JFK Airport Parking Information

You can use two different types of parking at JFK airport:

Long-Term JFK Airport Parking
Located at Lefferts Blvd, 4 miles from CTA
AirTrain services link parking with the terminals.

Parking rates

$18 for up to 24 hours
$6 for each 8-hour period over first 24 hours

Daily JFK Airport Parking

Green parking - Terminals 1,2,3
Blue parking - Terminal 4
Yellow parking - Terminals 5 & 6
Orange parking - Terminal 7
Red - Terminals 8 & 9

Parking rates

$3 for the first half hour
$6 for up to 1 hour
$3 for each additional half hour, up to $33 maximum each 24-hour period



Does the $18 daily long term parking rate include all other fees and taxes?

I parked in the Lefferts Blvd lot from 6/21-6/28, used my e-z pass to pay. I was charged $245.00 for the 8 days. Last time I parked there it was 140 for the same period . This is the second email regarding this matter. Kindly get back to me in a timely matter or I will be forced to dispute the charge with my credit card company. Thank You

how much will it cost me for 9 days of parking with taxes added.

leave a car 6/12/19 730 am to 6/19/19 4pm?

Drove our RV from WI to catch a flight. Our RV is 32 feet. If we can park in the lot (which we have already booked), Is there somewhere we can plug it in to keep the fridge cold while we are gone?

If we cannot park in this lot where can we park? We will arrive in 3 hours or so.

hi could you please tell me what a week 7 day will cost to park there. I don't know if its 24 or 18 aday please advise thank you.

I am inquiring about parking from may 23rd 5pm to jun 2nd 4.00pm ithis considered long term parking please advise how much it costs

I am inquiring about parking from Saturday 6 am to Monday 1 pm, is this considered long term parking please advise how much it costs

hi, how much long term

Does long term parking have its own lost and found?

parking for 6 days

What is the cost from 1/22/18-1/29/18

The yellow lot for terminal 5 is fully booked. Is it difficult to get from blue lot to terminal 5. How much time to allow? Thank you

I'll be leaving on December 13 and returning January 4. How much will it cost if I park at the airport?

Thank you!

I'm new to NY and am unfamiliar with JFK. I have relatives arriving from Berlin at terminal 8.
Is there short term parking for terminal 8?
If not where is the closest short term parking?
Do they go through customs at terminal 8? Or another area?
Also where can I meet them?
Is there an area where I can wait for them to come through?


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