JFK Airport Parking Information

You can use two different types of parking at JFK airport:

Long-Term JFK Airport Parking
Located at Lefferts Blvd, 4 miles from CTA
AirTrain services link parking with the terminals.

Parking rates

$18 for up to 24 hours
$6 for each 8-hour period over first 24 hours

Daily JFK Airport Parking

Green parking - Terminals 1,2,3
Blue parking - Terminal 4
Yellow parking - Terminals 5 & 6
Orange parking - Terminal 7
Red - Terminals 8 & 9

Parking rates

$3 for the first half hour
$6 for up to 1 hour
$3 for each additional half hour, up to $33 maximum each 24-hour period



I have a flight out at 9PM. With all the snow, will long term parking be available? Thanks.

I'm flying US Airways out of Terminal 7 tomorrow morning. Do I have to "reserve" a spot in short-term parking, or can I just show up?


Hi we are flying out on Saturday morning at 8 and returning at 12:30pm on Sunday. Do we need to make a reservation at short term parking?

pls let me know how can I get from terminal 4 to Long-Term Parking. Thanks

Pls let me know how can I get from Long-Term parking to
terminal 5.Thanks

Was the long term parking lot Flooded during Hurricane Sandy?

Does anyone know if the long term parking flooded? I parked my car there while on vacation. Hoping not come to come back to a toasted vehicle

I am parked in longterm parking. With the Airport closed due to flooding...how are the parking areas? JLM

I'm leaving my car from friday to sunday, how much will it be?

I am flying with Delta what parking lot should I park in. What is the physical address so I can put it in my GPS?

Hi, is there any fix rate monthly parking at JFK airport close to Terminal 7? If not, please advise if there are any vendor parking services and I will get in touch with them. Thank you!

How much time should I allow to park my car in long-term parking and use the monorail to the Delta terminal? Also, is it ever possible that the long-term parking lot is full?
Thanks in advance!

I am flying out of jet blue terminal on aug. 11. i want to know how the handicap long term parking is. Is it in walking distance to terminal or do i need to take air train? How much does it cost? Thank you

Will you allow me to self park my car at 123 S. Conduit Ave lot in October? Valet parking has not been good for me! Terry

How much would it be to leave my car there for a month?


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