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I am going to the US for approximately 2-3 months and im from the UK. Once ive travelled around New York for a few days, is it possible for me (being a British Citizen) to travel to the other states from New York and booking flights from New York or do i have to book it all in the UK. The cities i want to go to are New York, Boston, Washington DC, Georgia in Atlanta.

My boys are nine years old and have passports. Everyone is informing me that I need a notarized letter from their father so that my boys could travel with me to the Domincian Republic. However, years ago their father and I provided me a notarized letter to provide to the passport agency indicating that permission was granted. So my question is.....shouldn't that be sufficient or do I have to obtain a notarized letter eventhough my children already have passports?

You still need notarized letter , stating that the father agrees you to take them out of the country.
Only passports are not sufficient.

arriving on flight 1754 D9S on march 26, at 11:42am with Northwest Airlines.
At which terminal would I be arriving at with Northwest? Need to connect with ELAL at terminal 4
thank you!

me gustaria obtener tarifas economicas desde SDQ hacia Jfk

Arriving from Cairo 3:15 PM; need to connect to Delta flight 6:30 PM. How far apart are terminals and will I have enough time after customs to make flight.

im going to new york in 3 days and absolutly cannot wait!woo

New York is great! live here and love it

i want to fly to California with my family but its very expensive can you tell me some cheaper deals we love cali and we need to go


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