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I lost a black file contains a very important travel papers on 06/05/2016
My flight was from New York to Riyadh

Please contact me if you find it ASAP

[email protected]

I forgot to pick up those items after security screening in terminal 4, around 2 pm on June 30th

Please contact me at [email protected] or 6175041168.

Thank you!

I lost my car key going to Paris on Sunday. I was sitting in 11D in economy ... It fell out of my bag on the overhead. It's a Mercedes key ... My contact is [email protected]
P: 631-338-8505

lost a black Panasonic Lumix DMC-251 with silver/gray wrist strap between gates 28 and 27 in Terminal 5 waiting for flight 1407 around 12pm, 6/29. please contact 2403081123 if found. thank you!

lost a Panasonic Lumix DMC-251 digital camera, black color with silver/gray wristband in Terminal 5 between gates 28 and 27. flight 1407. please contact 240-308-1123 if found. thanks!

Lost my wallet on 28th of June
It's a black wallet has my driver licence and debit card - name Ofer Benin
If you find it pls contact me: [email protected]

Thank you!!

I have left the States from the JFK, and probably dropped my old Motorola EX128 phone. I must have dropped it in somewhere in Terminal 7. Could you please contact me at [email protected] ?

Thank you,


Lost rose gold iPhone 6s in navy and blue leather Jack Spade case around 3:20pm on 28 June 2016, presumably around Terminal 38.

Lost rose gold iPhone 6s in brown and navy leather Jack Spade case on 28 June 2016, presumably around terminal 38.

Hi all,

yesterday, on Sunday June 26th, around 4 pm I left my smartphone in women's restroom nearby Lufthansa Economy check in windows (Terminal 1)

It's white plastic smartphone with 5.5 inch screen (in fact it's cracked but fully working)

I would appreciate any news on the phone as I have sentimental value in all the pictures taken on the phone and not saved anywhere else.

If you have any news about it please write to [email protected] or call 917 549 3334 (this is my friends number - Katja who can help get the phone to me if it's found)

Many thanks and kind regards.


I lost a white iPhone 4S near the Delta counter at Terminal 4

left at security at terminal 8 at approx 7.15am on June 25

I left my MacBook Pro, silver, no case, in the bin at the terminal 4 security checkpoint, late night, June 24th.

Please contact me at [email protected], thank you.

On June 20, i lost a bag duffle bag in terminal 7. There is charger, clothes and shaver inside of bag. Please if anyone see it , return my bag.
Phone: 9179150873
Email: [email protected]