JFK Airport Shuttles

New York Airport Service (NYAS)

Transport available between 6.15am and 11.10pm

JFK - Manhattan

JFK Airport
Grand Central
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JFK Airport Super Shuttle

Service available 24 hours a day

Provides door to door service for your party.

Fares -> $15 - $19, depending on destination

Website: www.supershuttle.com

Anonymous (not verified)

what is the best way 2 get 2 the wyndham garden hotel from jfk airport thanks

Tinaaa (not verified)

i will land on 27th, 21:20pm. how much does it cost from the airport to the hotel? the service is still available after my passing the cutoms (around 10pm, i guess)

Please also reply to my email, thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)

iam still have the same Q


Hi we will be arriving in FK airport at about 7.30pm on the 11th Nov and need to get to our hotel on W 39th Street. What is the best way? Shuttle, bus, taxi or train/subway? We are close to the Port Authority bus station so what about the NYAS bus? Looked on tripadvisor and many of the buses and shuttles get a real slating and yet they are so much cheaper than a taxi. But would we be better paying for a taxi? Is there likely to be a long queue at the taxi rank at that time of night?
Any advise would be great.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi I am looking fir a way to get from JFK airport to Crowne Plaza Hotel, Long Island. Please can you advise me.

hopatrick_hk88 (not verified)


I am looking for shuttle bus service from JFK to Hilton Woodbridge 120 Wood Ave. South, Iselin, NJ 08830.

Please advise.


Anonymous (not verified)

I need to get from JFK to White plains, Scarsdale whats the best route?


I need to get to the crowne plaza hotel White Plains from JFK can you tell me the best way??

Anonymous (not verified)

I want to go to the Wyndham Princeton Forrestal Hotel which is a liitle bit far away from JFK. Which is the best to go there? by taxi or shuttle? When I look at the homepage of JFK Airport Super Shuttle, the Wyndham Princeton Forrestal Hotel is not shown as the destination. Give me a good advice, please~~

Anonymous (not verified)

how can i get to Times new square to Carter hotel?

Anonymous (not verified)

JFK to Manhattan Hotels - http://transportation.familyinnewyork.com

Anonymous (not verified)

How can we travel from JFK-airport to LGA-airport in New York? Is thre shuttle going or must we take taxi and how long does it take.

Anonymous (not verified)

Going between JFK airport and LGA. There is a bus that costs about $12/$14 per person. A taxi costs $25, and you can fit 4 persons.

Anonymous (not verified)

How long does it take to get from JFK to LGA? I am looking into flights and I would fly in at 3:00 and fly out at 5:50. Would that be enough time to make my flights on the 18th before Christmas?

cham (not verified)

hi , I am coming to JFK on 29 th September at 10 PM. I have to wait for my friend till 6 AM following day? can I have a nap @ airport? is there any place ?

Reha (not verified)

which road will the airport shuttle bus arrive in Manhattan~ can u tell me the detail direction~ thank u~

Anonymous (not verified)

where is the private YALE transport to YALE tonight for international students. i cannot find my info on where the shuttle bus is situated. HELP anyone????

scottishlass (not verified)

HI there

We are travelling into JFK next month and we then need to make our way to New york palace hotel madison avenue, can anyone suggest the best possible route please

Much appreciated



Anonymous (not verified)

You can go by (Yellow) Taxi for a flat fee $45 plus tolls ($4)for midtown tunnel. Or you can tell him to go over the 59th street bridge which has no tolls.
There is a (Yellow) Taxi stand outside the terminals. DO NOT TAKE one of the gypsy cabs. Those are the guys that are outside of the customs hall and approach you asking if you need a taxi, just say no , or ignore them.... GO OUTSIDE to the Yellow Taxi stand. They are regulated and insured.

You could also contact Super Shuttle,it is a few dollars cheaper, but there will usually be other people in the van, and you may not be the first stop, or the second!

Anonymous (not verified)

What's the best way to get to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Jamaica from JFK?

Anonymous (not verified)

Is there a shuttle to New York city, Midtown, 57th St(Holiday In)


Can anyone tell me if there is a bus route that goes directly to Queens (66th St / Maurice Avenue) from JFK Airport?, many thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)

Can you tell me is it possile to catch a shuttle bus to the Salisbury hotel 57th Street opposite Carnegie Hall.

Many Thanks


I will arrive JfK and i need to go to Medford NewJersy, can shuttlebus drive me there ,,hwhat tis the fare , if not how can i reach the underground.

Luis Filipe (not verified)

Hi! We're in 5 people coming to JFK. What is the best way to get to a hotel in Secaucus, NJ?

Anonymous (not verified)

is it possible to get a shuttle service from hertz - JFK location to JFK terminal film izle 3 at around 5.30 AM on Satuday morning.

Please let me know. thanks

Carmen B. Navia

Do I need reservations to use the shuttle from the airport to grand central?
I need information for Limosines from JFK to Danbury Conecticut.

Way LEE (not verified)

Dear Sir:
I took the DL 1260 from Salt lake city to JFK and arrived on 16:30.I forgot one bag of my cloth inside inside the shuttle bus this afternoon.Could you send to my hotel :Rodger Williams 131 Madison Ave.NY 10016
Room #:617
Or I will go to airport and get my bag back.
Best regards.
Way Lee

Pocono Helen

Is there a way to get a person who can't walk long distances from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3

bianca (not verified)

i am arriving at newark around 9 pm and i need to catch my connecting flight in jfk. are there any direct shuttles at that time?

chicky chicky chick (not verified)

is there a shuttle to port authority and wat is the cost??

SotonStu (not verified)

Is there a shuttle service that runs from JFK to Grand Central Station, or maybe a train service? if anyone has any ideas of costs that would be great.. even the cost of a taxi for that route would give me something to go on..

CAM (not verified)

Is there a shuttle between JFK & Lga airports? How much is it & how often does itrun?

Anonymous (not verified)

How do you get from jfk to newark airport time and cost

Caroline (not verified)

Can i get a shuttle from JFK to a Weehawken hotel ? And if so how much? And if not what other way could i get to Weehawken?

Vade (not verified)

Hi, Caroline! Did you find shuttle / other way from JFK to Weehawken? We also need transfer from JFK to a Weehawken hotel, we arrive to JFK 2009-07-19. Pls inform. Thanks.

passenger (not verified)


char weeks (not verified)

I am leaving for NYC JFK on the 18th and I need to get to to the edison hotel just off times square. What would be the best way to get there by metro and how much will it cost? Any help would be appreciated!!!!!!

Limor (not verified)

How do i get to to the A train (of the subway) from JFK airport?
I'd be happy if you could help me with that!

Anonymous. (not verified)

Does anyone know how long it takes a shuttle to get from JFK to Penn Station?

ck (not verified)

How can I get shuttle to move from JFK airport to EWR(Newark)international airport through shuttles......

Jaime Uria (not verified)

Did you have problems to get a shuttle from airport to airport? Where is the office of the shuttle company?

C Reid (not verified)

I need to get a shuttle to Newark Airport from JFK, is that possible, how much? where do I go in the airport to find the shuttle? times?


I would like to advise you all - Delta has a buss that leaves Terminal 2 and 3 into Terminal 4 for all Delta connecting Passengers. If you are connecting from a domestic city onto an international carrier you can use this bus free of charge and vice-versa.

Please advise your local city to connect your luggage onto your final destination. WHich ever carrier that may be (depending upon airline agreement)

Good luck

nata (not verified)

How can i get from Jfk airport to Newark International Airport, by shuttle bus?

Charlotte (not verified)

How much is shuttle bus and how long is journey also can I prebook a taxi and how much and how long for taxi journey

paperbackwriter (not verified)

how can I get to Southampton from the airport for the least amount of money? I need to get to the Stonybrook campus.

BD (not verified)

I need public transit from JFK to Fairfield, CT? What do you recommend?

KTC (not verified)

I have a seven hour layover at JFK on Saturday. Is it worth a trip to Coney Island? If so, what's the fastest mode of transportation?


RWT (not verified)

Hi, I am wondering what options I have for getting dropped off at Bethpage from the JFK airport and the cost?