Terminal 2


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 2 (gates 19-30)

Airlines Phone Number(s) IATA code
Delta (Domestic) (800) 221-1212 DL



You do it by air train. It takes about 5 minutes including air train trip from one Terminal to the other one.


we are arriving JFK terminal 3 from YYZ on Delta at 6:04 pm and only have 1.5 hours to make it to terminal 2 to continue on to a Delta LHR flight departing at 7:30 pm. Will we have enough time? We will have checked bags.


Yes. You should be fine.

I have a dear friend from LA who has a flight on Delta (Flight 51) from Iceland to LAX with a customs stopover and plane change at JFK. I would love to see him even for a moment.

Do passengers come out of TSA where I could see him or do they stay behind TSA security the whole time?

Thanks so much.

They can go out into arrivals hall and then they can go check in for their second flight if time permits.

Scheduled to connect on Delta 4166 to Delta 123 Cleveland to JFK/JFK to Shannon.
Scheduled to be arriving in JFK from Cleveland at 7:30pm departing 8:25 to Shannon,
giving us a layover time of approx. 55 min.

Searching on site, it's looking like we arrive into gate 29 and depart out of gate 22 terminal 2.

Can someone tell me if this is going to be adequate time to get from gate 29 to gate 22? On the map, it seems to be relatively close... but wanted others opinions in order to prepare.

Delta updated the time, in turn, we loss 10 minutes of travel time for layover.

Any insights would be appreciated.

You should be fine walking from one gate to the other.

I would be travelling from Boston - New York - New Delhi. My JetBlue flight will drop me at T5 and my Air India flight will depart from T4. Could you please advise me of the airport transfers in this regard.
Thanks in advance,

From T5 take any train on track 2 to T4 then check in with Air India at T4 and clear security.

Good day. My 17 y/o daughter will be returning alone from Spain on Iberia to terminal 7. Her flight arrives at 4;05 PM. She needs to meet a flight at 6:35 on Delta in terminal 3. Will she have enough time to clear customs, collect her bag, move over to terminal 3, check in and make her flight? She has never travelled alone, much less travelled internationally alone in a big busy airport like JFK, so we are a little apprehensive. She views all this as something of an adventure.

I have looked at the history for the flight she arrives from Spain on and it looks like it runs on time. This means she would have two and a half hours between flights.


Yes she should be fine with her time frame between the flights.

I am leaving on an Alitalia flight from T1, and my husband is leaving on Delta to Tel Aviv (which i believe is T3). Will I be able to get to T3 so we can wait together? If so, will I have to go back through security to get to T1?



I had a transfer from T2/3 on Delta to T1 on Airfrance in an absolute downpour. I used the airtrain, but to get to the airtrain platform, i got absolutely soaked walking across the pick-up/drop-off curb.

Is there a way to get (via a bridge or a walkway) from T2/3 to the Airtran station without getting rained on>



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