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WIFI Internet Access

JetBlue customers traveling through JFK Terminal 6 can use their laptop computers or other wireless enabled devices to access their corporate network, check email, surf the web or download files, all at no charge.

- park yourself near a JetBlue wireless hotspot sign
- you have to set the SSID to "default" or "any"
- accept the Terms & Conditions and you can start surfing
- you will be redirected to for free access to the Internet.


Well, the internet access at JFK Terminal 6 is a benefit for the public so that they can surf internet easily.

Does JFK airport has free wifi facility?

I am arriving Non 8th 16:25 from CDG, AF006 (Terminal 1), have to pick up my luggage and catch the next flight DELTA 413 to Miami Dept. 18:30. Delta does only write, that Terminal is eithe T2 or T4. What would be the fastest procedure to check in DELTA 413 to JFK? Thank for your answer.

I'll arrive On Sunday at the T8. There's free internet wifi or I'll should pay?
Thank u

I will arrive at T1 where I can get my baggage and do I need to take air train to T3 and where can I check in my baggage and how can I move them I have children and a lot of baggage I will arrive on Saudi airlines T1 and fly from T3 on Delta

I was able to connect to the JetBlue Hot Spot in Terminal 5 on my laptop, after going to the web page and accepting the terms. But, although my iPad says it is connected to the wireless, I have no Internet connection. I tried three different places around the terminal with the same result. I went to the Just Ask counter and they were no help. I tried closing out all my browser tabs and restarting both the Safari app and my iPad. Any help would be appreciated!

Btw, I saw someone else was having trouble as well. I have an iPad2, if that helps.

Is there internet access (free hotspot) in T2?
How far is the Sheraton hotel from T2?
Thank you,

I have a flight from JFK to Riga by Uzbekistan airways. They lost my baggage. It's big, dark red, on the top was torned handle. Please, help me to find it!! The Nr. of baggage was HY373627, reference file is RIXHY10179.

Enrique Setaro: I am arriving from Boston with American this sunday connecting with the same airline to Barcelona, Spain. Where/How can I get a wiFi hotspot free or at a reasonable cost?

At Terminal 5.

Hi. I will be travelling from the Czech Republic to JFK in May. Actually have a connecting flight to Alaska that doesn't leave till the next morning at 7:30 a.m. (I arrive around 4 p.m.). What are the regulations for staying overnight in the airport with my dog (41 kg or approx 83 pounds)? Must she stay in her kennel? Could I store her kennel at Baggage Storage and just keep her on a leash and with me at all times?

Secondly, are there any free wi-fi spots in the airport? Given that I am arriving on Delta and leaving on Delta, what Terminal am I arriving into? If it is NOT Terminal 4, where is Terminal 4 from a) my arriving terminal and b) from baggage claim?


I am staying in US for the past 5 months. I am travelling to Japan next week. My spouse & i are reaching on the same day at different terminals.

Can she use my current I-94 at her port of entry? How will i send her my latest I-94?

Call Immigration officials.

is there wireless internet in terminal 8



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