Terminal 7


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 7 (gates 1-12)

Airlines Phone Numbers IATA Code
Aerolineas Argentinas (800) 333-0276 AR
Air Canada (888) 247-2262 AC
ANA (All Nippon) (800) 235-9262 NH
British Airways (800) 247-9297 BA
Cathay Pacific (800) 233-2742 CX
Iberia (800) 772-4642 IB
Icelandair (800) 223-5500 FI
OpenSkies (866) 581-3596 EC
Qantas (800) 227-4500 QF
Ukraine International Airlines (800) 876-0114 PS



I lost my silver MacBook Pro at terminal 7 security check point on May 2nd, 2019 at around 1:30PM. I left it in one of the bins. I was flying UIA to Kyiv.

I lost my eye glasses on the flight below:
British Airways Flight 175
28 Oct 2018
London LHR
New York City JFK

It's a light brown frame in a dark red velvet case.
In case you found them, my co-worker Kevin Hennequin will be traveling back from JFK to London on Saturday, 2nd of February and could collect them.
I would appreciate if someone could get in touch with me either via email [email protected]

Many thanks,

I lost my black wallett in Terminal 7 on Sunday night, January 27th around 6:30. I boarded my flight at Gate 12 and lost it somewhere between the Hudson convenience store and the gate. If someone finds it, please email me or call me

I lost my Indian Passport at JFK terminal 7 on friday 11JAN 2019 evening
It was in a brown cover with the name 'ESHA' on it.
It belonged to 'ESHA VIJAY DESHPANDE'.

Lost white Teddy bear (small) with red ribbon at her neck. Either on flight LO26 or on my way out in Terminal 7. It's super important for my child, please let me know if found

Lost my Italian passport the 13/12/2018 at terminal 7 jfk

Is there a bus direct from terminal 7 to central Manhattan - Port Authority is ok - or do we have to make our way to terminal 4? Booked a shuttle the last visit and was let down badly - waited almost 2 hours before one became available.
Is there a taxi rank at terminal 7, and how much to Times Square area?


I made it to New York a little over an hour ago. I left my iPad on the flight. Please call if you have any information regarding the flight.

I left my iPad on Flight Number IB6251. Heading back to Iberia's lost and found.

Bag was checked at the bag drop at Virgin Airlines (Terminal 7) Friday Jan 29th Flight 1413 to LAX. It never arrived. Bag Claim # VX1528213.
It has a single blue Alaska name tag with my name (Matt Lee) and phone number.

going through security to take Virgin flight to Los Angeles of 11.30 a.m. I lost my IPAD with a black cover

-One black hard sided Bugatti suitcase (black name tag attached as well as yellow ribbon) -One turquoise Jansport backpack School group & their bags were dropped off by Super Shuttle at JFK Terminal 7, around 6pm, Sat Nov 18, 2017. Suitcase & backpack belong to a student and contain personal effects & NYC souvenirs from their week in NYC. Please contact me ASAP if you come across these items.

I am from some other country. I have planed to visit NY. Ehen I shall get back, I have planed 2nrimg two airguns pcp with me in checked in luggage.

Is it legal and fine to bring airguns with emptied cylinders?

Will I be frightened that I shall be arrested even if I declare about my guns?

Any further precautions pleade?

I don't have any license and in my country there is no need of a license to keep airguns.


Umair Bhaur

There is a whole line of people waiting to check in but there is no one at the interjet counters at terminal 7. Could someone be sent here?


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