Terminal 4


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 4

Airlines IATA Code Phone Numbers
Aer Lingus EI (800) 474-7424 
AeroGal 2K (305) 470-9317 
Aerolineas Argentinas AR (800) 333-0276 
AeroSvit Ukrainian Airlines V V (888) 661-1620 
Air Europa UX (800) 238-7672 
Aires 4C (888) 950-2473 
Air India AI (212) 751-6200 
Air Jamaica JM (800) 523-5585 
Arik Air W3 (877) 900-2745 
Asiana OZ (800) 227-4262 
Avianca AV (800) 284-2622 
Caribbean BW (800) 538-2942 
Copa Airlines CM (800) 359-2672
Czech Airlines OK (800) 223-2365
Delta - Departures to
Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt, Jamaica, Tokyo
DL Dom (800) 221-1212;
Int'l (800) 241-4141
Egyptair MS

(212) 315-0900;
(800) 334-6787

El Al LY (800) 223-6700;
(212) 768-9200 
Emirates EK (800) 777-3999 
Etihad EY (888) 8ETIHAD
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines KL (800) 374-7747 
Kuwait Airways KU (800) 458-9248;
(212) 659-4200 
Lacsa LR (800) 225-2272 
Lan Chile LA (866) 435-9526
Lan Ecuador XL (866) 435-9526 
Lan Peru LP (866) 435-9526
LOT LO (212) 852-0240
Meridiana Fly IG (800) 459-0581 
Miami Air (charter)+ GL (305) 871-3300
North American NA (800) 371-6297
Pakistan International Airlines PK (212) 760-8455
Qatar Airways QR (877) 777-2827 
Royal Jordanian RJ (212) 949-0050 
Singapore Airlines SQ (800) 742-3333 
South African Airways SA (800) 722-9675 
Sun Country SY 800-FLY-N-SUN
Swiss International Air Lines LX (877) 359-7947 
TACA International TA (800) 535-8780 
Transaero Airlines UN (877) 747-1191 
Uzbekistan HY (212) 245-1005 
Virgin America VX (877) 359-8474 
Virgin Atlantic VS (800) 862-8621 
XL Airways JN (954) 653-8636 

The new Terminal 4 at JFK International Airport occupies the site of the former International Arrivals Building. This opened in 1957. The project developer and operator is JFK International Air Terminal (JFK IAT), a private consortium. The partners are: Schiphol USA, an affiliate of the highly-acclaimed Amsterdam Schiphol Airport; LCOR, Inc., a national real estate developer; and Lehman Brothers, an investment banking firm.
JFK Airport Terminal4

Terminal 4 Facts and Figures

The $1.4 billion T4 opened in May 2001. It is the cornerstone of a $10.3 billion revitalization program currently underway at JFK. T4 is a model for air terminal technology for the 21st century. T4 has signed agreements with approximately 50 airlines representing 40 countries, serving U.S. and overseas destinations around the world. T4 occupies 165 acres, one of the largest properties of any terminal at JFK and is one of the largest air terminals in North America. T4 was designed with the infrastructure to process between 10 million - 12 million passengers annually. T4 operates the only facility at JFK's with 24 hour Customs and Border Protection, 365 days per year. T4 houses the only internal station for AirTrain, JFK's light rail system connecting all JFK terminals, Long Term parking, Car rental and hotel locations, The NYC subway at Howard Beach and the LIRR at Jamaica Station. T4 is home to 4 religious chapels- Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Multi-faith, each with a dedicated Chaplain.

Terminal 4 (ONLY) live feed of the arrivals/departures flights: http://aimsweb.jfkiat.com/There are currently no posts in this category.Syndicate content
anders brazil (not verified)

Dear JFK specialist,
My wife, daughter amnd myslef will be arriving on Saturday from London with BA at terminal 7, while our 17 year old son will arrive 2 hours later from Amterdam with KLM at terminal 4, and we would like to agree on a meeting point at terminal 4, if possible before the passport control in case our son has some problem due to arriving alone. Do we have to wait for him at the arrival hall or is there a better way to avoid problems at the passport control?

Best regards,



Hi Anders, In my opinion, after you get off your flight from London, You should meet your son at the International Arrivals hall at Terminal 4. I don't think there will be much of a problem as long as yours and his flight is on time. Just the Arrivals board in Terminal 4.

Glad to help!


We are leaving toronto and arriving at LaGuardia @ 7PM Leaving JFK #4 @ 10:50 for Abu Dhabi, our Daughter is @ NYU there, we are a bit worried about the transfer time. Assuming we arrive @ LaGuardia on time and cab it over, how long is the average processing time through check-in and security? Thanks!

zigs (not verified)

I have family flying to see us via JFK but haven't heard from her Is it possible to call the airport to locate her/page her? We are very worried b/c she arrived 4 hours ago. This is very unlike her to not inform us and she travels frequently.

Acco (not verified)

Hello JFK Specialist!
I will fly to LA through NY in the next June. I'll come from Budapest, Hungary, and I have to wait 5h 20 min the next flight. My question is: should I try to get NYC and see something, or I should wait in the JFK? I'm from Hungary!


Five hours is not enough time to leave the airport for sightseeing, stay at the airport between flights.

Luis bujanda (not verified)

I am arriving to terminal 4 in flight LA532 on 10-17-2011. Then I continue in flight B6 66 from terminal 5. How do I move between terminals? Thank for your help.

Siml (not verified)

Hi together,

we fly next year to New York and we need a transfer from JFK Airport to Newark Airport. What is the easiest and favorable solution? Cartransfer, taxi, bus or something else? thanks for helpful suggestions! greetings, simone



I have a long wait between connecting flights at JFK (a full day) and was wondering if it is possible to leave the airport and make a quick trip into the city and return in the evening or do I have to stay in the airport once I land...Just wondering in terms of security clearance/ baggage etc
I also need to transfer from terminal 5 (landing with Jet Blue) to terminal 4 (leaving with Aer Lingus) does it take long?
Many thanks in advance!

Chandru (not verified)

I am coming from salt lake city on oct 4th morning (delta airlines - Terminal 2)and my family is coming by singapore (international flight-Terminal 4) also on oct 4th morning. I want to pick them up from the international terminal. how do i get to terminal 4 international arrivals from terminal 2


Air train on track 2 from terminal 2 to terminal 4.

clalor (not verified)

How do I go about train travel n transfer from aer lingual terminal 4 to downtown 6th avenue 10001?
Arriving late in the evening 28th October? Thanks so much for any assistance.


Given the zip code you provided that would be midtown around 34th St. Do you have an exact address? Take AirTrain on track 1 from terminal to Jamaica Station, transfer to inbound E subway, at Forest Hills, Jackson Heights or Queens Plaza transfer to the inbound R subway to 34th St. You will be one short block to 6th Ave.

morik80 (not verified)

I will fly from zrh to jfk (terminal 4) land at 3.50pm and take off by american airlines (terminal 8) from JFK to LAX at 5.29pm on oct 6th. there is only 1.40hours time frame between two flights. do you think I have enough time for immigration, security and baggage check in? I am swiss.

kenan98tr (not verified)

I will fly from Istanbul(turkey) to jfk (terminal 1)land at 2.45 pm and take off from JFK to LAX at 4.45 pm on oct 5th. there is only 2 hours time frame between two flights. do you think I have enough time for security and baggage check in? I am Canadian.



morik80 (not verified)

I will fly from ZRH to JFK (terminal 4)land at 3.50 pm and take off by american airlines (terminal 8) from JFK to MIA at 5.29 pm on oct 6th. there is only 1.40 hours time frame between two flights. do you think I have enough time for immigration, security and baggage check in? I am Swiss.


Yes you should be OK with that time frame.

Eero61 (not verified)

Flying from HEL to JFK Terminal 8, I'm landing at 3:55pm and should catch a Delta flight from Terminal3 to PHX at 6:40 pm. Is 2 hours 45min enough for Border Control+Security+Check in ? I'm Finnish and have only have only carry-on luggage.


I have a flight connection in New York, I will arrive with LAN at terminal 4, and have to catch my next flight at terminal 7.
How can I move from terminal 4 to terminal 7 as soon as possible.


By an air train of course. Take it on track 2 from terminal 4 to terminal 7.


Thanks for the replay..
In which floor is the track 2? thxs!


On the 3rd floor of your terminal.



Deepa (not verified)

I checked airport map, american egale is on terminal 9 & emirates is on terminal 4.
how can I go terminal 9 to terminal 4 with infant?
2hr is enough or this terminal transfer?


Correction it is terminal 8. Take any train on track 1 terminal loop from terminal 8 to terminal 4.


Good Day,
I'll be arriving to terminal 4 via LAN Chile. I bought two American Airlines tickets in Chile from NYC to D.C but not together ( indepently, not as connection flights). I know I have to get to terminal 8 for the AA( american eagle operated) flight.

1) After immigration , where should I drop my luggage..directly at the AA counter con Terminal 8 ?

2) Where should I get my boarding pass..at the AA counter in T8?

3) Where do I pick up the Air Train to T8?
Thank you


2. Terminal 8
3. On the 3rd floor of terminal 4 take any train on track 1 from T4 to T8.

adam (not verified)

I was stuck there in terminal 4 this past holiday weekend. No hotels rooms in NYC?!?! All things considered..the people of terminal 4 at JFK were most valiant! Most places operated 2+ hour past closing time and employees maintained an upbeat spirit. I was among the 300+ stranded there Saturday into Sunday. Many were concerned, but JFK security and NYPD kept things safe for the masses to rest a bit. All plans were washed, but THANK YOU JFK and NYC for making the situation bearable. I hope to return one day, for a real trip.

Joetraveler (not verified)

we are dropping off my son before an international flight out of Term 4 and want to know if there are any restaurants or coffee shops where we can hang out before he has to go through security?


Terminal 4 has nice pre security restaurants, shopping malls and food courts.

Emily (not verified)

I will be flight from MSP to JFK on 10/6 i will be traveling with delta with two large dogs each weighing 120 lbs with kennel, and arriving on delta and transfering to Aerosvit Airlines, will my dogs be transfer to Aerosvit Airlines from delta or do I have transfer them myself?


Ask at MSP airport before your flight to JFK but most likely yes.

E Bate (not verified)

Our DELTA flight from the UK DL155 is due to arrive at JFK @ 1:55 PM EDT,
Our connecting flight to SFO DL127 is due to leave JFK @ 3:15 PM EDT.
This leaves just 80 minutes to clear customs, collect baggage, change terminals, check in baggage, get boarding pass & board flight DL127.
Will we have enough time to make the connection ?


You should be in a fine shape as long as your first arriving flight is on time.


Hi there

I will arrive by myself with three 23 Kg bags that I beieve will fit on one trolley on a TACA flight at 01.30 am. I will need to take a BA flight to London Heathrow at 08.00 am same day. Probably without my lugggage checked all the way to London.

Are there trolleys available right next to the luggage conveyor in T4 for international arrivals ?

Is there likely to be a bag drop off for British Airways in T4 at 02.00 am should I have my luggage checked all the way ?

I assume I could alternatively take an elevator to the inter treminal train at Level 3 pushing my trolley with three bags on it into the train and all the way to BA check in ?

Appreciate your reply.


Yes yes and yes.

Lesya (not verified)

Hello!Could you tell me the fastest way to get from T4 to T8. Between flights I have 2.4 hours, is this enough time to make immigration, customs and get my luggage at T4 (arriving from Kiev, Ukraine) and then to check in American Airlines (Terminal 8) again for my flight to Tampa,Florida?. Thank you.


You have enough time for that connection. From terminal 4 take any train on track 2 to terminal 8.


I am flying in on Caribbean Airlines and then catching a connecting flight 11 hours later on Etihad airlines. What I would like to know is if it is possible to check in with Etihad without having to clear immigration as I don't have a USA visa.


No its not. You will have to clear US immigration and Customs since you arriving outside the U.S and then you will check in with Ethihad Airways for your second flight.


I have stored my luggage at storage facility at arrival of Terminal 4 . Now how I have a flight to catch from other Terminal .
How do I collect the baggage and travel to other terminal. Is there a air train from luggage storage are to other terminals

Sven O. (not verified)

There is an Airtrain running between all the terminals


Hello, could you please inform on the expected time and date of JFK reopening. Please advise, whether the airport reopening time is directly dependent on the time of MTA services functioning.


It is open today Monday August 29th 2011.

Ysh (not verified)

My sister and her friend (Div) had arrived at T4 JFK yesterday. Their next flight to Columbus from JFK has been cancelled and rescheduled by AA. They have to board their flight at LGA on 29th as confirmed by AA. We're worried because we couldnt reach them by phone nor we know the status at JFK as they are new to the US.

Is there a way to contact people at T4 lounge in JFK?



DagDiBa (not verified)

Hello, is it possible after arriving to go to the lounge. I have to wait for a friend. She arrives 4 hours later. Thanks

DagDiBa (not verified)

I will arrive on Wednesday in JFK Terminal 4 and i have to wait 4 hours for a friend. Is it possible to wait in a lounge? and where is the best to wait. I have a priority pass. Thanks.


You can enjoy shopping malls and food courts at terminal 4.