Terminal 5


Terminal 5(formerly TWA Terminal)

Terminal 5 is sculpted as a symbol of flight, designed by Eero Saarinen in 1962.

Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 5 (gates 19-30)

Airlines Phone Numbers IATA Code
Aer Lingus (800) 474-7424 EI
Hawaiian Airlines (800) 367-5320 HA


- All Departures

- International Arrivals (5:00 AM - 10:30 PM)

(800) 538-2583 B6



Hallo, I dont know how to go from terminal 1 to terminal 5, would you advice the shortest and easiest way with luggages? Thanks

Take Airtrain on the third floor of T1, on any track. T5 is three stops away.

My wife and 2 small children will be arriving at Terminal 3 from Prague tomorrow and then have to move to Terminal 5 to take Jet Blue. The flights are not connected so she will have to move a lot of luggage by herself between terminals. What is the best way, will a smart cart be allowed to go between terminals, or is there otherwise any help available? She will not be able to manage the children and all the suitcases without at least a cart at the minimum. Please advise. Thank you.

The best way for her is to take a taxi from T3 to T5 - it will cost her no more than $10. She can also put her bags on luggage cart and take the Airtrain(which is free) to T5. The problem here is that she has to push the cart up a hill(ramp) while going from T3 international arrivals to the Airtrain station.

I am arriving at JFK (for the first time) from BUF and catching a connecting flight to TPA. I only have 45 minutes between the flights, both JetBlu ... it's a morning flight on a Friday. I was wondering if you think I will be able to catch my connecting flight, and if I have to recheck my bags, do immigration, customs, etc. In other words, what is entailed from the time I get off my flight to getting on the connecting flight? THanks alot.

No customs,immigration involved when you are traveling domestic flights only. The time frame that you have is enough(assuming the BUF flight is on time). Jet Blue should check all your bags through the final destination so you don't have to pick them up at JFK. After you disembark the plane from BUF just look for the gate number for your next flight to TPA. No TSA clearance necessarily .

According to my ticket my flight leaves at Terminal 5 with Jet Blue, but this site says that the terminal isn't yet open and my collegues tell me terminal 4 is jet blue's terminal.. IS terminal 5 my departure terminal??

Yes, all Jet Blue flights depart out of Terminal 5.

I am arriving on JetBlue from West Palm at 11:45 a.m. and connecting to a Delta international flight scheduled from Terminal 4 at 4:00 p.m. Am I correct in my assumption that this time frame will give me enough time to collect my luggage and make the connection? And if so, what is the quickest/easiest way to get between these terminals?

The time window that you have is more than plenty. Take Airtrain from T5, on track 2 to T3.

Hi, will terminal 5 be open Aug 5th and 11th? Thank you.

I'm arriving at terminal 5 and need to get to terminal 1 to meet my party, can you suggest the best way to get there, and is there a central meeting spot you can suggest?

is terminal 5 closed? my son is flying out tomorrow on jetblue not sure what terminal it is

Terminal 5 is open and Jet Blue is operating out of it.

my daughter arrives with bluejet from new orleans, so i guess she`ll arrive to terminal 5. where would be a good meeting point for us? how do i get from new york to termianl 5?
thank you.


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