Terminal 2


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 2 (gates 19-30)

Airlines Phone Number(s) IATA code
Delta (Domestic) (800) 221-1212 DL



This Webpage is Outdated, For Instance Terminal 5 is open for All Jetblue Departures...Terminal 2 is the Terminal for Delta and Northwest Check in...WOW This Page is Old

my parents will be traveling to st.maarten soon via jet blue out of jfk. My dad uses a sleep apnea machine and my mom takes a multitude of medicines. The need to bring all of these items with them. How do they pack them , carry on or baggage? and will they be allowed to bring them?

They both should take their medical stuff as carry-on. You don't want to take a chance that yourchecked baggage gets lost. This just happened to me last week. I ended up spending the night with no luggage, but I had my CPAP machine which I had carried on board.

i would like to ask if Mondy M. steel work for JFK security job, because i lost Him Surname.contact my:
[email protected]

thank you!

Which terminal will Delta 154 to Manchester be flying from at approx 22.00 on 08.08.08?

Dear J.F.K airoport
I am an international student in Arkansas
I arrived at JFK airoport on August19, but my 2 luggages didnt arrive with me I called the airoport claiming my baggages more than 15 times and different people answered me. they said taht i will receive it within 3 days and that UPS has already picked up both of my luggages, but it`s been more than 10 days i dont have anything to wear. I called UPS but they said that they dont have this kind of baggages at all. I dont know what to do now. please help me find my luggages

my cell phone is 260-425-0669
thank you

hello. I am going to arrive in Terminal 1 and i have to transfer to Terminal2. so how far are those terminals. Is there have any bus? If there have can you let me know the number of that bus?

I will come to JFK from Phoenix and then I have to catch a flight to Kiev. Is it the same Delta terminal?

Where's gate 23?

i get to JKF July 7 from ROC and i need to get to International. do i have to walk to the terminal like in laGuardia, or it is close to terminal 2?

Has DL155 landed today?

my mother is coming from stl and will need to get to alitalia is it in the same terminal she will be flying delta?

I'm arriving two hours later than a friend I am meeting at baggage claim in terminal 2 tomorrow. Does anyone know of a convenient, comfortable place for her to meet me? Thanks.

I also lost my phone, yesterday in Term 2, gate 22. Bar across from gate 22 and don't remember the name of it. Were you successful in getting your phone back? Any suggestions at what I should be doing?? Appreciate any advice you have. My life is on that phone. Thanks, Jaz Scott, Atlanta, GA.

I arrive 5mn before my promised in Terminal 3, and she arrives in Terminal 1.
What is the easiest way to meet ?


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