JFK International Airport

  Delays by Destination:
No destination-specific delays are being reported
  General Departure Delays:
Traffic is experiencing gate hold and taxi delays lasting 15 minutes or less.
  General Arrival Delays:
Arrival traffic is experiencing airborne delays of 15 minutes or less
Update time: Wed Nov 25 04:48:01 2020 GMT - provided by the FAA\'s Air Traffic Control System Command Center

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I am a norwegian citizen that will be flying from peru to norway this cristmas, including a 19-hour wait at Jfk airport. I would like to book a room at an airport hotel for this, but find it hard to find any homepages where I can actually contact them. The problem is that I don{t have a visa to enter the U.S:, but a electronically readable barnd new norwegian passport. Can anyone help me find out wether it is possible to spend a night at an airport hotel without visa? and if not, am I able to apply for one when landing?
Thanks in advance!

We have been expecting my son's Christmas package shipped from China since the 1st of December. The USPS tracking is still showing that it is in customs @ JFK. Can you tell me the status and we really need it ASAP & hope it arrives by Christmas. I would love to speak with a person to determine its location & exactly what the hold up is. Please advise.

On December 18, 2007, my family and I were traveling from JFK Airport to Portland, ME Airport. We were on JetBlue Airways Flight Number 1608. During take-off from JFK the aircraft lost tremendous altitude and tipped sideways to the left. There were many screams and gasps from the passengers as we were all sure the aircraft was going down. After a period of about 1 minute the pilot spoke to us over the intercom apologizing for the "bumpy ride" and explained that we had been "sent off too soon" and were experiencing wind turbulance from an aircraft that had just taken off prior to us. There is absolutely no need of something like this to happen. Would not people rather spend an extra 10 minutes waiting on the ground before taking off to avoid another aircraft's wind turbulence and is that not the safer course?? Our family has been shaken up from the whole experience for a few days now. We really thought we were going to die. Does anyone have an explanation for this? We should be compensated for having to experience something that could easily have been avoided.

my only thought would be that if your plane took off too soon it caught the tail wind from the previous plane. There is a certain distance that needs to be maintained between planes.

I am expecting an international package coming from China. when I track it on usps, it only says that the package arrived at JFK on December 8. there has been no movement since then according to usps. however, I have been calling JFK and they claim the package was not inspected by customs and is in the care of JFK's airport service, does anyone know when I should expect the package? it's been there since the 8th! I was hoping to have it by xmas

hey friend, I am in the same exact situation, my package has arrived at the jfk airport on the 8th of december and never left there yet....know one will tell me how to find out how to release this package..I keep getting the run around from everyone, if you find out how to get an answer from someone I would appreciate it...

I am in the same boat... I just got off the phone with usps. The package came via EMS (china). All they keep telling me is 30-45 days to wait for a NOTICE! My package arrived on 12/20.

When I lived in Europe, you just go to the location and pay whatever duties or whatever.

Apparently, when you use dhl,fedex, etc, they have their own customs agents assigned and everything is taken care for you.

i was supposed to leave from nyc to amman on dec 16 ... they kept delaying my flight , its dec 18 th around 5 pm and i havent left new york yet ... as soon as i get to amman im gonna see what legal actions i can take , cause honestly they ruined my 2 weeks vacation and i gotta be back to nyc on jan 2 ,,,

Arriving from YUL to T3 @ 4:20pm. Leaving JFK from T4 for STN @ 6:45pm. 2 hrs 25 mins between flights. Is that enough time to clear customs, change terminals and check-in for departing flight to STN?

Take a taxi to New York Penn Station ($45)
and then Take a train to Newark Airport. (
For schedule go to www.njtransit.com

and look for a train from New York Penn Station to Newark Airport.

This is truly the fastest way.

I am reaching JFK at 4.35PM (16.35hrs) from Istanbul on Jan 5th 2008 and I have to catch connecting flight from Newark EWR to Indianapolis at 7.00PM (19.00hrs) on the same day. Can any one explain me the fastest way to recah EWR?

there is a shuttle bus from jfk to grand central then from grand central you switch to a different bus that will take you to newark. That is the cheapest/fastest way i use. it picks up outside adn it looks like a large tour bus. It will probably be 20-30 $ u.s.

Does anyone know if there is an ATM at JFK. Going out of Terminal 2 Delta Airlines

My Wife arrives at New York today at 20:00 and she takes another plane to Miami tomorrow at 6:00 am. I want to know if the airport is opened all night, and if there are stores and shoping centers opened too. Thanks

ROYAL JORDANIAN- has canceled flights for the 14th and 15th of December, with out leting anyone know, they havent told the travel companys nor the other airlines that connect to these flights. My ticket was for today December 14th and if I personaly did not take action and notice all these changes, I would of sat at JFK for 2 days. I have 17 print offs of my flights all controdicting the other, being no ones fault but ROYAL JORDANIAN, for no communication. I contact ROYAL JORDANIAN customer care last night confirming that my flight from JFK takes of @9pm, finding that they changed it to 11pm, than 12:30 a.m the following day December 16th,the customer service gentalman said they are trying to fill the plan is the reason for all the changes. This morning at 6:30a.m. I look again to see if any changes, and there was. The flight was now not leaving until 3:30 a.m. the 16th of December. By now I am flamming mad so I contact al carriers to this flight all afiliates and the travel companys. no one believing me until they go to the ROYAL JORDANIAN web site and seeing for them selfs, the contact ROYAL JORDANIAN and to my amaze ROYAL JORDANIAN calls me! finaly! after 3 days of these changes telling me it is due to weather. yet there is zero reports of delayed flights to Amman from JFK at JFK airport or at the FFA web site. My question is this: How can this be allowed??? Is this legal?? what can I do?


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