Terminal 7


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 7 (gates 1-12)

Airlines Phone Numbers IATA Code
Aerolineas Argentinas (800) 333-0276 AR
Air Canada (888) 247-2262 AC
ANA (All Nippon) (800) 235-9262 NH
British Airways (800) 247-9297 BA
Cathay Pacific (800) 233-2742 CX
Iberia (800) 772-4642 IB
Icelandair (800) 223-5500 FI
OpenSkies (866) 581-3596 EC
Qantas (800) 227-4500 QF
Ukraine International Airlines (800) 876-0114 PS



Yes it does. Take any train on track 2 from terminal 7 to terminal 4.

Yes it does. Take any train on track 2 from terminal 7 to terminal 4.

Due to a 2 hour delay, I landed at 6:30 pm from flight 6251 and was given a later flight along with many other people. I was sure I had put the small white shoe bag labeled Bally's Switzerland in my bag but I may have left it at the baggage claim after passing Customs. It has also 2 spanish books, MY JOURNAL from my trip, and 3 CDs with many pictures. The shoes in the bag were brand new from Spain and very important to me! PLEASE if you or anyone has found or can look for this bag I would appreciate it. The only other place it could be is in Terminal 3 in the bathroom by gate 23 near the starbucks. It had been a long day and I was sure I put it in my bag and hope it was not stolen from my bag on my connecting flight. PLEASE call me if possible at 216 406 3228. THANK YOU!


Maria Deliberato


I arrive on terminal 7 to-morrow and then depart from terminal 5, three hours later. What is the best way to get from terminal 7 to terminal 5 ?

Thanks in advance.

Take an air train on track 2 from terminal 7 to terminal 5. One minute trip.

Hi Team

My wife and kids are coming from India on 08/14/2011 in British Airways in terminal 7, once they will complete their immigration check and being two kids some one can asist to take the baggage and helping them to come out, then i will receive them.

Please suggest what to do.

Siva Ram

Wait at terminal 7 arrivals hall for them to come out.

My son is arriving on BA0115 at 17:40 on 9th september . Where is the closest place in terminal 7 that we can meet up with him after he goes through customs. Thank you

He will be coming out of terminal 7 arrivals hall. You can meet him by Subway Restaurant at Terminal 7 arrivals hall.

Dear sirs,
I would like to know if 2 hours is enough to connect from Delta terminal (flight from Las Vegas) to a British Airways flight to London (terminal 7)

Thanks in advance


Can I assume that all BA flights from London dock at T7? We're booked in for a night at the Super 8 Jamaica Hotel. I gather it provides a free shuttle from and to JFK. Where precisely do we go to catch the shuttle? We land at 8.50pm. Do we need to ring the hotel when we land to let them know we want picking up? This site looks very helpful. Thanks in anticipation.

Hotel shuttles are located at Federal Circle; take any AirTrain on track 1 from terminal to Federal Circle station.

Yes it lands at T7 at all the time.
Yes it does.
You can always give them a call. It wont do any harm.

My parents will be landing JFK Intl Airport,terminal 7 on 28th July on Cathy pacific at 1310 local time.They have a flight to catch to Minneapolies via Sun Country at 2035 from terminal 4.They can't speak English and are from Nepal.So could you please guide me to help them in a easy way.


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