JFK Airport Shuttles

New York Airport Service (NYAS)

Transport available between 6.15am and 11.10pm

JFK - Manhattan

JFK Airport
Grand Central
Port Authority
Penn Station

JFK Airport Super Shuttle

Service available 24 hours a day

Provides door to door service for your party.

Fares -> $15 - $19, depending on destination

Website: www.supershuttle.com



No, don't take a taxi!! Cheapest is by bus from Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan. E subway from Jamaica or NYAS bus from terminal will take you there.

NYC taxi will take you there.

Disregard that "taxi" advice. B2G provided the correct answer.

Hi, My farther is coming from Dubai March#5 with Emirate and I am coming from Indianapolis with Delta March#5. He doesn't have a cellphone so is it going to be easy for him to find a public telephone at JFK? or where is the best place to meet him at JFK? I told him I will meet him at gate T4, is it right spot for me to find him?

Go to terminal 5 arrivals please.

Once he is out of customs/immigration is easy to find a public phone at T4. You will be coming most likely at T3(or T2) - take Airtrain to T4 so you can both meet there. Good spot at T4 is by the currency exchange bureau(Travelex).

Yes. Meet him at terminal 4 arrivals. Very straightforward.
von Hagen

I will be flying out from Amsterdam to JFK by KLM, ETA 16:30 thru Terminal -4.
Could you pls advise how I can get a easiest & economical transportation from JFK to Ramada Plaza Hotel, New Yark ?
I will appreciate if you can provide detailed locations.


The most economical, best and fastest would be NYC taxi.
NYC taxi is on the meter.Figure around 40 dollar plus any tips and tolls.

Hi, we arrive at 16.05 on 21st March but we will have 3 adults, 3 suitcases and one wheelchair. We need to get to Brooklyn and we dont know what to do as the lady in the wheelchair cant really go on the subway.

We also need to know how much it will cost us to get to Brooklyn as we are on a tight budget.

What do you reccommend?

Use taxi please and fit everything inside please.

As long as you can fit everyone, luggage and wheelchair in a standard NYC taxi, it will cost $35-$50 depending on where in Brooklyn you are going as the trip is on the taxi meter. If not then the folks at Ground Transportation can assist you in getting a larger vehicle that will accommodate.

what is the best (and cheapest) way to get from JFK to Queensboro Plaza (at daytime)- 2 person

Best, quickest and most expensive is taxi, around $40. AirTrain from terminal to Jamaica Station, then E subway with a transfer to the #7 subway at Roosevelt Ave/Jackson Hgts will cost $7.25.

We have a group of 23 with luggage arriving at JFK at 7:30 in the morning and then leave from JFK again at 6:30pm. What is the easiest and cheapest way into Manhatten? I have heard not to bother and spend the day at the airport as current travel times into town are about 2 hours.


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