JFK Airport Parking Information

You can use two different types of parking at JFK airport:

Long-Term JFK Airport Parking
Located at Lefferts Blvd, 4 miles from CTA
AirTrain services link parking with the terminals.

Parking rates

$18 for up to 24 hours
$6 for each 8-hour period over first 24 hours

Daily JFK Airport Parking

Green parking - Terminals 1,2,3
Blue parking - Terminal 4
Yellow parking - Terminals 5 & 6
Orange parking - Terminal 7
Red - Terminals 8 & 9

Parking rates

$3 for the first half hour
$6 for up to 1 hour
$3 for each additional half hour, up to $33 maximum each 24-hour period



If we park Long Term Parking (we are flying Jet Blue, I beleive it is Terminal 5), what are the accomadations to getting us to the airport terminal from there? Do we take the Air Train? Is the Air Train close to the Long Term Parking Lot? Do we need reservations for the Long Term Parking and for the Air Train? Does the Air Train drop us off in front of the terminal or is there a walk? And how much time should we allow from the Long Term Parking Lot and actually arriving at our Terminal? Any help on the above questions will be greatly appreciated!!

You do need to take the air train. There are 2 stations for the air train, one on each side of the long term parking lot. The walk wil depend on how busy it is but is no longer than a shopping mall at busy times. If you have a lot of bags, there is a drop off area before you park. You do not need a reservation for parking. From the air train stop for Jetblue to the terminal is about a 5 minute walk, all in doors and only 1 way (no way to get lost).
It is not difficult at all just leave yourself enough time. Leave yourself about 40 minutes to park the car, catch the train, ride the train and walk to the terminal.

i need to park for 8 hours at JFK. It looks like Long Term Parking you mentioned - $6 for 8 hours would be perfect for me. where exactly is that located (address)? and does the airtrain go directly to the parking lot?

We are flying out of JFK April 21, returning May 1. Do I need to make a reservation to park at the Long-Term parking on Lefferts Blvd.? Thank you

My receipt has been misplaced, can you please advise how I can receive a copy.

Thank You.

I am on crutches, but do not have a handicapped sticker Where should I park for long to fly out of Jetblue?

Terminal 5 parking lot.

Travelling on British Air the evening of 4/20 returning on 4/28 with a handicap sticker. Where can I park and still get the lower rate?

i'm traveling with american airlines on april 4 and returning on april 16. how much should cost me parking for regular 4 door car?

Hello I need to park from March 29 around 5am(flight is at 655 am) and come back on the April 3rd around 10 pm. Can you tell me how much? Do I book online? The website is too confusing to me. I do not understand the parking. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated. Thank you and good day!


1.How much will it cost to park one car in the LT parking for the duration 6th. April at 8AM to 1 AM on 10th. April?
2.Time by shuttle or air train from LT parking to Terminal#3?
3. Confirm that LT parking is accessible for 24 hrs.

I need to pick my wife at terminal 4. Is there clear sign to reach short term parking ?
Which is best meeting point on terminal 4 where I can ask my wife to wait for me ?

Look at my previous posting.

I am coming from Connecticut, how do you get to long term parking?, what is the physical address?


Can I leave my car on daily parking for 2 days, I do know that you have long-term one.


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