JFK International Airport

  Delays by Destination:
No destination-specific delays are being reported
  General Departure Delays:
Traffic is experiencing gate hold and taxi delays lasting 15 minutes or less.
  General Arrival Delays:
Arrival traffic is experiencing airborne delays of 15 minutes or less
Update time: Thu Jul 25 10:09:36 2024 GMT - provided by the FAA\'s Air Traffic Control System Command Center

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You should have plenty of time, although customs may pose quite a delay. If you tell someone at customs that you are catching a connection to Miami, they might put you ahead of the others. I believe there is a regular bus that takes passengers from one terminal to another. It might be tight, but you should be alright. Just pray that your bags get off first, and then run like the dickens. Good luck!

I flew through JFK Saturday 5 Jan directly from Venice Italy. What a bloody nightmare. Baggage took forever to arrive. Most people could not figure out how to get out of the baggage terminal to customs. There were no signs showing the exit. I noticed Skycaps and others were very rude to people who asked directions. When going through customs there were simply no directions. We stood in line for a long time before someone finally directed us an elevator. He said to take it to the third floor. The two elevators held perhaps three people with luggage each. Once on the third floor everyone was dumped out with no directions about what to do with luggage. Finally figured out where to take our already check baggage and then got into the nightmarish security lines. Finally an employee (God bless him whoever he was) told us that we could use a different security line that wasn't as crowded. Got through that and then it must have been a mile to our terminal. We just barely made our connecting flight.

Would it be so bloody hard for the Airport Authority to put some signs up? It would surely help traffic flow more smoothly and save a whole lot of consternation. Even in Europe they manage to have busses to take passengers to terminals that are far away but I guess JFK can't manage that. The airport is simply ridiculous.

Guess next time you should stay where you are or ASK someone for directions to where you're going. I've been to Italy and it was full of the rudest people I have ever met in all my travels, but I knew where I was going in advance and was able to get there with only the attitudes of the natives to deal with.

i wold like to know wat time is my flight leving

In which terminal Northwest airline is located?

On November 30/2007 I lost my green card on Terminal 4 JFK, taking a TACA flight to El Salvador, I'm not sure if lost at the counter of at the security check point
please help

On December 27 2007 at around midnight a package was delivered and arrived at JFK. I call United States Postal Service to inquire about the delivery date. Why hasn't the item been cleared by customs. How long does the process take to have it finally delivered?Is there a number I can call to inquire about the delivery date or about the conditions of the items that I hope to receive soon. My sons are eagerly awaiting for their Christmas presents. Please help me resolve this matter asap. Thank you.

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I guess I'm not the only one. I'm going through the same issue. I'm expecting a package from the Philippines. I think Customs hasn't cleared it yet. It was sent on December 5th. Please let me know when customs will clear it. I hope this will be resolved asap. I've been waiting and hoping it would arrive soon.It would be most appreciated if you could leave me a number to contact customs directly to help clear this issue.Thank you again.

Hello, Can anyone tell me if there is a bus that goes from JFK to Teaneck, NJ? Or do I have to take one to Port Authority then to Teaneck, because that's the only way I know how to do it. Thanks for your help!!

Gregorio Sykés

My wife says that JFK reserves airspace for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve for three hours. Is this so and does he really need three hours?

No, the FAA actually reserves the space for Santa Clause and his travels. He is limited to certain altitudes and shared airspace, but there is no limits to any airport.

How early can I arrive for a 7am flight? Last year I had to wait outside at LGA for 45 minutes before they opened for the day. If I arrive at JFK at 4:30 or 5am will I be able to get in? Thank you.

You should NEVER travel with LGA unless you have no other choice. JFK is open 24/7 and is SO MUCH of a better airport than LGA, its a shame, and all the airlines is LGA suck too!

does anyone know about flight schedules of lufthansa on dec. 24 and where i can actually find the info..


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