JFK Airport Terminal 1


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 1 (gates 1-11)


Airlines Phone Number(s) IATA code
Aero Mexico (800) 237-6639 AM
Aeroflot (888) 340-6400 SU
Air China (800) 982-8802 CA
Air France (800) 237-2747 AF
Alitalia (800) 223-5730 AZ
Austrian Airlines (800) 843-0002 OS
Azerbaijan (718) 645-8578 J2
Brussels Airlines (516) 622-2248 SN
Cayman Airways (800) 422-9626 KX
China Eastern (866) 588-0825 MU
EVA Airways (800) 695-1188 BR
Fly Jamaica Airways (855) 435-9526 OJ
Interjet (866) 285-9525 4O
Japan Airlines (800) 525-3663 JL
Korean Air (800) 438-5000 KE
LOT (212) 852-0240 LO
Lufthansa (800) 645-3880 LH
Meridiana (866) 387-6359 IG
Norwegian Air (800) 357-4159 DY
Philippine Airlines (800) 435-9725 PR
Royal Air Maroc (800) 344-6726 AT
Saudi Arabian Airlines (800) 472-8342 ; (718) 551-3020 SV
TAME (718) 285-9402 EQ
Turkish (800) 874-8875 TK



Paris trip
My flight will arrive at 4:30PM at JFK Terminal 1 then, I need to get to Terminal 6 to take a 6:00PM flight. How long does it take to get from term 1 to Term 6? . Which air train should take? Thanks!

On track 2. It takes about 2 minutes.

One of my guest / relative comming from Dhaka via Istambul through Tarkish Airlines. Due to weather flight was delayed. So she missed the connecting flight for Jfk from Istambul. Now how I can find out which flight she is comming to NY. I called Tarkish Airlines but they cant provide me any info.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I'll arrive Terminal 1 this Sun, and my husband will be back to Terminal 3 from Tokyo around the same time. Could the passenger meet together on the Homeland Security check queue from different terminal? Or each terminal will have its seperate Homeland Security check and we only meet each other outside the airport?

Outside the airport only.

HI there
my flight will arrive at 4:00PM at JFK , Jetbloue and have to make connection through Moraco ailines at 5:45PM same daye , is it poissoble to make it? which air train should take?

Yes you will make it. Take it on track 2.

My wife is due to arrive from Moscow to JFK (Aeroflot)at around 1:30 pm. tomorrow, Sat. 11/3. I am wondering if terminal 1 is at full operations. Is this likely to be on time?
thank you

It should be on time.

I have a green card now (on my new last name) but my passport is on my maden last name. I bought tickets for my maden last name (same like in passport that i`ll travel with). When i come back to USA will i have any troubles? Do i need to take my marriage license and green card? Or what documents i need for airport to come back without problems?
Thank you, M. :)

Just in case make sure you have all necessary documents you mentioned above like green card and marriage license along with ticket and passport. I dont think you should have any problems entering the U.S.

any way i can call the treminal- have someone waiting for a person who won't be there!!! need to get in touch through the pa system!?!

Hi, I’m traveling from Moscow (Aeroflot) to Seattle (Delta) through JFK. Transit in JFK from terminal 1 to terminal 3. My question is about luggage. In Moscow I'm going to tag it for final destination to Seattle. I heard that in JFK I don’t need to check it in again. I have to get my luggage, carry it through Customs and then put it on a transporter. I heard that I don’t need to bring my luggage to terminal 3 myself.
My question is: is there a transporter on terminal 1 and where is its location?

You will need to pick up your luggage in NYC JFK as it is your first entry to U.S and you will need to recheck it through Customs and then recheck it again for your second flight.

I will be traveling from Toronto (Canadian passport)and arriving at Terminal 7 at 4:50pm. I have a connecting international flight departing at 8:30pm from Terminal 1.
Is this enough time to make my connection?


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