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Includes hotel booking info for the NYLO hotel and fifty pounds Stirling

I lost one kindle paper reader with dark blue case.

If u find it please send email: [email protected]

Thank you so much


Terminal 2E approximately between 7:20 and 7:45 pm (Wednesday, June 22, 2016 . Flight from Portugal to Paris, France arriving at 7:13 pm at JFK Airport) cell phone was dropped by the arrival terminal.

My son left a black Muse bag in customs on 7/23/16 with ALL our cords for phones electronics etc... Please contact me at [email protected] if found!

I got a call about my lost wallet, which was found in Jet Blue Terminal 5, but no one will call me back about getting it. PLEASE HELP! 561-901-4138

On June 20 about 11:00 PM, I lost my black duffel bag with a star in terminal 7. There is charger, clothes, and a shaver inside of my bag.
My phone: 917-915-0873
Email: [email protected]

Thank you!

The evening of April 21st, I took KLM flight KL6149 (Delta DL0042) from JFK (New York) to Brussels. The flight was at 7:30 pm but I was very early for the ckeckin, around 2:00 pm the desk ,
I went to the desk with the flags KLM in blue, in front of the desks of Delta and on the right with the police controle in the back.
Unfortunatly, I forgot my camera on the desk. It is a Nikon D810, with a lens 24-70 mm. It was on the «KLM» desk, and the flight was assured by Delta Airlines.
A man (an african) took my backpack and put it on the convoyer belt, after the check in.
Around 30 min later, I realised that I missed my camera and came back. The same man who put my luggage on the embarquement, confirmed that he had found the camera and arranged for the camera to be delivered at the entrance of the airplane.
He said that I have just to ask it in the entrance of the flight. That's what I did. But nobody has received the camera for handing over to me. Hence I file this claim for 'Goods Lost and Found'.

My contact information :
Chantal Stilmant
rue Bisse 17:8
1070 Brussels
mob +32 475 43 6440
mail : [email protected]

Thank you in advance for arranging the return of my camera.

Lose iPhone 6 Plus on June 17 at the terminal 4, phone has a purple case lost at the luggage pick up area belt #6. Rewards if found it, thank you!

I left my Sony Xperia Z2 tablet computer in plane May 16th. Tablet was covered with black hardcase and it was in grey bag. There was also earplug headset, Sennheiser headset and battery recharger in that bag. Finnair flight from Helsinki to New York. It landed to terminal 8. I contacted Finnair and the told me that it takes few days and they send all lost items to private lost and found service in Finland. It never arrived there and they told me to contact to you if my computer somehow is somewhere in your custody. Please contact me if you have it. If needed I can send you IMEI-code and serial number to verify that I am the real owner of it.
[email protected]

hi i lost mine and my wife passeport. if you can contact me at 3475535206

Lost a black cardigan style cashmere sweater in terminal 1 on June 13th, either at the AlItalia lounge or upstairs in the food court area. Sweater is more than 20 years old but of great sentimental value. Thanks for looking.

Hi, left breast pump bag with milk on flight AA130 from chicago on Jun-19th. It is a Black backpack Madela pump with cooler bag. please call 804-977-0022 if found. thank you

My mom lost her passport today (06/19/16) at terminal 1, if any one see it, please call 7188090773, thanks

Lost my black wallet has a green disney card in it and a 10dollar movie gift card also cash in the back please contact me if you come across it. 863-307-2004

Lost my Samsung mobile S4 mini on 06 / 16 at american Airlines terminal. If you happen to find it, Please contact [email protected]