JFK Airport Information

JFK Airport Address

John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK Expy & S Cargo Road (Intersection of two streets)

Jamaica, NY 11430

JFK Airport mailing address

Building 14

Jamaica, NY 11430

John F. Kennedy International Airport is an international airport located in Jamaica, Queens, southeast of New York City.

IATA code - JFK

ICAO code - KJFK

Operated by - The airport has been operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey under a lease with New York City since 1947.

Time Zone - EST (GMT -5)

History - Construction of the airport began in 1942 with modest ambitions. Only 1,000 acres (4 km²) of land on the site of Idlewild golf course were earmarked for use. The golf course provided the airport's original namesake, Idlewild Airport. First commercial flights began on July 1, 1948. The airport was formally dedicated as New York International Airport on July 31, 1948. It was re-dedicated on December 24, 1963 as John F. Kennedy International Airport, following action of the Mayor and Council of the City of New York, and a resolution of the Commissioners of the Port Authority. After the September 11, 2001 attacks, JFK was one of the first airports in the United States to be temporarily closed.



Air Jamaica should know the answer, please check with them. Have a great trip. :P

Yes you do.

Is it possible to bring a extra luggage and how much would that cost? If im going from JFK, land in between paris and then to sweden?

And when i land in paris, and switch planes to i have to check in my bags again?

Before your departure at JFK ask whether your bags are clipped to your final destination or not. You may if you wish bring additional luggage but your airlines may charge you an extra fee for that. Inquire with your airlines about any fees.

I am traveling with 2 month baby and wanted to know if there are nursing rooms in JFK airport inorder to nurse or pump? Thanks


I have seen the baby change rooms are located adjacent to the restrooms. I would assume in all terminals.

Hope it helps. :P

Hi, wat is the best way to get from JFK to Aloft, Brooklyn?

Check the Aloft website:


Click on MAP, then click on transportation options. You have serveral choices.

Hope it helps, it looks nice! :P

My parents are flying to the US from Budapest next week. they will have layover of 3h and 30 min in jfk and then a connecting flight to LAX, flying AA all the way. Their flight gets in at terminal 8 and the connecting flight also leaves from there. This is their first time traveling to the US and they do not speak any english. I have requested a wheelchair for my mother and i am very nervous about a lot of things. Will the wheelchair assistant walk them through the whole process, or he/she will just push the chair and my parents will have to figure things out on their own? I know they will have to go through immigration, baggage claim, baggage check in, customs etc.can someone please "draw" me a scenario of how things work in situations like these?! please. i translated for them the forms they will have to fill out in the plane, also wrote a letter they can hand to the immigration officer....what else should i do? i have called AA 3 times already but i was kind of rushed of the phone and it seemed that they didn't know all that much.thank you

Hi: My friend this is a hard one. Language assistance has always sucked at the airports.

The wheelchair assistants are no help, they just take you from point A to B.

I would assume that someone on the AA crew should speak Hungarian, maybe your parents can ask him/her for help at the airport.

Maybe there is someone on the flight who is bilingual who can also help. I have seen that happen many times, as a matter of fact I have helped people in the past. Probably someone is also going to LAX, maybe they can keep company each other, it's a long trip.

If those oprions fail, I would translate for them key words/phrases like, bathroom, telephone, help, food, luggage, immigration, passport, currency, please, thank you, ... Phrases like "I don't speak English, I speak Hungarian, Where is the bathroom?, I am hungry/thirsty? etc, so they can keep the list handy. I used to do that when I went to Germany, I was able to get by with no problems.

Best case sceneario would be a prepaid cell phone, so you guys can talk to you during the layover process, but I'm afraid it's too late for that.

Hope this helps. Regards. :P

If I have a connecting flight in Amsterdam (Schiphol), will my baggage be sent to final destination (Saint-Petersburg)?
I am travelling home to Saint-Petersburg (LED) from vacations in the USA (JFK).

flight from New York (JFK) to Amsterdam (Schiphol) KLM airlines. 4 hours transit in Amsterdam airport.
the same day flight from Amsterdam to Saint-Petersburg (LED) Rossiya airlines.

My family is flying into JFK from London on AA on Friday June 17, and they continue to Cleveland on AA as well. Will they have to change terminals, and what should they do with their luggage to ensure it is not lost? It would always get lost when I traveled internationally through JFK... Quick response would be greatly appreciated.

My son is arriving at JFK from South America on Wednesday morning at 5:30 AM. At what time does customs open to process incoming international passengers ?

Is there a place in the airport to purchase Metro Cards for traveling? Plus where is it located?
Thank You!

I'm arriving at JFK at 5:25 am and need a cheap or free place to rest (lie down and actually nap) for a few hours somewhere at the airport or in Manhattan. Any suggestions?


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