that time frame :)

B$G (not verified)

Yes, plenty of time. You will clear US customs in Montreal prior to departure. On arrival take AirTrain on track 2 from T8 to T4.

anonymous (not verified)

I have a flight from London to JFK with american airlines, I then have 4.5 hours to get to LGA for my connecting flight to DTW.

the question is, do American Airlines have a service that will transfer my checked baggage from JFK to LGA or will I have to take it myself? (i'm aware I will have to take them off the baggage carousel and through customs)

also, what sort of price shall I be expecting to pay for a cab from JFK to LGA?


You will have to pick up the bags yourself and yes you have to go through customs. Cab would be the best solution here in order to get from JFK to LGA. Figure out around 50 bucks+tips and tolls.

MS_MS (not verified)

The price of a cab from JFK to LGA is on the meter. Expect to pay somewhere between $30-$35+tip. No tolls.