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I have a friend and her son that will be departing Florida and arriving at JFK, do not know the terminal yet, and then they have an international flight from JFK to Moscow. I plan to take a plane from Phila to JFK and then return same day but wanted to know if I can move from terminal to terminal without going back through security? It would not give us very much time if at all if we have to go back out and then back through security for her international flight. Can you let me know please as she would be very surprised to see us.

I'll arrive by QR701 from Doha (DOH) Fri, 18 Jul 2014 08:15 New York (JFK) Fri, 18 Jul 2014 15:00 by Qatar Airways

have connecting flight QR 5115 New York (JFK)
Fri, 18 Jul 2014 18:00 to Seattle (SEA)
Fri, 18 Jul 2014 21:25 by American Airlines

How comfortable will be to clear imigration check collect checked in baggage

Hello, i am picking up my father for the first time who is arriving in terminal 4 at jfk on swiss airlines. His plane will arrive at 12:55pm est. i would like to know where i can wait for him so he will see me clearly and if there is a parking lot nearby and if there is a fee. Thanks

How much time should we leave to get checked in and thru security. We are flying to St Thomas tomorrow, sat at 8:50 am?

I am a non US citizen, traveling from Europe to Equador on Thursday 27 December. I have a connecting flight at JFK and have 2 hours between the arrival time (AA121 arriving at 7:55 pm) and the next departure (AA7643 at 10:00pm). I was told by AA in France that the 2 hours were sufficient to pass thru security, especially as I only have a carry on bagage. Can you confirm? Thank you.

Eva Riddle
My pets already were inspected in my country
My Cargo agent want to be sure it is legal to bring my pet tortoises to USA.

In order to continue process of transportation I have to show my agent letter from IATA representative, USFWS representative, ,JFK Vet Control Specialist (at least from one of them)

that my pet Central Asian Tortoises aren't forbidden to bring them to USA .

How to get this kind of paperwork?

How get in touch with IATA animal travel specialist in JFK,USFWS people in JFK Airport in NY or another officials who do Vet control in JFK Cargo Department Terminal 1 to meet me there with my pets for check up?

thank you

Im leaving tomorrow and the plane departures at 8.40 pm. How long before the flight do I have to be at the airport to check in and get through security?

My flight arrives on terminal 2 at 6:20 am and my other flight with DELTA, to FLL is at 8:25 am, is that enough time to do the recheck and imigration?
The recheck will be right after the place where I'll take my bags? Is there any signposting?

Does my 14 year old brother need a passport or ID card for a Domestic flight from NY to Florida? Our flight is tomorrow and he has none of the above. Also does the ID card have to be state issued? or can it be a simple Id card?


Yes that is plenty of time. Jet Blue is at Terminal 5/6. From your arriving terminal take a train on track 2 to Terminal 5/6.

Hi I will arrive at JFK terminal-4 at 8:15 and will fly for Meniapolis thru delta at 11:27 from terminal-3. I want to know 1. How can I go to Terminal-3 for catch Delta air and 2. 3hrs is enough to go to t-3 from T-4.

From T4 take an air train on track 2 to T3. It takes about 2 minutes. You have plenty of time.JFK_Specialist

I am arriving from Turks and Caicos on Jet Blue at 5:26 pm
And need to make a Delta Flight to Seattle at 6:50 pm
These are at different terminals and different airlines. Is this enough
Time since I will still need to check in with Delta...I have one bag to check
But I could possibly just have a carry on if that would help!!! And how do I get to
Delta terminal from customs?
Thanks so much in advance!!!!

Your flight will arrive at terminal 2/3. From 2/3 take any train on track 2 to Terminal 5. Your time frame is very tight but possible if the first flight is on time.


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