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WIFI Internet Access

JetBlue customers traveling through JFK Terminal 6 can use their laptop computers or other wireless enabled devices to access their corporate network, check email, surf the web or download files, all at no charge.

- park yourself near a JetBlue wireless hotspot sign
- you have to set the SSID to "default" or "any"
- accept the Terms & Conditions and you can start surfing
- you will be redirected to for free access to the Internet.


Randle Diplomatic & Security Service is true and reality here in JFK Airport, New York, USA.

How far a walk is it from Terminal 6 - Jet Blue to Terminal 4 - El Al?
Thanks for any help I can get?

maybe from 5 to 10 mins.You can take the airtrain outside from terminal to terminal.

I was told by terminal 4 information, that there is free internet access in the food court on the third floor, and also possibly in the terminal after checking in.

Please,give me an answer if RANDLE DIPLOMATIC@SECURITY SERVICE there are in reality and that is your ocupation?;
Where has your address in USA ,in NEW YOrk?

Please speak English. No one can understand you to help you if you use unrecognizable English. Welcome to the United States of America, where we speak ENGLISH.

The USA has no official language legally, and therefore one may speak any language they please. Try travelling around the world knowing only a few languages and see how easy it is. Everyone looks for people who speak their native language while in a foreign country.

hmm.. if your plane did an emergency landing in a field in North Dakota, what language do you suppose the first person you met would be speaking?


well guys, the point is that it was offensive to talk like that to someone just because he doesnt speak english. i have some news for you: there are other languages around the globe and people actually study hard to learn the english you were born knowing! so, first of al, some respect, all right?
and do take your fellow's advice and travel around...try to see how it is to be in a place where you have to concentrate to communicate, where you are never fully understood...
THEN you have the right to criticize someone...

Fo shizzle.

Nice job


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