There are 8 operating airline terminals At JFK Airport, Terminals 1 to 8. Terminals are located around the central terminal area (CTA). The terminals and parking lots in the central terminal area are divided into five areas.

Telephone numbers:

Police/Emergency Services
(718) 244-4333

Lost and Found
(718) 244-4225
(718) 244-4226

Medical Services
(718) 656-5344
Building 198

Airport Information
(718) 244-4444


Airtrain is one of the options. It comes every 3-5 min and if you take any train at the platform it will take somewhere between 1min to 8 min to get to T4. The Airtrain arrives at T4 on the third floor - all you have to do is to go up one floor and find the check-in counter for the connecting airline. The second option is walking - there is walkway between T3 and T4( just follow the fence) and the distance is 5-7min by foot(of course depending on the weather).

Gi (not verified)

I just want to ask how to get from terminal 7 to terminal 5? How long is the travel time and where will i go for transportation. Because im a bit worried that i will miss my flight, Im arriving via Cathay Pacific at terminal 7 at 1:10 PM and need to catch a flight 3:30 PM. Do i still have enough time on transfering? Thanks so much.

Anonymous (not verified)

Dont worry about it. You will have enough time.
All you would have to do is take the airtrain. Once there just ask someone which side is to all terminals. that will take you where you would have to go. I should take you about 5 mins or less.

Cengiz (not verified)

How easy is it to go from terminal 5 to terminal 1?

JFK_Employee (not verified)

1. Airtrain - it is a long walk(10 min) from T5 to the Airtrain Station; Airtrain between terminals(make sure you get this one) comes every 3-5 minutes; Between T5 station and T1 station is 3-5 min travel time. T1 Airtrain station is connected with Terminal 1;

2. Taxi - yellow cab will take you between terminals for a charge between $10 and $15( it is actually on the meter).
Travel time - 10 min.

Emilia (not verified)

I will arrive to terminal 8 and my sister will arrive at terminal 1, where is the best place to meet with each other at the airport in order to get a limo to our hotel together?

Anonymous (not verified)

I am traveling to Haiti and have a tight connection I come into terminal 6 at 6:30 am have to pickup my bags then head to terminal 3 for a 9am flight. How long does the train take to get from terminal 6 to 3?

Anonymous (not verified)

At JFK - how easy is it to go from terminal 7 to terminal 2?

Anonymous (not verified)

is there a travelex counter in terminal 1? if no, where is the closest?

Anonymous (not verified)


Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, I want to know if there is a burger king in the airport for passengers in transit.

Anonymous (not verified)

Terminal 3 has a Burger King

Barbara Impelli...

Are there restrooms located near the departure entrances at Delta's International Terminal 3 @ ? I would like to know as I have a 2 hour trip home? Thank you.

Jakob Mosegaard Larsen (not verified)

I am planning to fly with Delta Airlines from CPH (Denmark) to JFK on 6 July 2010. According to schedule I am supposed to arrive at 4:45pm.

I need a connection flight to Halifax (Canada). I plan to book a flight with American Airlines departing at 6:40 pm on 6 July 2010 from terminal 8.

Would someone kindly let me know if I will have sufficient time to change planes?


Anonymous (not verified)

my parents are coming from india, arriving terminal 4 and connection going from terminal 7 any one has ideas about transferring between terminals?? please help.

Anonymous (not verified)

My mother in law will be arriving on April 6 at 7:40am through terminal 4 and i bought her tickets to leave to Charlotte at 11:59am at terminal 7 which she will have to get her lugdage and the boarding passes also, she will also be leaving landing in JFK at 8:05am and her flight back is at 11:35am at terminal 4

rinat (not verified)

2 weeks ago i had a flight to israel, befaure the flight in the security check i put a little bag with an ipode and a phone! i put it with my bag and my shoes in a basket. when it came out of the machine everything was in different direction and i think the little bag i lost with my ipode and my phone stucked in the machine. my shoes came along but the bag we had to repute it in the machine! so then me and my family finished taking all of our stuff, and i forgot of my little bag because i thought everything will come together and i will out everything in my big bag. then we went in the airplane and i sate, then when i was about to listen to my ipode i didn't find it, i ran to the people in the door to tell them about my lost bag, they said i can't come out of the airplane, and he gave me a number + he told me he will check for me and then i gave him my husband number for him to tell us if he found it or if he didn't. I was less worried, but still it was 2 really expensive staff. then when i arrived to israel i called this number and no body answered! i stayed in israel for 2 weeks and all of this weeks i tried calling this number and no body answered. then i came back i arrived to new york after 2 weeks, and i went to the lost and found and this woman showed me 3 bags that were lost in the 2 weeks, it wasn't one of them so i kept walking and my husband kept telling me that i didn't came to the right place, so then i asked another police man in the airport and he told me to go somewhere alse not the place i went to in the first place! then i arrived to this place that the police man told me to go but it was closed, my flight to were i lived was at 7:20 and the police man told us it will open just at 7:20, so i didn't have time to go search for my little bag and not to be late to the airplane. and i had to change terminals. now i am in my house wondering how i can get it if its still there. and this is a way. thank you and i hope i can still get.


Hi, I have a friend with no travel experience and who doesnt speak english v well who will be arriving to JFK on a domestic delta airline at terminal 3 then taking an EgyptAir flight from terminal 4 to Cairo. Does she have to move her buggage between terminals? How is it possible to transfer between terminals? Are there any online direction we can print online for using airtrain beteen those 2 terminals?

Anonymous (not verified)

I will fly from burlington to JFK arriving 7h44 and departure to Aruba at 8h18... with Delta... is it ok, how much time do I need to go trough the other aircraft??

thank you

A H (not verified)

Hi, I arrive Feb-4 at 15:00 from cleveland ,Ohio at terminal 8 and I have to get a 18:30 pm flight for Egypt in terminal 4 , is there enough time?

Anonymous (not verified)

plenty of time airtrain between terminals lvs every 3min

Anonymous (not verified)

I am coming in from Egypt Airline at terminal 4. What is the quickest get thru custom check then which transportation is quickest to go to terminal 3 since I only have 1 hour to catch the next flight?

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, I arrive the 27th at 6:05 pm from Italy at terminal 1 and I have to get a 8:30 pm flight for DC in terminal 3 (I have checked baggages) is there enough time?


I arrive at T1 at 2:45pm and catch flight at T7 at 5:30pm. Is there enough time to clear customs and make it to T7 by 4:30pm?

Anonymous (not verified)

I meant I will be landing at 08:23pm

Anonymous (not verified)

I'll be landing in JFK at 01:40pm-17Dec,Thu on Flight 1670. But then I have to transfer to Flight 8557 by 09:45pm and I'm extremely worried that I won't make it. How do find out what terminal I be arriving and departing from?

TonyJ (not verified)

I'm arriving in terminal 5 with jetblue airways at 11.44am and need to switch the second flight with us airways at 12.59. how much time it takes with airtrain? it goes clockwise and to get from T5-6 to T7 guess it has to stop all the rest of the terminals.. thanks!

Anonymous (not verified)

I'm flying from London Heathrow to Reagan National on Dec. 14, but I'll be connecting in JFK.I'll be arriving at JFK at around noon and my next flight is at 3:30 pm I believe. I am exceedingly nervous about having enough time to go through customs, etc. Can anyone give me an idea as to what to expect when i get to JFK?

Janet Torosian (not verified)

It is saw that when we give our two baggage for its control of security , when arriving to Montevideo/Uruguay we realized that one were open , breaking the padlock and and they left a paper inside saying that for security reasons , etc , etc . But the worst is that I had forgotten my ring in the pocket of the trouser and it has dissapeared . I am sure that it must have fallen when they reviewed my valise . I am very ashamed by the happened thing because it is a very important ring , and more importante to me for it value and it affective value and I would like to recover it .

The reason why I write is that I trust in the security of my country ( USA ) and I trust in which it must have fallen and I trust in which they must have kept it and they do not know of whom it is and must be waiting for a claim . Reason why the ring , is a big ring , of gold with several tourquise and diamonds . Please , I wait for a fast answer and I am thankful much that the ring appears .

And like sugesttión let me add that everything that you do by security it is very good , excellent , but when you break a padlock , look for some way to return to close the valise of some safe form .

I wait for your kind and favourable answer .

Thank you very much .

Cordial greetings .

Janet Torosian

Passport number : 207660737

The flight was from New York AA 955 of 22.20 and later combining con AA 943 from Buenos Aires to Montevideo.

Anonymous (not verified)

I ws browsing the airport web. and readed the message, I wonder, the ring returned to you???

Anonymous (not verified)

I am meeting someone arriving by a military transport (air force) and I am not sure where to go to meet him and he isn't sure either. How can I find out where to go? He is coming home Saturday November 28th from Iraq.

Weidong Zhang (not verified)

I have a flight connection on DEC. 16th,Fligh No. CA981 from Peking,China- New York JFK arriving at 13:30.Please tell me that I will land to Terminal 1 ? and which Gate?
And I have to change to AA4403 at 15:45. Is AA4403 At Terminal 8 and which Gate for bording?
Could you tell me please how can I reach T8 from T1?
will be 2 hours enough?
Thanks a lot for helping me
Weidong Zhang

Anonymous (not verified)

Yes, you will land on Terminal 1, doesn't matter which gate because you have to get all your bags and clear customs first then give your bags to the transfer counter, they will move them to AA flight for you. after that you have to take the airtrain from Terminal 1 to Terminal 8, if everything goes smoothly , 2 hours should be fine but sometimes, immigration and customs will take more than an hour, (normally is around 30minutes) , your AA flight is at gate 31E T8, but you should double check the gate no again after you have landed at T1. Good luck.


I am flying the first time through JFK to Germany. I have a 3.5 h transfer time window and need to find a spot for my service dog to relieve herself. Best would be grass... Can be a small spot. I'll arrive with Delta / Terminal 3 and fly out of Terminal 1 with Lufthansa . Any suggestions? Some airports have "animal relieve areas", but I couldn't find anything online for JFK.


I have a puppy being shipped from DFW with American Airlines. The puppy will have to stay at the Vetport kennel for the night. A friend of mine will be doing me the favor of bringing the dog to Aruba. He will be flying with JetBlue. My question is does anyone know if there is a service that could bring the puppy from Vetport to the JetBlue terminal.

Anonymous (not verified)

I will be coming to jfk by Klm airlines from Turkey and I need to go to Las Vegas by Delta airlines how can I go to Delta Terminal to go to Las Vegas?

Anonymous (not verified)

I current have a flight on delta coming into terminal 3 at 8:00 am from Richmond VA. I have a connecting flight at 9:50 am on Jet Blue to go internationally in terminal 5. Will I have to pick up my checked bags from delta and bring them to the jet blue counter to go internationally? If so is this enough time? Thank you.

Charlotte (not verified)

Hello, could you please tell me what happens when I arrive in the JFK airport? I then have to transfer onto another plane to go to Los Angeles. Do I need to go through customs etc?

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, I have a international flight arriving at Terminal 5 and then have a connecting from departing from Terminal 3. Can someone give me an approximate time it would take to go through customs at Terminal 5 and get to Terminal 3 for my flight? and how I go to terminal 3


Hi, I have a international flight arriving at Terminal 1 and then have a connecting from departing from Terminal 5. Can someone give me an approximate time it would take to go through customs at Terminal 1 and get to Terminal 5 for my flight? JetBlue changed my flight time so instead of 2hrs I only have an hour and a half to make it. I think I am cutting it close, but would like some comments. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous (not verified)

I land at JFK during the evening and I arrive there probably too late to get on the bus to LaGuardia Airport.

The hotels (and transportation) are way too expensive in the area.

Is there an area where you can at least sit or even on the floor, like in the lobby of the ticketing counters of any terminal. I know you can't be where the gates are.

I remember I was at LAX last year, and I came early one morning. It was open, but obviously had to wait until staff arrived at the ticketing counter.

Is someone out there who can answer this?
Thanks so much.

Anonymous (not verified)

We have a flight from Vienna to JFK (arriving 14:15) and another flight (another company) from JFK to Mexico City (departing at 18:10),
We have 4 hours to get through customs, change from terminal 1 to 8 and to check-in for Mexico - is that enough time?
Thanks for your answer!

Anonymous (not verified)

4hrs+, That is more than enough time. You will even have time to get something to eat if you get hungry.
There is a skytrain that runs between the terminals that is very fast and efficient.

Hardy (not verified)

Is there any smokling area at JFK ???

Mash (not verified)

My friend is traveling to see me and she will be connecting in JFK. Her flight arrives at 630pm ( international) at terminal 1 and her next flight departs at 1045 from terminal 5. Will this be enough time for customs and luggage pick up? and how would she get from terminal 1 to terminal 5?
Thank you very much for your help.

Anonymous (not verified)

Am flying in from paris (air France) and flying on to Las vegas. Looking at flight times it looks like I only have 125 mins between flights. Is that sufficient?? If I've booked all flights thru air france, do I have to collect luggage at JFK or will it be checked in all the way to LAS

Anonymous (not verified)

I depart BGR 10/24/2009 arrive JFK at 3.30pm(Delta)
depart JFK at 5.30pm to SYD (United)

Will I have enough time to collect luggage and check in on international flight?

Anonymous (not verified)

Your bags are technically checked through to your final destination. But All Internatiinal arrival pax must claim their bags at the first point of entry into the US. You go through Immigration, then claim your bags and go through Customs. Right after that there is a special area for Pax who are continuing on, to place your bag on a conveyor belt. So you do not have to "check-in" again at a counter.
hope this helps.

JUDI (not verified)

After getting my baggages at terminal 4 i have to take domestic flight at terminal 8. What is the route?
By what means can i reach there?

Anonymous (not verified)

I am connecting through JFK in a weeks time, landing into Terminal 7 on United and departing Terminal 4 with Virgin. What's the easiest way to get between these two terminals?

Thanks in advance!