JFK Airport Information

JFK Airport Address

John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK Expy & S Cargo Road (Intersection of two streets)

Jamaica, NY 11430

JFK Airport mailing address

Building 14

Jamaica, NY 11430

John F. Kennedy International Airport is an international airport located in Jamaica, Queens, southeast of New York City.

IATA code - JFK

ICAO code - KJFK

Operated by - The airport has been operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey under a lease with New York City since 1947.

Time Zone - EST (GMT -5)

History - Construction of the airport began in 1942 with modest ambitions. Only 1,000 acres (4 km²) of land on the site of Idlewild golf course were earmarked for use. The golf course provided the airport's original namesake, Idlewild Airport. First commercial flights began on July 1, 1948. The airport was formally dedicated as New York International Airport on July 31, 1948. It was re-dedicated on December 24, 1963 as John F. Kennedy International Airport, following action of the Mayor and Council of the City of New York, and a resolution of the Commissioners of the Port Authority. After the September 11, 2001 attacks, JFK was one of the first airports in the United States to be temporarily closed.



The Fedex area is located in the cargo area at JFK. As I recall, you have to take the Airtrain to Federal Circle and then take a public bus from the lower level around to their facility. It is not easy.

My mother in-law is flying here from india for the first time and I would like to know if JFK airport has courtesy phones to call within US? She won't have any US $ and I want her to be able to call when she arrives.

There are only pay phones available to the public in the terminal. You should probably have her call the operator and get a collect call. Phone cards are another option - but they can be confusing for elderly people.

Please remind her to put a 1 before the area code before dialing. There are money changing facilities at the airport, and she could probably get some quarters from them. I think its a Thomas Cook booth that is located in baggage claim.


I believe I’ve left my digital camera at JF Kennedy Itnl Airport, New York, Gate 5 flight AA 951, around 21:45HS, on March 1st 2009.
The digital camera model is CASIO EXIFIL 6.0 mega pixels. If you have found it and it is still at the airport lounges, could you please send an e-mail to [email protected], so that we can make an arrangement for me to get it back?

As I live in Brazil, I would send you my address and pay for shipping and handling.

I thank you very much for your cooperation.

Hope to hear from you soon.


You'd be better off calling the airline which you took. Very often items are handed into them from the boarding areas. There is a Police station at the airport, but I've not had much luck with them.

I like to hear radio calls of JFK tower.Would you please help me?

Im arriving to your airport on march 28, from Argentina (Buenos Aires) by LAN Airways, and then i want to travell to Boston (Ma).
I would thank you if you can tell me if there is any bus service in the arport, that i can take to go to Boston down town.

You really need to research (Google Map) the distance between New York and Boston. It is very far. There is no bus service from the airport that I know of. If you insist on spending all your time travelling - you can take the Airtrain from JFK, transfer to the E subway train and get off at Penn Station in Manhattan. From Penn Station you can take an AMTRACK train to Boston. Otherwise, just fly there and be there in an hour and a half! (The same time it will take you to get on the train in Manhattan).

hi i lost a package that came in from shanghai and it was picked up by usps and it had the wrong address on it and usps sent it back to this airport and i havent heard from it again can u be so kind in letting me know if u a seen it or have it thanks the # ems gave me to track it is EE075299481CN

I think your best bet is to contact the US Postmaster. You might even be able to track the parcel on-line via their website. The USPS does have a "undeliverable" mail office and should try to locate it for you. Google USPS and go from there.

I am looking for information about employment at JFK. Can anyone help me?

Government jobs were one of the few sectors that grew last year. For a great long-term career, I would look into being a TSA officer (the one's that screen the bags). Do a google search for Transportation and Security Administration Employment.

Also, try Googling FAA employment. Hmmm - a job for life with good pay and benefits - maybe I'll apply. The airlines are not a secure job - they are all cutting pay and benefits.

I'm arriving into JFK at 1105 pm next tuesday and fly out to St Thomas next morning at 0730. So, got to be checking inb two hours before at 0530. Question is - is there anywhere like an airport lounge or somewhere to stay/rest? Hotels semm very very expensive for just a few hours and not too easy to get to at around midnight!! any advice would be welcome !!


Massport Logan Airport in Boston provides live flight tracking information regarding all flights coming into Logan. Why doesn't JFK provide this?

To Whom it May Concern:

I am a Maltese Citizen and will be coming to New york for my honeymoon in two months time :-)
From JFK Airport I will be taking a flight to Buffalo.

Can I have a hair dryer in my hand luggage?




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