Luggage Storage

Location Within Terminal:

Terminals 1 Arrivals - First floor
(near Alitalia and Olympic Airlines)

Hours of Operation: 7AM-11PM

Approximate Cost (depending on size): $15 - $25 per day

Telephone: (718) 751-2947

Terminals 4 Arrivals - First floor

Hours of Operation: 24 Hours

Approximate Cost (depending on size): $15 - $25 per day

Telephone: (718) 751-4020

Terminals 8 - (American Airlines)

Hours of Operation: 6AM-10PM

Approximate Cost (depending on size): $15 - $25 per day

Telephone: (718) 995-9292

Early (earlier that 6:00am) pick-up of luggage is possible.

Price list (as of May 1st,2010) for baggage storage only at the facilities at Terminal 1 and Terminal 4.
The prices are per bag, per 24 hours:

Up to 20" - $4

21" - 24" - $6

25" - 26" - $8

27" - 32" - $11

Other(non standard bags, skis etc) - $16



Our party arrive at JfK terminal 4 on 16th September and fly out of terminal 4 on 19th September. Is it possible to book our 8 golf bags into the luggage storage in advance. I assume it is $16 per day.

Please advise if this is possible or do we just turn up on the day with 8 golf bags?

Sue molyneux

Hello, I have two big bags which I want to storage during my layover to visit the the city for a few hours. I will fly from Terminal 4 so how does it work with the Luggague Storage? Should I basically just come with my two big bags? I hope you can give me some more information.

I am travelling with my family from London to Sao Paulo via New York in July. We are staying in New York for 5 nights

We will have 4 suitcases with us but we obviously do not want to take 4 suitcases into Manhattan with us.

Could we store 3 suitcases at JFK and pick them up when we continue our journey back to Sao Paulo?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hi, I would like to know if I can storage my lugagge for a few hours on Monday, May 22nd. Our flight departures at 10 pm. Thanks.

Can I store 2 big boxes ( 1.5m x .8m x 20 cm ) for 3 days?

Hi, can I check with you guys.
I drop off my luggage on April 19 2017 at The Luggage Storage Terminal 4 around daytime, and I take it back on April 24 2017 around night time
But after I arrived at my country, I realized that I missing 2 pairs of my shoes!
Can you guys help me to check on your CCTV?

Thanks and much appreciate

For that price I will leave my bags at home and just buy new clothes!

Reaching JFK fm orlando, fl on 08/06 & flying back on 13/06 from Terminal 4, Kuwait airways, where storage (keeping my luggage) available & what's the tiimings & cost per bag.

Can I pay online the locker fees? My son will drop the bag in the locker for 5 days until I can have it
So if it's possible to pay online the locker fees it will be perfect

is it possible to store my luggage for 2 weeks? Please, answer me. Thank you!

Could you store my luggage two weeks at october ? How much per bag ?

i have a 24 hour layover at jfk,flight arrives on terminal 4 and departs from terminal 5,
wanted to know do i have to book prior for luggage storage and how far will be terminal 4 and 5
what is the best option.

Need to store one full size suitcase and one carry on from 3/30 till 4/2 should I make a reservation?

I want to know price for storage for two baggage 28" for 35/40 dyas

Does anybody know updated price list in 2017? I called the numbers provided above but nobody answered.


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