Terminal 8


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 8

Airlines Phone Numbers IATA Code
Air Berlin (866) 266-5588 AB
American (800) 433-7300 AA
American Eagle (800) 433-7300 AA
Finnair (800) 950-5000 AY
Lan Chile (866) 435-9526 LA
Lan Ecuador (866) 435-9526 XL
Lan Peru (866) 435-9526 LP
Qatar Airways (877) 777-2827 QR
Royal Jordanian (212) 949-0050 RJ
TAM (888) 235-9826 JJ
US Airways (800) 428-4322 US



My baggage did not come to JFK on Monday, July 3rd, flight AB7248., Terminal 8. I went to the airport today and i found the bag. There are like 200 bags there that are lost. If you did not get your bag this week, go to JFK yourself. They wont deliver the bag in like two weeks with the mess they have.
I tried calling 718-244-0921 that they gave me at the time i reported lost baggage like 100 times and nobody picks up. They know that we are calling but they dont give a damn.

Air Berlin lost my bag from Dusseldorf to JFK two days ago.

I was told that someone would contact me yesterday - no one did.

I was given the number 718-244-0921 and told to contact someone called Omar who does not seem to pick up the phone.

I am not sure what more to do or who to call.

Please can someone help me?

Carrier Tag number: AB559046
Flight Number AB8033
Date: 30 June 2017

Please I lost my Italian Resident Permit. It's like an ID CARD. On top of it is written Permesso di Soggiorno. It has my picture in front and my name as well. Please I am in dire need of it for my travel. If you happen to find it, please do contact me

I am on day 3 without my oversized, dark mossy green luggage, had2a large front pocket, scratches on the front and constrains medication and objects used for my job here in the short toner I'm in Germany.
I've filed with Air Berlin here, but still nothing.
Is it possible it was sent on the wrong flight of never left NYC?

This morning at 10am I went through security and somebody picked up my laptop by mistake and left his. When TSA opened the laptop the name on the screen said Gustavo.

Air Berlin lost my bag on from a connecting flight BUD->TXL->JFK
I arrived Monday the 26th of June flight number AB7248.
Have been unable to get in contact just like everyone else they do not answer anything.
No clue what to do right about now, just filed a government complaint against them.

My wife and flew into JFK on June 22 Flight # AB7248. We have called Air Berlin # many times with NO answer, the tag #s are 195062 and 195039. Can you help


Air Berlin lost my luggage 2 days ago at JFK and I filed a report. I keep trying to call the air Berlin phone number above but everytime I call the line is busy. Can I get some help here please.

did you ever got your baggage
same happened to my yesterday. my baggage did not arrive and their phone never pick up

Hi, happened the same To me. Have you managed to speak with them? If yes tell me how please!!

Was your luggage ever returned and were you able to contact a representative? Air Berlin has lost my luggage and I cannot contact anyone

Did you get your bags? Mine is lost now

Hi, my husband's flight was delayed so he missed his connecting flight and then had to fly to another city and get a flight to JFK from there. I'm worried about his luggage and cannot find a person at the airport to speak to about it. I've given up on Air Berlin - I called from the UK on skype and they hung up on me twice so far!! DId you have any luck contacting them?

Dear JFK
I flew from BUD-TXL-DUS-JFK line on 6/19/2017 and at JFK my bag has been lost at terminal 8. This is my 5th day without my personal items. My carrier tag number: AB0600600, color: black. Ive tried the number I was given several times, but I received no answer from Airberlin, I tried sending emails, other numbers but there has been none to answer my calls.
Please contact there is any chance to get it found

I was contacted on June 5, 2017 at 437pm by Omar, who said that my luggage was traced in Fumicino (FCO) airport in Rome, and that it would be in the US by June 7. Once it is cleared by customs, it would be delivered to my home in New York. It was been more than 1 week and no luggage was delivered. The airline used was in Terminal 8, Air Berlin flight AB7249 going to Fumicino, Rome. The luggage ID number is 0745 AB 268050.

It is a black samsonite luggage, weighing less than 15 kg, with black and gold wheels. There is also a black Etihad lugggage tag with my initials COT in gold.

Please contact me ASAP


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