Terminal 7


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 7 (gates 1-12)

Airlines Phone Numbers IATA Code
Aerolineas Argentinas (800) 333-0276 AR
Air Canada (888) 247-2262 AC
ANA (All Nippon) (800) 235-9262 NH
British Airways (800) 247-9297 BA
Cathay Pacific (800) 233-2742 CX
Iberia (800) 772-4642 IB
Icelandair (800) 223-5500 FI
OpenSkies (866) 581-3596 EC
Qantas (800) 227-4500 QF
Ukraine International Airlines (800) 876-0114 PS



My daughter is arriving at 8:00 this evening, December 25 at Terminal 7. She cannot afford a hotel. Her next flight leaves terminal 4 on the 26th, early afternoon. Where can she "camp out" safely? Is terminal 4 open 24 hours, and will security allow her to stay there for almost 18 hours? Will there be open places to buy food outside of security? (She is meeting an Israeli tour group at the El Al counter on the 26th, and they have her Boarding Pass.)

Give her some $$$$ next time ! ! !

T4 is open 24 hours and there are food options as well.

We have a friend coming in from Sweden tonight, Dec 23, 2011, on FLT 615 into JFK. The time of arrival keeps bouncing, I guess because of weather. It was originially to land at 5:55pm but got off late. How long "might" it take to get through customs. He is suppose to get a taxi, or NY Airport shuttle to Port Authority for an 11 pm bus. What do you think chanches are? Thanks and Merry Christmas

My flight is 26th,12:00am (CX) I don't know if my flight's check-in counter will still open at Christmas night (25th).
and if it open until what time ? if it is not what time I should Check-in? Thanks

Where on this site do I find out about gates?

Arriving 12:40 pm on BA with a connecting flight on Jet Blue in Terminal 5 at 2:59pm. Do I have enough time here to make it? How long does it take to clear customs in Terminal 7?

is it possible to get a message to an arriving passenger at the arrival gate?

I am traveling into nyc from providence the night before my flight from jfk. I will arrive at port auhoriy oat midnight. With at least 6 hours to spare between arriving in the city and flying back home, where should I go in the middle of the night? Are the airport lounges open throughout the night? I just need a safe place

Terminal 4 which is open 24/7


I am a US citizen landing at terminal 7 from an international flight departing from Finland. From terminal 7, I'll need to get to terminal 4 for a Delta domestic flight. Time between arrival and departure of my international and domestic flight is 2 hours 5 minutes. I have two pieces of checked luggage to handle.

Do you estimate 2 hours is enough time to move from terminal to terminal considering the scenario I have provided above? (considering collecting and rechecking luggage).

Would your response be different if I could have one airline pass my luggage along (Icelandair -> Delta)?

Thanks for your direction.

You should OK with your time frame.

at the jfk airport do you have any buggy services..?

Arriving on ground terminal 7 at 4:40 UAL transferring to Terminal 4 Egypt air departing 6:30.

How do I get train from 7 to 4? How long approx is the ride? Is this going to be tight or can we breath easily?

Know we must go through security at 4 and may have to get boarding pass there if UAL will not issue them in San Diego. thanks for info.l

Erm, it might be tight for you. In order to get to Terminal 4 you will need to rush to the AirTrain which will take probably 10-15 minutes depending on if you made it on time. When you arrive at Terminal 4, check with EgyptAir for your boarding passes. I think you will be okay which a good amount of time to get things before your flight.

Glad I could help!


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