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No destination-specific delays are being reported
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Traffic is experiencing gate hold and taxi delays lasting 15 minutes or less.
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Arrival traffic is experiencing airborne delays of 15 minutes or less
Update time: Tue Jan 19 17:38:01 2021 GMT - provided by the FAA\'s Air Traffic Control System Command Center

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Royal Jordanian is unbeleivably HORRIBLE Passengers are standing infront of their desk for more than 3 hours and no one is there to help them, we called their office several times and they kept saying that there is somone there and after that they stopped taking calls, passengers are left there knowing nothing and some of them missed their flights. let alone that they post poned the schedule for the flight to amman.
P.S Passengers are still their right now

Oh No, I am having some hellish problems with my connecting flight out of JFK to Amman which is/was (not sure yet) sceduled to leave the 19th. I though Travelocity was putting me through the ringer, but by what I'm reading here it is probably R Jordanian. They have changed my flight itinerary 3 times since I got my paper ticket a month ago. Travelocity canceled the paper ticket they gave me & abandoned me to fend for myself at the airport. Everyone at the airport claimed it was someone elses problem and I lost my cool. Now I have a stand-by ticket for my original flight on the 19th and a ticket for the 20th so if I don't get on the 19th I can sleep in the airport and catch the second plane at 6:30am the following day (WHICH TRAVELOCITY tells me is an invalid flight! But US AIRWAYS says is valid--so who knows if I will ever get to Amman? And there seems to be little chance of winning any fight. US Airways gave me a time when I fly into Jordan, but couldn't varify the date (wierd). So, I lost a day of my life in the airport begging for a ticket, probably will lose the 19th sleeping at JFK and who knows about the 20th--21st--??? So much for my Jordanian Christmas. Is this usual or are they going through some big trouble recently?

The same thing is happening in Amman coming to JFK. I do not know what the legal recourse is. Usually you can complain nicely to the airline and they will comp you a new ticket but who wants to fly Royal Jordanian again?

They did it to me too .. i have tried to contact JFK airport itself and they did not know thye could not even give me the airline number... and wheni finally got the number from the iternet all you get is automated machine that does not tell you anything.... the web-site says it is schedueled to leave on time at 11 pm.. then finally i get call from royal jordanian ailines to tell me it leaves on december 16, 2007 at 3 am but there is no way i ca confirm it........ I will never fly this airline again even if they offer traveling for free... I will make plans with another airlines when i fly out again with my 150 people of my family members in June... I am sure what Ryoyal Jordanian Airline is doing is definitely illegal but who do you complain to..? If anyone has an aswer to whom i can complain to or how this could never happen again to anyone else ,, please please let me know

I have an international flight next week at 6:45 pm and wonder if I can check-in my luggage the night before the flight and come back to the airport the day of the flight.
Thank you

I'm due to land at JFK late at night - past midnight. I don't want to head into town until day break for personal safety reasons. My hotel reservation is not until the following night.

Are there any restrictions on waiting at the airport until morning?

No problem, just hold on to your travel documents and your ID, gather your bags and have a snooze in a chair, just be careful that someone does not snatch one of your bags. Mostly it is safe, but anyone from anywhere passes through this VERY international airport! Fun to people watch. Enjoy

My I-94 has been stamped with the wrong date. I actualyy landed on 10/26/2007 and it has been stamped with 10/24/2007. Now what should I do to get it rectified.

Make sure you didn't overstay your US Visa 10 years ago. They might shackle you, interrogate you, and hold you for three days. Especially if you are from Iceland....


Whats the matter with you people?

don't worry about it, it'llbe a bigger pain to get it changed than to just leave it as it is. i have an i 94 as well and wouldn't even bother

I suggest you go over to INS or airport security and show them your boarding pass or something that is official with the date, and tell them you need it fixed.

hi ya'll keep up the good work!

I am flying from Cancun Mexico this afternoon and arriving at JFK at 8:10 p.m. I heard about wind and possible delays. Can I expect a long delay in arriving in NYC

I am heading out to LAX from JFK on Thursday, December 6th at 7am. I am aware that there is a weather forecast for th 5th and 6th that displays snow showers. This is a very important trip and to miss it or have it delayed would be a huge problem, anyone know what is the earliest I can find out? what are the chances this type of weather will effect the flight? how bad does weather have tog et for flights to be canceled or significantly delayed?

Is there any place there I can leave my bags during one week? If is, how mutch?


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