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JFK Airport Lost & Found

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JFK Car Rental - Each terminal have rental car counter or courtesy telephones. Car rental companies that operate at airport are: Avis, Budget, Dollar Rent A Car, Enterprise, Hertz more

Kennedy Airport Terminals - There are 8 operating terminals ...

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The airport is closed Now?

the bag had a number from the trip from JAX to JFK # 0279 338754

i lost a carry on bag that has vitamins for my father i was trying to catch a plane to Istanbul on turkish airlines and i forgot it at the security check point before gate 12 if i remember correctly
i was coming from JAX to JFK to catch a plane to Istanbul

PLease contact me.

Do you expect serious delays flight cancelations on Thursday at JFK due to snow.

I left my laptop at 41A (Shunsuke Saito)'s seat of AR1300.

I can be at terminal 7 tomorrow.

I lost my blue fur jacket in 22th December. I think I left it in terminal 3, and next to Duty Free Shop or Burberry.

If you saw that, please tell me.

I hope I can find it.
My email is
Thank you

Hello, I've left my watch at a trey while passing the X-ray. Is a very sentimental item for me. I'll be back in jfk in january 14th, can you keep it until then?
The watch is silver with stripes of gold from Seihko!

understand lost and found has something as a claim in the name of Curtis Cooper

As the chief leader of the animal protecting team, we strongly oppose your behaviour of receiving living monkeys cargo from Guangzhou (CAN), China by the airline called RJ.
According to our information, this airline has been sending lots of monkeys for a long period from CAN to JFK. We hope you can do some investigation and protect those lovely animals.

Dear all,

I lost my favorite jacket, it's made from wool black on the outside and tan on the inside.
I forgot it on the xray at terminal 8 at 11:30 am.


Dear all.

I lost my umbrella given by my girl friend.
I hope to find this.
Please help me.

I think that I lost my umbrella through x-ray in terminal 1.
My flight plan was as below.
Departure : 00:50, Thu. (6th Oct.)
Flight : KE 086 (Korean Air)
Lost Time : About 21:30~ 22:00

Thank you very much.
Jinwoo Song.

I lost a GoPro on july 25th. If anyone found, please, Just give me the memory card. Cameras we can buy, memories we can't. Terminal 4, Delta.

Dear sirs,

I've been travelling for almost a month in Europe without my luggage.
What happened was that i took a plane in GIG on september 2nd and arrived at JFK on 3rd with an AA plane.
I took my luggage and just put on the transfer line together with my boyfriend's luggage, as they told us to do it.
At night we got a plane to London with a BA plane, when we arrived there, he got his luggage and i haven't got mine.
The company has no news about my luggage since it gots to JFK.
How it just desapeared? It is a hard, 4 wheels and VERY COLOURFULL luggage.
It cannot simply disappear with nobody knows nothing about it for almost a month!!!
I'm pretty sure it is in the airport. It is possible to check the cameras? All my clothes were there, there was a blue bag with book to give as a gift inside, as small brown necessaire with medicines, some supermarket bags with shoes inside and, of course, luggages.
If nobody knows it, i suspect it was stolen! Because it is not possible, i need my things!!

I look forward to get a reply. I'm really sad about it, because a passenger luggage is a airplane resposability but also an airport responsability too.
This facr made me pass through some horrible and shamed situations.

Thank you.

Email address: [email protected]

Your airport sucks. The signage is not visible and you have 1 security gate open on a Tuesday at 5pm? Your up escalators don't work? Pathetic

I was suppose to be receiving a package shipped by COVENANT SHIPPING COMPANY.They contacted me and said i had to pay a 900.00.Customs Duty Clearance NON-Inspection clearance this right do i owe this the package they said was mellow envelope.receiving address 4175 CR 278 Zephyr Texas 76890. Under the name of Larry Henshaw please return a reply of this matter email me or call me at 325 800 9228 thank you

UK red passport. I think left at airport, probably at customs check out.
[email protected]


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