JFK International Airport

  Delays by Destination:
  - Due to WEATHER / WIND, departure traffic destined to EWR is currently experiencing delays averaging 1 hour and 22 minutes.
  General Departure Delays:
Due to TM Initiatives:SWAP:WX there is departure delay:
Minimum: 1 hour and 1 minute
Maximum: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Trend: Increasing
  General Arrival Delays:
Arrival traffic is experiencing airborne delays of 15 minutes or less
Update time: Tue Jun 27 22:39:51 2017 GMT - provided by the FAA\'s Air Traffic Control System Command Center

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I'm flying home from Europe the day before New Year's and, because of an error by the travel agent, I had to book 2 seperate tickets instead of one connected journey to get from Paris to Toronto. As each flight is considered a seperate journey, I have to ensure that I have enough time between arrival in JFK and departure to Toronto to collect and recheck my baggage and go through security. My flight arrives in at 10:35am and the earliest possible departure would be at 1:37. Would three hours be enough time to get through the airport or should I book the next flight which is at 5:40?

a friend of mine is supposed to come from the Domincan Republic. he is departing from santiago at 11.00am,and he is supposed to be in New York, more or less, at 3.00pm. i would like to know if there are some dealys. please how do i find out?

What is the fastest way to reach laguardia from JFK? Is there an airtrain between the airports? How long does it take to reach Laguardia from JFK?

Do taxis go from jfk airport to the danbury, ct area? how much would that be?

I know that CT-limo goes to a bunch of places in CT however you need to book in advance. They are reasonably priced. If Danbury has a train station you could get the ctlimo to hartford then a train to danbury

Hi everybody,

I will arrive at JFK from VCE(Italy) at 15:05
I have to continue to Orlando (MCO), so next flight is at 16:45. Do you think 1h 40mins are enough to complete all the procedures and let me take the flight with no problem?

Coming from Europe, I need to pass all the immigration checks.

Thank you for your answers

ok time is enough.

My boss lands at 7:15 pm tonight in Terminal 4 and has to go through customs. Will he have enough time to make it to the last flight out of JFK at 8:55 pm which will be in Terminal 2?

Yes he should make it on time !

I have bought some goods at the DFS Galleria shop at JFk airport terminal 4 on the 29/10. They passed through security in plastic bags and didn't realise that I had to pick them up at the other and no explained this.

It was stated on the ticket but didn't look at my receipt as not expecting any other inforamtion to be there. I now realise that I was suppose to pick them up so where round there. No signs to point this out.

I have now paid over £100 for some goods that I have not received.

can anyone advise. I have emailed DFS Galleria for a refund and left voicemails but no one has replied yet. This is now two weeks and I am not impressed!!

Any advice appreciated.

Your best bet is probably to ring the airport and explain what happened and see if they can match your description. Also keep your receipt from your goods as proof of purchase. Are you still in NYC or nearby? If not, see if they can post it if you're willing to pay the postage.
Hope that helps.

I'd seen on yahoo, a link to where you could buy seized property taken from people or left in searches at air ports. It included most U.S. airports and some from other countries.
Does anyone know the link?

What is the expected weather/ delays from PBI flight leaving PBI @ 4:35 pm and arriving JFK @ 7:38 today?

I plan to travel from Europe to Panama City through NY. I should come to JFK and leave from Newark. What do you think about normal connecting time between these two airports in working day in winter and at noon. Would be 4:15 hour sufficient?


Hi, I am arriving at JFK on 16th Nov night (9:40PM) by Delta Airlines.
My next flight from JFK on 17th Nov morning (10:40AM) by Emirates Airlines.
My whole trip is on a single ticket, as the airlines share a code.
Now, as my layover is about 13 hrs, can I do a through baggage checkin, so that I can go outside the airport lighter.
If yes, how should I confirm that they actually have taken care of my baggages for the onward journey.
If no, can I collect the baggage(from terminal 3) and again check them back in(terminal 4, Emirates counter) on 16th night itself ? Would the Emirates staff be present at counter to collect my belongings ?
What is the airport policy regarding baggage check-in and how early can I checkin the baggage provided through check-in is not an option.


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