Terminal 8


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 8

Airlines Phone Numbers IATA Code
Air Berlin (866) 266-5588 AB
American (800) 433-7300 AA
American Eagle (800) 433-7300 AA
Finnair (800) 950-5000 AY
Lan Chile (866) 435-9526 LA
Lan Ecuador (866) 435-9526 XL
Lan Peru (866) 435-9526 LP
Qatar Airways (877) 777-2827 QR
Royal Jordanian (212) 949-0050 RJ
TAM (888) 235-9826 JJ
US Airways (800) 428-4322 US



Thank You for the answer;
Sorry we arrive at 15.50, so the time between flights is 1.15; but the best way is to change the tickets, if it is possible?
Thank You

Yes try that. It is always a good idea to have 2 to 3 hours between your flights for a comfortable connection.

It is an impossible connection as you are lookin` at 15 minutes between your flights. You will need to clear both Customs and Immigration pick up your luggage and recheck it for your second flight.

Dear Mrs Mss,

I lost my iPhone and flash drive in my seats (19 H and 19 J, 19 G) flight of American Airlines. The flight was the number No.18 (San Francisco, JFK New York) that arrived around 9.45 am (originally scheduled to arrive at 7.00am) last saturday, march 18 2012.

I am right know out of New York. I could not have find any answer from American Airlines Lost and Found tel number (718 487 5501). I leaved a message but I have not have any chance to talk with someone who can give me some information.

How could I contact other number with American Airlines? There is any other department that could help me to find it?

I really need to have the information that I have in my flash drive and I phone. I would like to offer a reward and pay for the post service.


My Cell number is 541 3373128

Nicolas H

Try to post it on Lost and Found portion of this website.

Hi, I thought I posted up a question, but can not see it so will try again -

Is two hours enough time clear customs/security to connect between Am Eagle landing from Canada at 730 pm and going on Alitalia to Rome at 930 pm?

I saw on an earlier post that 3 hours was enough time, but am wondering if 2 is enough.

Thank you.

2 to 3 hours between your flights is enough to make a connection.

Hi: I am leaving Halifax on AA. Will go through US Customs Preclearance in Halifax. Arriving in Terminal 8 for connection in Orlando (leaving from Terminal 8 as well). Do I need to clear customs / security at JFK terminal 8?


I arrive from ORD to JFK at 16.20 with AA and my flight to Helsinki leaves at 17.40 (FinnAIr). Will I have to pass the security again and is this enough time as everything is at Terminal 8? Thanks!

Both flights are at terminal 8 so no you dont have to clear security. My only concern is your tight time line of 1 20 minutes. Its possible to connect if your first flight is on time.

I am going to a business trip to Orlando Florida.
i'll be arriving (on American Airlines) from London, at Terminal 7 at 11:00 am. my flight departs to Orlando (on American Airlines) at 3:20 pm(at terminal 8).
My question is:
Since this is a transit situation, just for connecting flights, do i have to go through security and custom immigration when i arrive in NY? or just in Orlando?
how much time it requires to reach terminal 8 from terminal 7?
do i need to collect my luggage? or the AA will reconnect my bags?

Look at my posting on Terminal 7.

I am arriving at JFK on a Friday night at 8:50pm from Boston and departing on a 10pm flight to Buenos Aires. Is 1 hour 10 minutes enough time to make the change of plane since I am going from a domstic flight to an internatinoal flight?

Boston (BOS)
Depart 7:20 pm
Terminal B to New York (JFK) Terminal 8
Arrive 8:50 pm
Flight: 1807

New York (JFK)
Depart 10:00 pm Terminal 8
to Buenos Aires (EZE)

Make sure your bags are clipped all the way to your Buenos Aires and you have boarding passes for all your flights. My understanding is that both flights are with American Airlines so you will be just walking from arriving to departing gate. Good thing would be if your first flight arrived on time as well.


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