WIFI Internet Access

JetBlue customers traveling through JFK Terminal 6 can use their laptop computers or other wireless enabled devices to access their corporate network, check email, surf the web or download files, all at no charge.

- park yourself near a JetBlue wireless hotspot sign
- you have to set the SSID to "default" or "any"
- accept the Terms & Conditions and you can start surfing
- you will be redirected to jetblue.com for free access to the Internet.



You have tu subscribe to one of Boingo Wireless services: they're NOT free, but you can choose between 1 day or 1 week toll, and u can use it virtually in every biggest U.S.A. airport (for instance, besides JFK, I could use it also at Miami's).

Hi everyone, I have few questions and I'm hoping someone can help me.

1) Is there free or paid Wifi available in Terminal 7 (Iberia/British Airways) for the iPod Touch, if so and it is paid, how can I go about purchasing it (and how much)?
2) Is there anywhere in Terminal 7 where I can plug in a charger?

Thank you in advance for your help :)

i was asking if there is any links for the immigration service of Office in JFK ?
thank you for any help

where do you buy the connection?

Hi. I am stuck in JFK Airport for the night. I confirm: there is NO free wifi hotspot. I am currently using a purchased one month connection ($8) from boingo. It works fine (places voice calls via Skype).
Nothing in Terminal 3.
No prob to plug your electronic devices.
Good luck.

I connected to T mobile in T3 at gate 10.

Is there anywhere to recharge an ipod within JFK?

Terminal 4 do not have so call free wifi so stop bitching around.Spend money if you internet at terminal 4. Only T5 Jetblue has free wireless for it's customer.
End Of Story. Stop f***ing around. Period

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Is it terminal 4 (EL-AL travels) has free WIFI Internet Access?

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Not sure about other terminals, but on my iPod Touch (should work with iPhone) the boingo network gives you 15 minutes of free internet for every 15 seconds of ads you watch (can't remember the SSID but it was the only open wireless network). For some reason this didn't work with my laptop - the only choices with boingo for my laptop all required some payment (by the hour, by the day, etc.)
If a laptop's all you've got maybe try spoofing your browser's identity to pretend you're an iPhone? (MobileSafari is what it might be looking for.) Maybe any mobile browser works.


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